t3Packagist aggregates public TYPO3 Extensions available on Packagist and therefore are installable with Composer.

3ev/tev3ev Core TYPO3 Extension329
3ev/tev_faqs3ev FAQs TYPO3 Extension270
3ev/tev_glossary3ev Glossary TYPO3 Extension176
3ev/tev_label3ev Label TYPO3 Extension162
3ev/tev_mailchimpMailchimp integration for your TYPO3 site199
7elix/styleguideTYPO3 CMS Extension to test everything in the TYPO3 Backend27190
aaw-team/fe_cookiesProvides a cookie consent plugin for the frontend, a backend module for convenient cookie-banner management, simple but powerful APIs (PHP, JavaScript and CSS) and lots of configuration possibilities, including separate cookie settings per domain.48
aaw-team/language_matcherLanguage recognition and redirection middleware for TYPO320
aaw-team/pagenotfoundhandlingVersatile Error Handler for the TYPO3 CMS Site Handling52067
aaw-team/wufooWufoo forms integration for TYPO310
abexto/abexto-schemaorg-breadcrumbGenerates http://schema.org/BreadcrumbList data for as JSON-LD8
aerticket/configuration-blinderHide confidential configuration values from backend users2286
afm/registeraddressRegister to tt_address package2229
agrosup-dijon/bulma-packageBulma Package delivers a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bulma CSS Framework.508
aimeos/aimeos-typo3Professional, full-featured and high performance TYPO3 e-commerce extension for online shops and complex B2B projects28331
aimeos/aimeos-typo3-distAimeos TYPO3 distribution for web shops, portals and market places1576
aimeos/aimeos_distAimeos TYPO3 distribution for web shops, portals and market places546
akt/akt-testing-funFun with UnitTests and PHPUnit3
alexander-nitsche/typo3-nginx-connectorNginx cache connector for TYPO33
amartinno1/ama-t3-upgrade-assistantThis extension aims to simplify the upgrade process. In a first step it provides a be module displaying merged TCA.14
amazing/gh-randomcontentTYPO3 frontend plugin to show random content elements from selected page(s).1076
amazing/media2clickTYPO3 CMS extension media2click: Render external YouTube / Vimeo videos with privacy in mind: User has to click on placeholder to load the actual video iframe.1227
ameos/ameos_dailymotionAdd dailymotion as media asset provider for TYPO3.454
ameos/ameos_filemanagerThis will allow you to fully handle file upload in FE context.247
ameos/ameos_formThis extension provides a form api for TYPO3 extension based on extbase and fluid with validation, list, search form, etc.399
ameos/ameos_mailredirectThis extension redirect all mail send with TYPO3 API to a debug address for developpement period.2542
ameos/ameos_quickcontentAdd toolbar for content insertion.6
ameos/ameos_tarteaucitronIntegrates tarteaucitron.js in TYPO3 (see : https://opt-out.ferank.eu )346
analogde/exit_intent_popupDisplay an popup on exit intent1627
andersundsehr/aus-driver-amazon-s3Provides a FAL driver for the Amazon Web Service AWS S3.54772
andreaskastl/calendarize-addressExtends EXT:calendarize events with location and organizer records based on EXT:tt_address records and provides corresponding location and organizer views.8
andreaskastl/openweatherapiDisplays weather forecast for a selected location in frontend based on wetter.com openweather API1
andrerinas/codeelementAds a new content element to TYPO3. You can add code-blocks with syntax highlighting.44
antwerpes/ap_doccheckloginOfficial DocCheck Login Extension for Typo3 6.x to 9.7.x2915
aoe/addthisAddThis based on extbase2706
aoe/aoe-dbsequenzerWith this extension you can ensure different unique keys for the configured tables.15
aoe/aoe_ipauthAuthenticates users based on IP address settings11653
aoe/asdisDistributes on page assets onto multiple servers.4500
aoe/captcha-viewhelpercaptcha view helper based on extbase and fluid324
aoe/dbsequenzerWith this extension you can ensure different unique keys for the configured tables.89
aoe/directrequestExtension to fake an HTTP request and perform a direct request to the frontend triggered by the backend1659
aoe/event-based-schedulerAllow scheduler tasks trigger by events11
aoe/extbase-functionalsTesting-Framework for Extbase-Extensions to easily manage functional controller tests.1970
aoe/extracacheExtends staticcache with more functionality.1234
aoe/feature-flagAdd ability to use feature flags for extensions and content elements.2518
aoe/felogin-bruteforce-protectionProtects TYPO3 frontend authentication (e.g. fe_login) against brute force attacks.8657
aoe/google-tag-managerExtension that creates an interface for Google Tag Manager21517
aoe/happy-feetHappy Feet Footnotes.20941
aoe/imgixProvides the Auto Responsive Images feature of imgix called imgix.fluid()387
aoe/linkhandlerLinkhandler Extension.4590
aoe/restlerA TYPO3-Extension, that integrates the popular PHP REST-framework Restler in TYPO3.33950
aoe/restler-examplesA TYPO3-Extension, which contains some examples, how to use/configure the restler-Framework (PHP REST-framework to create REST-API's, in TYPO3 via the TYPO3-Extension 'restler'0
aoe/scheduler_timelineLogs information about scheduler task execution and displays them in a graphical timeline5128
aoe/sentry-client-jsTYPO3 extension for client-side error logging with Sentry59
aoe/staticpubAllows pages to be staticly published as real HTML pages308
aoe/staticpub-pageexportExports pages (as ZIP-file) via staticpub302
aoe/t3deploy-extt3deploy TYPO3 dispatcher46
aoe/t3p-scalableallows you to configure a read/write db connection for a master/slave setup197
aoe/truncate-jobScheduler Job to truncate tables319
aoe/update-refindexExtension contains scheduler-task to update refindex of TYPO3384
aoe/varnishEnable varnish support with tags11932
aoepeople/cachemgmProvides management of the page caching for high traffic websites3143
aoepeople/crawlerCrawler extension for TYPO3148385
aoepeople/realurlFork of EXT:realurl with the AOE patchset applied65
apache-solr-for-typo3/solrApache Solr for TYPO3647303
apache-solr-for-typo3/solrfluidexampleApache Solr for TYPO3275
apache-solr-for-typo3/solrgroupingApache Solr for TYPO3 - Result Grouping6453
apache-solr-for-typo3/solrmltApache Solr for TYPO3 - More Like This46
apache-solr-for-typo3/tikaApache Tika for TYPO3118590
apen/additional_reportsUseful informations in the reports module : xclass, ajax, cliKeys, eID, general status of the system (encoding, DB, php vars...), hooks, compare local and TER extension (diff), used content type, used plugins, ExtDirect... It can really help you during migration or new existing project (to have a global reports of the system).24352
apen/additional_schedulerUseful tasks in the scheduler module : full backup, send query result in mail, exec SH script with reports...9532
apen/recordsmanagerAdd modules to easily manage your records (insert, edit & export in be/eId) in one place.248
apistudio/cookieviewhelperThese project add a viewhelper and a banner for controlling cookie usage.12
appzap/migratorA TYPO3 Extension for SQL Migrations273
arbkomekvw/evangtermineIntegrates the output of the "Evangelische Termine" web application into TYPO3 web sites58
arbkomekvw/mediaconsentExtension loads content only if the user agrees.42
arminvieweg/dceBest flexform based content elements since 2012. With TCA mapping feature, simple backend view and much more features which makes it super easy to create own content element types.75643
arminvieweg/ormDoctrine2 ORM Support for TYPO3 CMS.8
arminvieweg/pw_teaserCreate powerful, dynamic page teasers with data from page properties and its content elements. Based on Extbase and Fluid Template Engine.161
arminvieweg/t3ddyt3ddy provides comfortable tabs and accordion handling right in TYPO3 page module, using the techniques of gridelements.16984
arminvieweg/tinysourceTinysource has been merged with EXT:min. Use this extension instead. https://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/min/617
arndtteunissen/column-layoutAdds column configuration to fluid styled content elements4585
arndtteunissen/column-layout-arndtteunissenAdds arndtteunissens column configuration to ext:column_layout870
arndtteunissen/improve-processed-filenameThis package removes the csm prefix from generated fal files.2231
arndtteunissen/realurl-clear-cache-commandThis package adds an extbase command to clear the realurl cache tables277
arndtteunissen/simple_404_handlerEnables simple 404 Page NotFound handling, also for multilingual sites.4224
arndtteunissen/social_media_fieldsAdds social media features to TYPO3 pages.105
ashokatree/accuweatherCurrent and Forecast weather data by AccuWeather.2
ashokatree/atsliderResponsive slider with Title, Link, Subtitle, Description, Image.2
ashokatree/atvsliderResponsive vertical slider with Title, Link, Subtitle, Description, Image.2
ashokatree/managementA Customer Management extension.8
ashokatree/management-themeFrontend Theme of Management.4
ashokatree/mobileCustomer mobile data feed API5
ashokatree/openweatherCurrent and Forecast weather data by OpenWeather.1
ashokatree/smsSend SMS to FE Users via UI.1
atomicptr/bloggingMinimal blog extension that makes use of TYPO3s core elements.43
atomicptr/lscacheLiteSpeed Cache extension for TYPO3.0
atomicptr/page_speed_plusImprove your TYPO3 page speed by using common best practices and other shenanigans :).823
axel-kummer/aku-logbookTYPO3 Extension to send logs to the logbook server47
azich/direct-mailAdvanced Direct Mail/Newsletter mailer system with sophisticated options for personalization of emails including response statistics. Fork of kartolo/direct-mail.375
b13/akamaiAkamai CDN Adapter for purging TYPO3 caches174
b13/assetcollectorAdd CSS and SVG files and strings as inline style tag/inline svg to the html code.11200
b13/authorized-previewGenerate URLs to preview hidden languages without a backend login2905
b13/backendpreviewsEnhanced Fluid based backend element previews146
b13/boltBolt - An easy TYPO3 integration basis8589
b13/codeblockCustom Content Type for code snippet elements to show text with code highlighting in TYPO3.880
b13/containerCreate Custom Container Content Elements for TYPO335745
b13/container-exampleExample for EXT:container653
b13/content-syncSync Database Tables and Files between two TYPO3 Installations481
b13/ctaAdds a CTA Content-type to tt_content2392
b13/distributed-flysystemSyncs files between frontend nodes in a multi-head environment based on PHP League / Flysystem464
b13/distributed-locksAdds a Redis Locking Strategy for TYPO3 frontend page generation, useful on distributed systems with NFS.10975
b13/doktypemapperMaps your page.doktype to page.backend_layout163
b13/environmentConfigure multiple environments for TYPO311459
b13/geocodingServices for using geocoding from Google inside TYPO3 database records12849
b13/graceful-cacheTYPO3 cache backends which do not always have to be enabled451
b13/host-variantsExtends the base variants condition with current host.4720
b13/http2Speed up TYPO3 rendering via HTTP/2 Server Push14028
b13/justincaseWith incoming URLs, it does not matter if they are upper/lowercase, they just work.14714
b13/l10n-translatorTranslate l10n files (label files) in a TYPO3 backend module. Maintain l10n folder with CLI tasks.253
b13/listelementsAdds list elements to tt_content240
b13/magnetsMagnets: TYPO3 Service Package revolving around having a good API to fetch the current Geo IP and its location of the user.3883
b13/masiTYPO3 Extend URL generation to optionally include storage folders.10420
b13/memolistA simple TYPO3 Extension using the TYPO3 Frontend session to save data.365
b13/menusEasy and fast menus for TYPO3 Frontends14869
b13/newspageAdds a new page doktype for news.2
b13/pagetsconfigConfigure PageTSconfig options Inline Elements in TYPO39109
b13/pictureImproved TYPO3 image ViewHelper creating picture elements with support for sizes, sources, additional image formats, etc.2185
b13/proxycachemanagerTYPO3 Extension that automatically flushes cached URLs within a proxy / CDN.8059
b13/seo_basicsBasic SEO features for TYPO361447
b13/sessionpasswordSession Password322
b13/simpleeventsAdd events in a simple way1623
b13/slimphp-bridgeProvides a middleware for registering Slim PHP applications within TYPO3 Frontend Sites366
b13/slugrChange Slugs of Pages with Redirects544
b13/snipperKeep external links secure by adding rel="noopener" to all external typolinks.803
b13/tagManage tags in TYPO3 Core226
b13/taxManage tags in TYPO3 Core140
b13/uniquealiasmapperRegisters a Mapper for URL enhancements780
b13/unlocalizedcropDisables cropping for translated records. Cropping of localized records are automatically taken from the original language420
b13/vh_imagedataViewhelper for accessing data of a (processed) image for further use (like <img>-tag w/ lazy loading etc.)0
b13/warmupThis extension adds a CLI script to warmup the caches.12750
b3n/azurestorageTYPO3 FAL driver extension for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage5069
b3n/typo3-predis-cacheTYPO3 backend cache based on predis494
bachi/typo3-aopTYPO3 Extension to enable aop programming.1
balatd/db_friendlycaptchaBot protection for the internet.23
bartacus/platformsh-bundleSupport bundle for using Platform.sh together with Bartacus and TYPO315112
bartacus/twig-bundleSupport bundle for using Twig together with Bartacus and TYPO39965
baschte/content-animationsTYPO3 CMS extension to have some fun and animate your content elements3947
baschte/dyncss-scss-autoprefixerAutoprefixer with node for dyncss_scss2529
bednee/cooluriRealURL alternative, have nice URLs instead of ugly with parameters.9698
beechit/backup-restoreA low-level tool to backup and restore a full TYPO3 installation8842
beechit/bynderBynder integration for TYPO399
beechit/default-upload-folderMake it possible to configure the default upload folder for a certain TCA column13663
beechit/fal-securedownloadSecure download of assets. Makes it possible to secure FE use of assets/files by setting permissions to folders/files for fe_groups.92836
beechit/news-ttnewsimportImporter of ext:tt_news items to ext:news11214
beewilly/hive_cpt_cnt_annoying_popupAnnoying Popups679
beewilly/hive_cpt_cnt_shareSocial Share705
beewilly/hive_ext_newsNews (list, detail)628
beewilly/hive_googleforjobsRender Google for Jobs structured data.2319
beewilly/hive_lib_swiperjsfor include swiperJS Libary (https://swiperjs.com/)762
beewilly/hive_poiPoint of Interest Elements on SVG-Graphic226
beewilly/hive_schedulerprovide scheduler tasks1608
beewilly/hive_swiperjs_simpleHIVE Simple Slider (based on Swiper.js)770
beewilly/veb_ovr_femanageraddon extension to TYPO3 extension femanager for VEB6
belsignum/powermail-voucherAdd campaigns with voucher codes to request them with a powermail form.Let's imagine your client needs to provide voucher or ticket codes for fairs, now you can provide them with a Powermail form0
belsignum/rte_ckeditor_microdataFAQ Microdata support in CKEditor for Typo32
bergischweb/lib_typoscriptA TypoScript library with a lot af useful TS snippets6
bergischweb/magnificpopupvideoA video element based on Magnificpopup by Dimitry Semenov/Danny Hearnah - http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/25
bergwerk/bwrk-onepageTYPO3 Onepage-Extension which allows you to use subpages as onepage layout.543
bermuda/typo3-bss-eventsTypo3 Event and Calendar Extension21
bgm/bgm-hreflangAn extension to add hreflang meta tags. Page translations are added automatically as hreflang tags. Editors can configure other pages in the page properties which should be added as hreflang tags.7668
biedert/language-redirectLanguage Redirect327
bit/typo3-template-extension-skeletonSkeleton for TYPO3 template extension44
bitexpert/typo3-basic-authenticationBasic authentication (htaccess) support for frontend pages11
bithost-gmbh/pdfviewhelpersThis is a TYPO3 CMS extension that provides various Fluid ViewHelpers to generate PDF documents.35239
bithost-gmbh/powermail_fastexportExtends the powermail standard export for faster export to .xlsx and .csv files.7191
bitmotion/auth0Auth0 is the solution you need for web, mobile, IoT, and internal applications. Loved by developers and trusted by enterprises.3786
bitmotion/bm-image-gallerySimple gallery using FileCollections.3001
bitmotion/custom-error-pageShows custom 403/404/503 page depending on domain/language/current tree...965
bitmotion/goneAutomatically generates redirects (301) when a URL changes and returns a gone status code (410) when a page / record has been deleted.63
bitmotion/languagemodDisables languages in HMENU when there is no translated record for given detail page.219
bitmotion/locateThe users country, preferred language and other facts will be detected. Depending on configurable rules the user can be redirected to other languages or pages. Locate also provides geo blocking for configurable pages in configurable countries.1672
bitmotion/marketing-automationBase TYPO3 extension that allows targeting and personalization of TYPO3 content: Limit pages, content elements etc. to certain "Personas". Determination of Personas can come from various sources (requires add-on extensions).1326
bitmotion/secure-downloads"Secure Download": Apply TYPO3 access rights to ALL file assets (PDFs, TGZs or JPGs etc. - configurable) - protect them from direct access.62014
bitmotion/single-signonThe TYPO3 SSO Server provides seamless integration of third-party (i.e. non-TYPO3) applications (SSO Apps) into TYPO3. This includes end-user access to SSO Apps with no additional logon8
bitmotion/static-info-tables-arArabic (ar) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.6
bitmotion/static-info-tables-csCzech (cs) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.980
bitmotion/static-info-tables-faFarsi (fa) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.43
bitmotion/static-info-tables-idIndonesian (id) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.42
bitmotion/static-info-tables-koKorean (ko) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.109
bitmotion/static-info-tables-pt-brBrazilian portuguese (pt_BR) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.41
bitmotion/static-info-tables-srSerbian (sr) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.54
bitmotion/static-info-tables-thThai (th) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.41
bitmotion/static-info-tables-ukUkrainian (uk) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.45
bitpatroon/bpn_langAdds a Language toggle in the TYPO3 backend11
bitpatroon/bpn_replace_contentReplaces content2
bitpatroon/bpn_whitelistCalculates if the host has access to a certain, defined by a record13
bitpatroon/bpn_xdebugAdds a xdebug toggle in the TYPO3 backend9
bitpatroon/mailmockExtension catching sent e-mail for testing purposes4
bitpatroon/support_functionsBitpatroon Support Functions10
bitpatroon/typo3_hooksExtension to easily add hooks in your own code.2290
bitpatroon/typo3_login_serviceService is used to technical setup a FE user in an eID or login a user using the users uid or username.2315
bitpatroon/typo3_tca2Allows additional functions like conditions to if in pageTSConfig.1923
bj/bj-polaroydThe TYPO3 theme which includes a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework. URL: https://templatemag.com/demo/Polaroyd/28
bk2k/bootstrap-packageBootstrap Package delivers a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework.160391
bk2k/rights-and-rolesExtension for enhanced Rights and Roles2078
bk2k/syntaxLightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting content element based on PrismJS3440
bleicker/api-exampleController Routing Example Package20
blueways/bw-bookingmanagerA generic bookingmanager242
blueways/bw-cache-uriTYPO3 extension to parse remote content and save to tt_content element7
blueways/bw-covid-numbersTYPO3 extension for showing COVID-19 numbers1
blueways/bw-emailTYPO3 extension for creating responsive email templates229
blueways/bw-focuspoint-imagesImage Editor for adding focus points to images83
blueways/bw-guildExtends TYPO3 for the management of guilds154
blueways/bw-jsoneditorAdds a JSON Form Editor type to the TYPO3 Backend96
blueways/bw-placeholder-imagesInline SVG placeholder images with lazy loading145
blueways/bw-static-templateRenders static templates via plugin109
blypo/blypoBlypo is a extension to replace fluid with laravels blade template engine.7
bmack/modern-template-buildingA homage to the old-style marker-based templating of TYPO3. Includes TEMPLATE and FILE cObjects.543
bmack/realurlRealURL v1: speaking paths for TYPO3 v9472
bmack/tidyHTML Tidy for the TYPO3 Frontend0
bnf/mfa-webauthnWebAuthn Provider for TYPO3 Multi Factor Authentication5
bnf/slim-typo3Slim Framework integration for TYPO33631
bo/slickcarouselslick - the last carousel you'll ever need. For more informations please have a look at https://github.com/misterboe/slickcarousel. If you need more features please create an issue on github.4687
bobosch/ods-osmAdd an interactive OpenStreetMap map to your website. Can also show other OpenLayers compatible maps.270
boergenerwebdesign/bw-galleryErweitert Fluid um eine Galerie-Ansicht.0
boergenerwebdesign/bw-registrationStellt eine Maske zur Registrierung für Veranstaltungen bereit.13
bomeyer/bw_backendsiteTYPO3 Backend pages2
brainappeal/campus_events_connectorManage events, appointments, registrations and participants centrally with Campus Events. To use this extension, a Campus Events installation or access to the API is required. For more information see https://www.campus-events.com17
brainappeal/campus_events_convert2newsManage events, appointments, registrations and participants centrally with Campus Events. To use this extension, a Campus Events installation or access to the API is required. For more information see https://www.campus-events.com0
brainappeal/campus_events_convert2ttnewsManage events, appointments, registrations and participants centrally with Campus Events. To use this extension, a Campus Events installation or access to the API is required. For more information see https://www.campus-events.com0
brainappeal/campus_events_convert2ttnewscalManage events, appointments, registrations and participants centrally with Campus Events. To use this extension, a Campus Events installation or access to the API is required. For more information see https://www.campus-events.com0
brainappeal/campus_events_frontendManage events, appointments, registrations and participants centrally with Campus Events. To use this extension, a Campus Events installation or access to the API is required. For more information see https://www.campus-events.com4
brainappeal/t3monitorMonitors TYPO3 installation for updates and security issues (Requires an account on https://www.t3monitor.de)2597
brainworxx/form-newsletterform_newsletter combines the Form extension with the newsletter service Newsletter2go. It creates a finisher which can add new recipients to your Newsletter2go account.358
brainworxx/includekrexxkreXX is a feature rich php debugger, featuring backend access to logfiles, code generation to reach the displayed values and much more. We added some special stuff for Fluid and Aimeos1686
brainworxx/lazyfxxLazyFxx, image lazy loading with placeholders made by the TYPO3 image processing. You can also write your own image processors.4727
brannow/br-toolkitGeneric Quality of Life Library of Modules/Code296
brinkert/cbgooglemapsformerly "Quick Google Maps" - Include maps by GoogleMaps, MapBox or OpenStreetMap to your frontend, in a quick and easy way - as content element, by typoscript or even with fluid cObject.2022
brotkrueml/codehighlightCode highlighter for various programming, markup and configuration languages487
brotkrueml/coordconverterTYPO3 view helper for converting geospatial coordinates from one format into another67
brotkrueml/extpagetitleEasy setting of the browser page title in TYPO3 extensions1393
brotkrueml/form-country-selectTYPO3 form element for selecting a country from a localised list5497
brotkrueml/schemaAPI and view helpers for schema.org markup17952
brotkrueml/schema-autoExtend the TYPO3 schema extension with auto-related terms0
brotkrueml/schema-bibExtend the schema extension with bibliographic-related terms0
brotkrueml/schema-healthExtend the schema extension with health-related terms0
brotkrueml/schema-pendingExtend the schema extension with pending terms0
brotkrueml/schema-recordsschema.org structured data for your website with records379
brotkrueml/schema-virtuallocationAdd-on to the TYPO3 schema extension, providing pending type VirtualLocation339
brotkrueml/sdbreadcrumbView helper for rendering the structured data for a breadcrumb399
brotkrueml/typo3-cookielistTYPO3 extension to display a list of cookies used by a website210
brotkrueml/typo3-jobrouter-baseBase extension for the TYPO3 JobRouter® extensions680
brotkrueml/typo3-jobrouter-connectorDefine connections from TYPO3 to JobRouter® digitisation platform2146
brotkrueml/typo3-jobrouter-dataConnect JobRouter® JobData tables with TYPO3880
brotkrueml/typo3-jobrouter-processConnect JobRouter® processes with TYPO3441
brotkrueml/typo3-jobrouter-rss-widgetsTYPO3 dashboard widgets displaying RSS feeds from the JobRouter website (www.jobrouter.com)263
brotkrueml/typo3-matomo-optoutTYPO3 content element for opting-out of Matomo analytics243
brotkrueml/typo3-matomo-widgetsTYPO3 Dashboard widgets showing Matomo reports3393
brunojbela/gulp-frameworkGulp para Framework para Blogs 1.0.036
brunojbela/gulp-iliGulp para Framework para Blogs 2.0.041
buepro/typo3-auxlibsProvides third party libraries to be used in non-composer mode. The following libraries are embedded: hashids/hashids, erusev/parsedown.179
buepro/typo3-container-elementsTYPO3 extension providing content elements powered by container and bootstrap. Available elements: container, columns, tabs, accordion, tile unit and card.1032
buepro/typo3-flux-elementsTYPO3 extension providing content elements powered by flux and bootstrap. Available elements: container, columns, tabs, accordion, tile unit and card.216
buepro/typo3-pizpalueExtension to create websites using bootstrap. It builds upon the bootstrap_package from Benjamin Kott and increases functionality by supporting the following extensions: container_elements, pp_gridelements, flux_elements, timelog, ws_flexslider, slickcarousel, indexed_search, news, eventnews, tt_address.513
buepro/typo3-pizpalue-distributionThis TYPO3 distribution provides a sample website using bootstrap and the extensions pizpalue and container_elements. The distribution tailors Swiss market featuring German as default language and additional translations to French, English and Finnish.165
buepro/typo3-pp-gridelementsTYPO3 extension providing content elements powered by gridelements and bootstrap. Available elements: container, columns, tabs, accordion, tile unit and card.278
buepro/typo3-realerProvides information regarding real estate properties7
buepro/typo3-timelogTYPO3 extension to increase efficiency and transparency of work by continuously collecting work information and communicate it to customers.165
buepro/typo3-user-customerTYPO3 user_customer extension to customize websites using the template pizpalue.6
buepro/typo3-user-pizpalueTYPO3 Custom template being used with template pizpalue.57
buerodigitale/newsletter-subscriber-syncSynchronization of local FE-users with services like Mailchimp, Newsletter2Go, CleverReach, SendInBlue, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse und Klick-Tipp, rapidmail.2
bueroparallel/bp-pagetreePerformance-optimized backend page tree for large TYPO3 v9 installations (> 10k pages)3262
bugfix/patchcachePatch for Backend Layout1
bugfix/patchlayoutPatch for Backend Layout40
busy-noggin/bn-backendBackend customizations1655
busy-noggin/bn-columnsColumn content elements for TYPO3255
busy-noggin/bn-viewhelpersCommon view helpers for TYPO3358
bwd2/engageThis extension that allows you to create more engagement for your Website11
byskr/typo3-css-inline-styleSmall tweak to load CSS_inlineStyle from file6
byskr/typo3-gelf-writerWrite log directly to graylog4521
c1/c1-adaptive-imagesAdaptive images for fluid_styled_content.6790
cabag/ext-backend-progressAdd a toolbaritem that displays the progress of a long running task.0
cabag/ext-http2-pushHTTP/2 Push for TYPO3 by Kevin Lieser and Björn FrommeExtended and pusblished on packagist by Tizian Schmidlin215
cabag/simulatebeBE Login Simulation for FE UsersSimulates BE Login for FE Users. With this extension you can grant Frontend Users Backend User Rights. This means that, if a Frontend User logs into the Frontend and he has the proper rights, the Edit Icons will be displayed allowing him to edit the Content.2879
cabi/microformatAdd microformats to your page.217
calien/xlsexportCalien - XLS-Exporter206
caretaker/caretakerTYPO3 caretaker server10095
caretaker/caretaker_instanceTYPO3 caretaker instance53924
carstenwindler/context_bannerAdds a small Banner in both FE and BE and changes title tag to easier distinct development, testing and production context901
carstenwindler/cwenvbannerAdds a small Banner in both FE and BE and changes title tag to easier distinct between different Typo3 installations195
carstenwindler/cwhtmlcompressorgzip compress HTML output509
castiron/typo3-plugin-rollbarA Rollbar integration for TYPO3 (https://rollbar.com)9
causal/cas-ssoThis extension provides SSO support for TYPO3 by delegating the authentication of frontend and/or backend users to a CAS server.131
causal/causal_accountsThis extension allows TYPO3 administrator accounts to be managed centrally and automatically synchronized with remote websites using a secure link. No need for complex LDAP / ActiveDirectory infrastructure.608
causal/cloudflareThe Cloudflare TYPO3 extension ensures your TYPO3 website is running optimally on the Cloudflare platform.19094
causal/css2inlineMoves the styles from CSS sheets into inline CSS, in order to comply with uncooperative email clients. Can be used as a post-processing stdWrap in TypoScript.574
causal/direct_mail_userfuncAdds support for external providers to Direct Mail. This extension extends the types of recipient lists handled by Direct Mail with an entry for parameterized custom lists. These custom lists are prepared by user functions and may easily reuse your own business logic.273
causal/easy_slugUpdates the slug of a page automatically and logically when renaming a page or moving it around.55
causal/extractorThis extension detects and extracts metadata (EXIF / IPTC / XMP / ...) from potentially thousand different file types (such as MS Word/Powerpoint/Excel documents, PDF and images) and bring them automatically and natively to TYPO3 when uploading assets. Works with built-in PHP functions but takes advantage of Apache Tika and other external tools for enhanced metadata extraction.31083
causal/fal-protectProtect everything within /fileadmin/ based on associated folder and file restrictions (visibility, user groups and dates of publication).322
causal/file_listThis extension provides a frontend plugin which shows a list of files and folders in a specified directory on the file system (comparable to Apache directory listing) or using more advanced FAL selectors (categories, collection of files, ...). This extension may also be used for creating image galleries.10863
causal/ig_ldap_sso_authThis extension provides LDAP support for TYPO3 by delegating the authentication of frontend and/or backend users to the centrally-managed directory of your organization. It fully supports OpenLDAP and Active Directory and is capable of connecting securely to the authentication server using either TLS or SSL (ldaps://). In case of use in an intranet environment, this extension is a perfect match since it natively brings Single Sign-On (SSO) capability to TYPO3 without any complex configuration.94230
causal/image_autoresizeSimplify the way your editors may upload their images: no complex local procedure needed, let TYPO3 automatically resize down their huge images/pictures on-the-fly during upload (or using a scheduler task for batch processing) and according to your own business rules (directory/groups). This will highly reduce the footprint on your server and speed-up response time if lots of images are rendered (e.g., in a gallery). Features an EXIF/IPTC extractor to ensure metadata may be used by the FAL indexer even if not preserved upon resizing.61812
causal/mr_usrgrpmgmtThis is a Backend-related extension to manage both Backend and Frontend users from the edit form of Backend/Frontend groups. Easily assign users to groups or remove them from groups.101
causal/oidcThis extension uses OpenID Connect to authenticate users.1880
causal/restdocSeamlessly embeds Sphinx/reStructuredText-based documentation into your TYPO3 website. Instead of publishing your various manual, in-house documents, guides, references, ... solely as PDF, render them as JSON and use this extension to show them as part of your website to enhance the overall user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Lets you merge the chapter structure with the breadcrumb menu and much more. Documentation styles automatically inherit from your corporate design.2648
causal/routingService to route HTTP/REST requests to your own controller/actions.16574
causal/simple_apiService to route HTTP/REST requests to your own TYPO3 controllers.141
causal/sphinxInstalls a full-fledged Sphinx environment within your TYPO3 website. Builds and renders Sphinx/reStructuredText-based projects such as extension manuals, official reference guides or your own in-house documents as HTML/JSON/PDF either from TYPO3 Backend or from command-line, as you prefer. Features a reStructuredText editor with cross-reference browser and syntax highlighting.2986
causal/tscobjA plugin which lets you use any TypoScript object as a normal content element.14359
ccpp/list-calBE calendar for editing database records (such as news) conveniently0
cdsrc/cdsrc-bepwresetAllow backend user to reset his password from login form. Option can be specified to force Backend user to change his password at first login.34783
cedricziel/fal-flysystemFile Abstraction Layer driver for TYPO3 CMS that uses Flysystem9
cedricziel/formengine-mapEmbed a map search into your TCA forms2217
cedricziel/transladderTranslator hook for the DataHandler10
checkitsedo/calendarizeCreate a structure for timely controlled tables (e.g. events) and one plugin for the different output of calendar views (list, detail, month, year, day, week...). The extension is shipped with one default event table, but you can also 'calendarize' your own table/model. It is completely independent and configurable! Use your own models as event items in this calender. Development on https://github.com/lochmueller/calendarize10
checkitsedo/checkit-adventcalendarA customizable responsive advent calendar show Modals based on pages as content placeholders for the several wickets8
checkitsedo/checkitcalendarizeCreate a structure for timely controlled tables (e.g. events) and one plugin for the different output of calendar views (list, detail, month, year, day, week...). The extension is shipped with one default event table, but you can also 'calendarize' your own table/model. It is completely independent and configurable! Use your own models as event items in this calender. Development on https://github.com/lochmueller/calendarize3
chf/backend-moduleA convenience extension for quickly creating TYPO3 backend modules4582
chf/bandsintownEmbed artist and event data from bandsintown on your TYPO3 website.8
chf/color-managerTYPO3 Color Manager822
chf/teaser-managerTYPO3 Teaser Manager3509
chrisgruen/chess-managerAn extension to manage Chess results19
chrisgruen/simple-newsAn extension to create simple news4
christianessl/adminpanel_intExtend the adminpanel by showing the actual info for each USER_INT object on the page.2029
christianessl/fixrootpageaccessResolves #87985 on Forge, where editors cannot save changes on the root page of multilanguage sites.107
christianessl/impersonateImpersonate frontend users from inside the TYPO3 Backend.2005
christianessl/js_loggerJSLogger for TYPO3. Log errors and exceptions users are encountering in the frontend to the TYPO3 backend.34
christianessl/placeholder_imagesEasily add placeholder images in TYPO3 using either external sources (like placeholder.com) or generating them on the fly.90
christianessl/tabmoduleclickOpen modules in TYPO3 backend in a new browser tab (middle mouse button) and get directed to the intended submodule.88
christianessl/yaml_browserBrowse and debug YAML definitions in TYPO3 in a similar way to the TypoScript Object Browser.69
christianessl/youkuOnline media provider for youku.com, chinas alternative to youtube.1440
christophlehmann/httpbasicauthHTTP Basic Auth for TYPO3 9.5+774
christophlehmann/imageoptimizerOptimize uploaded/processed images with binaries of your choice96504
christophlehmann/logfile-viewerBackend module for viewing logfiles in typo3temp/var/log1
christophlehmann/treecleanerHides duplicates in page- and category-tree in the backend; Developed for lighter user management / editors with overlapping mount points; Hopefully core functionality in the future6
christophlehmann/vipsFaster and less memory hungry thumbnail generation for TYPO3 with vips php module9
chriwo/femanager_extended_searchExpand the search function of femanager to be able to filter by user groups3
chriwo/staffholidayTYPO3 extension for the planning of holidays for employees14
cidaas/cidaas-for-typo3If you would like to use a secure, scalable Identity and Access Management System along with Typo3, look no further. This Extension allows you to use Cidaas as your Cloud based Identity System. You can have Cidaas perform Authentication and Authorization and access your TYPO3 frontend. Cidaas supports all standard protocols like OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Standards. With easy to integrate SDK you should be able to secure your favourite Typo3 instance in no time!1120
clickstorm/cs-file-meta-fillAutomatically generate fluent sys_file_metadata like alternative text482
clickstorm/cs_cdn[clickstorm] Content Delivery Network6
clickstorm/cs_powermail_gdprGDPR powermail checkbox792
clickstorm/cs_seo[clickstorm] SEO165267
clickstorm/cs_youtube_data[clickstorm] Youtube Data V3688
clickstorm/go_maps_extGoogle Maps Extension. Simply insert a google map Version 3 inc. jQuery, calculate a route, images for markers, style maps, KML, categories, responsive and many more.73717
cmsexperts/boltBolt - An easy TYPO3 integration basis22063
cmsexperts/link2languageSet Links with a specific language parameter8537
cmsexperts/responsiveimagesAllows to select multiple alternative files for a sys_file_reference.1593
cmsexperts/simpleeventsAdd events in a simple way4690
cmsexperts/simplesslAn easy tool to enforce SSL for any domain with TYPO31995
cmsexperts/unlocalizedcropDisables cropping for translated records. Cropping of localized records are automatically taken from the original language2782
cmsexperts/warmupThis extension adds a CLI script to warmup the caches.4199
cmspaca/rt-simpleosmInsert a simple OpenStreetMap. No API key required!703
co-stack/apiTYPO3 REST API foundation. Built using an own middleware stack8
co-stack/fal_sftpFAL SFTP driver rewrite for the great TYPO3 v794
co-stack/logsTYPO3 Logging API reading module and devlog extension in one4941
cobweb/external_importTool for importing data from external sources into the TYPO3 database, using an extended TCA syntax. Provides a BE module, a Scheduler task, a command-line tool and an API.38564
cobweb/externalimport_testTest data and scenarios for the External Import extension.1
cobweb/externalimport_tutTutorial for the External Import extension. Contains the manual and the necessary files.235
cobweb/flush_language_cacheAdds an item to the flush cache menu to clear just the language (l10n) cache. Also provides a command-line tool for that.13085
cobweb/svconnectorThis family of services is used to connect to external data sources and fetch data from them. This is just a base class which cannot be used by itself. Implementations are done for specific subtypes.46660
cobweb/svconnector_csvConnector service for reading a CSV or similar flat file23905
cobweb/svconnector_feedConnector service for XML files or RSS feeds20118
cobweb/svconnector_jsonConnector service for JSON data8065
cobweb/svconnector_sqlConnector service for any SQL-based database via ADODB.2272
codappix/cdx_feuser_locationsExtend fe_users with locations.1037
codappix/cdx_loggingProvides features for TYPO3 logging.7950
codappix/cdx_migrationProvides ground work to ease migration of content in TYPO3.50
codappix/search_coreCodappix Search Core.9560
codappix/search_core_facebookCodappix Search Core, Facebook integration.5766
codappix/search_core_twitterCodappix Search Core, Twitter integration.5767
codefareith/cf-beskinDefine your own css rule-sets for the TYPO3 CMS backend.185
codefareith/cf-google-authenticatorEnable Google 2FA (two factor authentication) for both, frontend- and backend accounts.1717
codeminds/mailmanagerManage all outgoing mails in one central place. Configure all mails in one yaml file and disable or reroute all mails for debugging with one switch. Output the mail contents to files for more quick debugging.5
codemonkey1988/be-google-authGoogle oAuth2 sign in for backend users.1029
codemonkey1988/be-static-authAdds a button to backend login that automatically creates an admin user and log in using it.4529
codemonkey1988/image-compressionTYPO3 Extension to compress image.1731
codemonkey1988/responsive-imagesAdds responsive images support for many browser types to TYPO3 using the picture tag.10108
codemonkey1988/script-style-pushTYPO3 Extension to push javascript and css files over a http/2 connection.7573
coderscare/deviceDevice Conditions - Provides additional TypoScript conditions for user agent detections based on the Piwik Device Detector Library104
coderscare/dmmjobcontrolThis extension integrates the grid layout concept also to regular content elements - the grid elements. It offers a lot of new features like advanced drag & drop or real references, that improve the usability of the page and list module to speed up the daily work with the backend.4
codingms/ace-editorACE editor for file list49
codingms/additional-tcaAdditional TCA fields and tools1316
codingms/address-managerManages and displays address and person records. Comes with three kinds of categories (groups, organisations and positions) with frontend filtering and fulltext search. Includes Google Maps and SEO support. There is also a pro version available. (Personenverzeichnis, Personendatenbank, Mitarbeiterverzeichnis, Filialfinder, Umkreissuche, Standortuebersicht, radial search, radius search)218
codingms/commandsCommands for Scheduler201
codingms/fluid-formForms configured only by TypoScript127
codingms/fluid-fpdfTYPO3 - Fluid-FPDF1173
codingms/modulesModules - Little helper for creating frontend and backend modules in TYPO31697
codingms/parsedown-extraParsedown Extra - Markdown84
codingms/pollCreate polls/surveys/Umfragen in TYPO3. Multiple question types and answer layouts. There is also a PRO version available which adds custom user answers and more. (Umfrage, Poll, Opinion, Vote, SimplePoll)2985
codingms/rss-appThis Plugin enables you to display RSS.App feeds (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more) in TYPO3 - more information on https://rss.app671
codingms/schema-orgAdds Schema.org information into your site.1064
codingms/view-statisticsLogs frontend actions and display them in a backend module. Track page views, News, Downloads and custom objects. Optionally tracks frontend user logins and login durations. Alternative extension for Google-Analytics, Matomo, Piwik - this extension does not use any cookies! By default it does not track any personal data like IP address or even the user agent (though this can be activated optionally).290
colorcube/anfahrtA TYPO3 extension that provides a simple Google Map plugin with marker and popup window97
colorcube/auto404Page Not Found handling without configuration. Handle redirect to other domains when pages were moved.110
colorcube/bookmark-pagesA TYPO3 extension that provides bookmarks functionality of local pages for logged in frontend users.170
colorcube/cc-feinfoFE Debug/Info Output TYPO3 Extension19
colorcube/cc-magicpwMagic Password Authentication TYPO3 Extension6
colorcube/content-overviewTYPO3 backend module which gives and overview of the the content elements in a page tree.1403
colorcube/cookie-redirectOne-Time Forwarder TYPO3 Extension6
colorcube/dummy-contentDummy Content is a TYPO3 extension that helps to add dummy text to pages and content elements (lorem ipsum)598
colorcube/file-ref-listTYPO3 extension that provides a module which shows a listing of files used on pages.75
colorcube/rte-proc-testerTYPO3 extension for testing RTE content processing configuration.6
colorcube/shredderImprove your site design by magic.7
colorcube/simulate-static-urlsSpeaking urls without the hassle39
columbusinteractive/typo3-easycaptchaAn easy to use extension which enables you to use captchas in the TYPO3 form extension.1248
commerceteam/commerceTYPO3 commerce shopping system102
communiacs/typo3-dd-googlesitemapGoogle sitemaps for TYPO31708
comsolit/comsolit_suggestSuggest Autocomplete Search Extension2836
comsolit/easy_googlemapEasy and simple Googlemap Extension for the TYPO3 CMS, Good use for company roadmap on websites and for responsive pages, based on the google maps API1326
comsolit/owl_sliderResponsive Slider Extension832
comsolit/sentry_clientTYPO3 extension for PHP error and exception logging with Sentry, https://sentry.io1199
comwrap/typo3-twig_for_typo3A TYPO3 extension that integrates the Twig template engine into TYPO3 CMS.13897
cpsit/be-linksAdd page or web links as backend modules930
cpsit/begroups-rolesUse backend user groups as switchable roles21
cpsit/course-qcat-exportExports records from t3events_course to Open Qcat.46
cpsit/duplicate_finderFinds duplicate records in TYPO3 CMS206
cpsit/geo-location-serviceGet latitude and longitude for an address per google api call4533
cpsit/mask-exportExport your mask elements as extension5464
cpsit/personsManage persons1218
cpsit/t3events_courseCourses is an extension for the TYPO3 CMS. It extends t3events by functionality for managing courses.2302
cpsit/t3events_reservationReservations is an extension for the TYPO3 CMS. It extends t3events and allows to manage bookings for events.2824
cpsit/t3import_exportGeneral import and export tool for the TYPO3 CMS4719
cpsit/vccVarnish cache tools for TYPO3. Supports ESI tags and cache control.156
creifenscheid/cleanup-toolsThis extension provides cleanup tools and the possibility to implement cleanup services in your TYPO3 installation.12
crontis/trello-integrationTrello integration for TYPO392
crynton/pr-googlecseFrontend search plugin that uses the Google CSE api.160
crynton/pr-teamspeakFrontend extension to display the channels and clients of a TeamSpeak 3 server128
cundd/restREST API for TYPO3 CMS35057
cuyz/notizHandle any type of notification in TYPO3 with ease: emails, SMS, Slack and more. Listen to your own events or provided ones (scheduler task finishing, extension installed, etc…).12936
cvc/typo3-twigUse the Twig template engine within your TYPO3 project.5632
cvc/typo3-webauthnUse this extension to login with a second factor126
cyberhouse/typo3-doctrine-ormProvides Extbase integration for Doctrine ORM for TYPO3 8+697
cylancer/bypassemailsendlimitationWith this extension you can bypass the send limit if the hoster allows only a certain number of mail per SMTP session. 0
cylancer/loginviaemailAllows a login with the e-mail address as username6
d3m/sceCreate Simple Content Elements for TYPO31
dachande/djdbDJ Set database extension for TYPO35
daniel-pfeil/samlauthenticationThis extension adds a authentication method for SAML with different service provider.109
danielgoerz/fluid-styled-sliderA slider Content Element for TYPO3 CMS based on fluid_styled_content.475
danielgoerz/fs-code-snippetA content element to render code snippets of various programming languages.3950
danielsiepmann/trackingTracking for TYPO31256
darkonevt777/static-info-tables-vehicle-registration-codeAdd-on for the TYPO3 Extension static_info_tables: international vehicle registration codes (i.e. E for Spain or D for Germany)9
datamints/feuserUser registration and edit plugin, fully configurable, custom validators, autologin, double-opt-in, admin approval, IRRE configuration, resend activation mail, redirect features, support for saltedpasswords, support for salesforce. More to come!9893
datareporter/webcareInclude the WebCare tools for GDPR compliance4137
datec/datec-blogAdds a lightweight Blog to your Typo3 Site.6
datec/datec-losungenAdds a plugin to display the daily german watchwords (Losungen).7
datenbetrieb/sqllogA small TYPO3 extension that extends Database/Conneection with SQL-Logging26
davitec/dv-swift-pagetreeFaster TYPO3 Pagetree14
ddoronenko/google-reviewsTYPO3 extension for simple Google reviews output according to the selected place.451
dduers/xsite-sitepackageTYPO3 Sitepackage33
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/fal-dummyFAL dummy image driver2189
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/fal-remoteFAL remote adapter34
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/formhandler-subscription(Un-)Subscribe functionality for formhandler971
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/html5mediakitAllows easy embedding of HTML5 video and audio elements.2582
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/imagetooltipsjquery TOOLS tooltips for tt_content images9
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/linktypeswitchAllows config of different link types (e.g. to access restricted pages), improved error handling and redirect to login page.1316
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/logout-infoWrites the reason of Backend logouts to the Backend log.3
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/mediaoembedExternal media (YouTube, Flickr, ...) content elements using the http://oembed.com/ standard.4035
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/news-richteaserAllows TYPO3 content elments in news teasers.1794
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/tellmaticProvides methods to communicate with a tellmatic server.131
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/theaterinfoTYPO3 Extension for displaying information about theater plays, actors and their roles and tasks110
de-swebhosting-typo3-extension/tinyurlsThis extensions allows you to cut down long URLs. It basically works like bitly or TinyURL.25613
deepseafish/blogA TYPO3 experiment with the intention of becoming a blog9
defbu/authenticatorA TOTP authenticator37
derhansen/fe_change_pwdPlugin to enable password change for frontend users. Contains configurable password rules and password change enforcement.8417
derhansen/femanager_dmail_subscribeAdds direct mail fields to femanager583
derhansen/mfa_yubikeyYubiKey OTP MFA provider for TYPO3 11.2+6
derhansen/plain-faqPlain FAQ extension with list and detail view. Migration commands to migrate data and plugin settings from ext:irfaq3174
derhansen/pwd_security_checkTYPO3 Extension with a Symfony Console Command to check TYPO3 Backend and Frontend user passwords against a list of popular passwords. 607
derhansen/sf_bannersBanner-Management Extension based on Extbase and Fluid. Loads banners asynchronously by JQuery8741
derhansen/sf_event_mgtConfigurable event management and registration extension based on ExtBase and Fluid50782
derhansen/sf_event_mgt_indexerIndexer for ke_search which indexed sf_event_mgt records1628
derhansen/sf_yubikeyTwo-factor authentication with a YubiKey OTP11714
derhansen/tobservertObserver TYPO3 extension required to send instance data to tobserver.com540
devlog/devlogThe Developer's Log extension provides development logging/debugging functionality for usage of GeneralUtility::devlog() and a BE module to browse the logs.27620
dfau/ghostTYPO3 Background Jobqueue465
dfau/toujou-apiTYPO3 REST API Framework3210
dfau/toujou-oauth2-serverA TYPO3 Oauth2 Client Credentials Server, that logs in Backend Users3080
die-medialen/dm-schemaContent elements based on view helpers for schema.org markup0
diemedialen/dm-developerlogAn extension to capture TYPO3 devlog messages for debugging. Provides a backend module.1758
different-technology/fluidcontent-flux-migrationMigrate your TYPO3 content from fluidcontent to flux - different.technology8
different-technology/mfa-smsTYPO3 SMS MFA provider (requires external SMS provider)0
different-technology/mh-aws-image-analyserTYPO3 extension to auto fill your 'alternative'-Tags of your images with Amazon Rekognition image detection.6
different-technology/ses-mailerSend emails with Amazon Simple Email Service (AWS SES)1
digedag/cfc-leagueTYPO3 extension to manage sports competitions and clubs.616
digedag/cfc-league-feTYPO3 extension to manage sports competitions and clubs.342
digedag/dfbsyncSynchronize competitions of T3sports with data from DFB Sportmedia.4
digedag/dflsyncSync t3sports competitions with data from DFL data library2
digedag/more4t3sportsUseful extensions for T3sports.32
digedag/rn-baseA base library for extensions. Uses MVC design principles and domain driven development for TYPO3 extension development.64936
digedag/t3sportsbetBet game based on TYPO3 extension T3sports.6
digedag/t3sportstatsStatistics extension for T3sports.62
digicademy/academyFramework for creating CRIS portals: Projects, Persons, Organizational Units, News, Events, and Media14
digicademy/beaconizerBEACON link harvesting and generation with TYPO3136
digicademy/chf_geoGeo component of the Cultural Heritage Framework17
digicademy/chf_timeTime component of the Cultural Heritage Framework18
digicademy/cobj_xpathExtends TYPO3 with a new content object XPATH for flexible querying of XML329
digicademy/cobj_xsltExtends TYPO3 with a new content object XSLT for flexible XML transformations306
digicademy/lodLinked Open Data for TYPO3 provides a semantic layer with API, terminology service, RDF serializer and IRI resolver31
digitalwerk-agency/dw-log-notifierIt sends message to slack channel or to user email when typo3 catch error.1730
digitalwerk/content-element-registryContent element registry helper for registering Typo3 content elements2304
digitalwerk/typo3-element-registry-cliHelper for registering Typo3 content elements, page types or plugins.655
directmailteam/direct-mailAdvanced Direct Mail/Newsletter mailer system with sophisticated options for personalization of emails including response statistics.59576
directmailteam/direct-mail-subscriptionAdds a plugin for subscription to direct mail newsletters (collecting subscriptions in the tt_address table).1646
dirkpersky/typo3-dp_cookieconsentInclude Cookie Consent, a lightweight JavaScript plugin for alerting users about the use of cookies on your website.36559
dirkpersky/typo3-dp_http2This Plugin add HTTP2 Push header or preloads, scripts and css files332
dirkpersky/typo3-rte-ckeditor-fontawesomeAdds the Fontawesome add-on to the CKEditor in TYPO3.30943
dkd/cmis-serviceTYPO3 Extension CMIS Service11
dkd/hostedsolrHostedsolr Client13
dkm/tcamanipulateManipulate the TCA from page TS0
dl/yagScalable, powerful, easy-to-manage Gallery Extension for TYPO33547
dmind/cookiemanA GDPR tracking consent popup. It asks for approval to include tracking objects (cookies, images or any HTML) and includes the objects when consented. It also removes cookies after the consent has been revoked. Notice: Supports TYPO3v8-v*, but each unique version only supports one!12901
dmitryd/typo3-dd-googlesitemapGoogle sitemaps for TYPO3148947
dmitryd/typo3-realurlSpeaking URLs for TYPO3716633
dmitryd/typo3-realurl-traceAnswers a popular question: "Why did realurl make this speaking url?"868
dmitryd/typo3-sentrySentry monitoring for TYPO36707
dmk/mkabtestingA/B Testing of content elements1583
dmk/mkdam2falThis extension migrates your Dam-data into FAL.276
dmk/mkformsMaking HTML forms for TYPO335989
dmk/mklibUtilities for extensions.15361
dmk/mklogKeep track of developer logs. Provides automatic email notification about important errors.15210
dmk/mkmailerMakes the Open Source project phpmailer available for TYPO3.6783
dmk/mkphpidsCurrently the PHPIDS detects all sorts of XSS, SQL Injection, header injection, directory traversal, RFE/LFI, DoS and LDAP attacks. Through special conversion algorithms the PHPIDS is even able to detect heavily obfuscated attacks.7607
dmk/mkpostmanE-mail marketing system for the TYPO3 CMS1253
dmk/mksamlauthSSO Authentication for your TYPO3 Frontend717
dmk/mksanitizedparametersSanitize $_REQUEST, $_POST and $_GET before the processing of TYPO3 in backend or frontend starts. Take a look into the documentation how to add your own rules or see which one exist.10200
dmk/mksearchGeneric highly adjustable and extendable search engine framework, using Zend Lucene, Apache Solr or ElasticSearch. But support for other search engines can be provided easily.10731
dmk/mktoolsCollection of some small tools.12907
dmk/mkvarnishVarnish extension for TYPO31635
dmk/t3restProvides a REST interface for TYPO3.2253
dmk/t3socialsThis TYPO3 extension provides an API to communicate with socials networks. So it's possible for example to publish newly created news (or whatever you like) directly into social networks.447
dmk/t3twigExtend rn_base for using twig templates instead of marker templates2186
dmk/t3usersEnhanced frontend user management for TYPO3. User registration, login and management in a single extension.6472
dominiksenti/calendarize-newsAdd Event options to the news extension3
dominikweber/html-minifierThis extension minifies the output of TYPO3 generated pages.5088
dpool/gatedcontentGatedcontent is lead-capture extension for TYPO3. The extension provides editors with a configurable form element to collect user data. In exchange for personal information like e-mail address, name, company etc., visitors can access downloads or a single TYPO3 page.28
dpool/typo3-baseDpool base extension, based on extbase & fluid for TYPO3 CMS1354
dreadlabs/app-migration-typo3Integrates dreadlabs/app-migration infrastructure into TYPO3.CMS.255
dreipunktnull/filemetadata-image-creditsGive credit where credit is due51
dreipunktnull/sw-connectShopware 5 Connector for TYPO3 CMS54
dschledermann/linkserviceRefreshes links in elements by issuing HEAD-request to them. Redirect are followed and updated back into the tables.51
dwenzel/ajaxmapVersatile map extension for the TYPO3 CMS. Map data are requested dynamically via ajax.2119
dwenzel/reporterReporting extension for the TYPO3 CMS4194
dwenzel/t3calendarCalendar extension for the TYPO3 CMS9542
dwenzel/t3eventsVersatile events extension for the TYPO3 CMS7934
dwenzel/t3extension-toolsTools for TYPO3 CMS extensions6273
dycon/dycon_carouselimage Carousel and slider22
easydb/typo3-integrationIntegration of easydb asset management in TYPO3 CMS48
ecodev/dataqueryAssembles a query on data stored in the TYPO3 local database, automatically enforcing criteria like language, publication date, etc. More info on http://www.typo3-tesseract.com/13
ecodev/newsletterTYPO3 extension to send any pages as Newsletter and provide statistics on opened emails and clicked links.2322
ecodev/tagpackAll purpose tagging suite. Use tags for almost any allowed table without having to create new DB fields for each of them. Create multifunctional tag clouds using surf or filter mode together with time based settings, a tag breadcrumb menu and a searchbox with autocompletion.12
ecodev/tagpackproviderThis Data Provider relies on tags from extension Tag Pack to provide lists of items. More info on http://www.typo3-tesseract.com/27
ecodev/typoscriptceProcess any typoscript in a Content Element (CE)13
ehaerer/eh-backendA TYPO3 extension for optimizing the backend for editors.1
ehaerer/eh-bootstrapA TYPO3 example extension with examples of update script, eID integration, scheduler tasks and default TypoScript.11
ehaerer/fe-upload-exampleAn example extension to show upload of files in TYPO3 frontend.2
ehaerer/paste-referencePaste reference instead of copy for content elements in TYPO3311
eike/errbitErrbit error catcher integration45
elementareteilchen/etcachetsobjectsTypoScript API to allow caching of expensive TypoScript objects like menus300
elementareteilchen/html-purifyAdds html purify functionality as viewhelper and service class44
elementareteilchen/typoscriptconditionscollection of useful TypoScript conditions86
emagineurs/e_annuairesExtension used to display directories, allowing you to create as many type of directory as you want5
emagineurs/e_test_symfoTest of extension based on symfony components - not using extbase3
emagineurs/e_test_symfo2Test of extension based on symfony components - not using extbase0
etobi/coreapiProvides a simple to use API for common core features. Goal is to be able to do the most common tasks by CLI instead of doing it in the backend/browser.38569
evoweb/ew-commandsCommands needed in deployment268
evoweb/ew-llxml2xliffProvides a backend module to convert locallang.xml and locallang.php files to xliff. For every language, contained in the source file, an extra file gets created.2393
evoweb/ew-socialfeedwallDisplays social feeds like twitter wall91
evoweb/extenderExtending extbase domain models like a pro with extender31620
evoweb/imagemapImage map based on EXT:imagemap_wizard by Tolleiv Nietsch77
evoweb/packing-listPlan your packing list for the next hike and fiddle around with different load outs3
evoweb/recaptchaEasy on Humans, Hard on Bots120634
evoweb/sessionplanerSessionplaner for TYPO3Camps1607
evoweb/sf-booksManaging lots of books is not easy without a good tool. The book library tries to help you keeping an overview your books and to search easily information about each book.316
evoweb/sf-oauthOauth for frontend16
evoweb/sf-registerFrontend User Registration: Offers the possibility to maintain the fe_user data in frontend.29091
evoweb/store-finderStore Finder13710
exotec/cardealermobile.de API - TYPO3237
exotec/questionaireSurveys Plugin including backend module for statistics and invite scheduler task for fe_users email invitations91
exotec/test-exampleExtbase Filter example including Tests5
extcode/cartShopping Cart(s) for TYPO323513
extcode/cart-booksShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - Book Extension998
extcode/cart-eventsShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - Event Extension652
extcode/cart-girosolutionShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - Girosolution Payment Provider196
extcode/cart-mpay24Shopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - mPAY24 Payment Provider19
extcode/cart-newsShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - News Extension5
extcode/cart-payoneShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - Payone Payment Provider229
extcode/cart-paypalShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - PayPal Payment Provider1358
extcode/cart-pdfShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - PDF Renderer for Invoices and Delivery Notes1168
extcode/cart-productsShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - Products5167
extcode/cart-saferpayShopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - Saferpay Payment Provider123
extcode/mail-conf-overrideThe extension allows different mail configurations for mail from addresses.146
extcode/tcpdfWrapper Extension for tcpdf3195
extrameile/em-antivirusTYPO3 Extension to check uploads against an anti virus tool like clamav or eset0
extrameile/em-sys-noteEnables you to create sys_notes from the header of the TYPO3 page module.117
extrameile/em_form_repeatablesaveAllows saving of form elements which are repeatable.13
extrameile/em_tvplus_pagespeedinsightsIntegration of PageSpeed Insight extension into TemplaVoilà! Plus page layout module.0
extrameile/em_tvplus_theme_demoDemo Theme for TemplaVoilà! Plus6
extrameile/em_tvplus_yoastIntegration of TYPO3 Yoast SEO extension into TemplaVoilà! Plus page layout module.0
eyecatchup/restlerA TYPO3-Extension, that integrates the popular PHP REST-framework Restler in TYPO3.124
fab/context-hintsDisplay hints about the current Application Context295
fab/doi-systemDOI System - OAI server emulation. OAI stands for Open Archives Initiative, a protocol for Metadata Harvesting.39
fab/formuleRender a variety of forms template based on the FE such as contact form, registration form, etc... effortless!13691
fab/mailingDefine and assign list of recipients in the plugin settings. Users can send bunch of messages to them on the FE.122
fab/mediaMedia management system for TYPO3 CMS.40356
fab/media-uploadFluid widget for mass uploading files on the Frontend using HTML5 techniques powered by Fine Uploader - http://fineuploader.com/6382
fab/messengerSend emails to a bunch of people. A message is wrapped in a template / layout that a BE user can freely edit in a BE module.1378
fab/metadataPHP-based metadata extraction.12531
fab/natural-carouselNatural Carousel gallery.217
fab/natural-galleryDisplay images as you scroll and enlarged them in a slideshow.466
fab/quick-formGenerate quick form on the Frontend based on TCA103
fab/rss-displayFetch a RSS / Atom Feed and display its content on the Frontend.14779
fab/vidiGeneric listing of records with versatile ways of interacting with the data, e.g. advanced filter, inline editing, mass editing, ... Veni, vidi, vici!51120
fab/vidi-frontendGeneric List Component for the Frontend where content can be filtered in an advanced way... Veni, vidi, vici!1022
fab/web-serviceWeb Service to fetch data in a flexible way. Possible output format: JSON, Atom, HTML. The Web Service is meant for retrieving data only.61
famouswolf/matomoapiTYPO3 extension to talk to Matomo API and display it with a template11
fbit/fbit-berecordlistCreates modules to view individual record lists.628
fbit/fbit-tsliveTest TypoScript configuration with live preview!6
featdd/dpn-glossaryGlossary extension with page parser38281
felixnagel/beautyofcodeThis TYPO3 CMS extension provides JavaScript based, state-of-the-art, feature rich syntax highlighting by using SyntaxHighlighter or Prism.1727
felixnagel/deletefilesTYPO3 CMS scheduler task for deleting old files and folder. Supports FAL. Useful for GDPR / DSGVO compliance.4045
felixnagel/fe-performanceThis TYPO3 CMS extension improves your frontend performance.365
felixnagel/generic-galleryTYPO3 CMS image gallery extension. One gallery to rule them all. Extbase & Fluid driven for use with any gallery / slide / rotate plugin.8248
felixnagel/mailfilesTYPO3 CMS Extension to upload files and send download links via email. Uses plupload. Please see readme file.30
felixnagel/pluploadfeThis TYPO3 CMS extension provides an API and a FE plugin for using plupload, a highly usable and advanced upload handler.879
felixnagel/privacyguardThis scheduler task cleans database records in TYPO3 CMS to improve the privacy of your customers. Useful for GDPR / DSGVO compliance.14
felixnagel/t3extblogA record based blog extension for TYPO3 CMS powered by Extbase / Fluid. Flexible and powerful!3892
fgtclb/sodium-supportAdd support for sodium package and argon2di auth library0
fgtclb/t3oodleSimple poll extension for TYPO3 CMS. t3oodle allows your frontend users to create new polls and vote for existing ones.9309
fidelo/typo3Fidelo Typo3 Snippet12
filoucrackeur/hubicCloud system synchronization with hubiC.com33
filoucrackeur/storage-framework-managerTYPO3 caching framework manager extension12
finndrop/fds_commoncommon viewhelpers extending typo312
fischer-simon/typo3-doctrine-ormProvides Extbase integration for Doctrine ORM for TYPO3 8+52
fixpunkt/backendtools7 admin tools for extension listing, redirects, Slugs vs. RealURL, unzip, unused files, images with no alt- or title-tag and links.1855
fixpunkt/fp-fractionsliderCan be used with the "jQuery-FractionSlider", the "Professional jQuery Content Slider Plugin - Slider Pro" or the "Slider revolution".217
fixpunkt/fp-masterquizA modern extension that offers quiz, polls and tests. The result can be displayed as a chart. Supports 7 question modes.3838
fixpunkt/fp-newsletterPlugin for newsletter subscription and unsubscription (for direct_mail). Used table: tt_address. A log is written.2701
flossels/teaserThis TYPO3 extension allows you to create simple teasers to existing pages and files. You also have the possibility to create teasers for other links like external links, phone numbers or email addresses.0
flowd/scheduler-forkerRun each TYPO3 scheduler task in a forked process2588
fluidbt/fluidbootstrapthemeThe fluid_bootstrap package from FluidTYPO3331
fluidtypo3/builderThe builder package from FluidTYPO38848
fluidtypo3/flllFluidTYPO3 Localisation file auto-writer1778
fluidtypo3/fluidbackendThe fluidbackend package from FluidTYPO31366
fluidtypo3/fluidcontentCreate Flexible Content elements in pure fluid152863
fluidtypo3/fluidcontent_bootstrapThe fluidcontent_bootstrap package from FluidTYPO3181
fluidtypo3/fluidcontent_coreReplace css_styled_content with your own templates14839
fluidtypo3/fluidpagesThe fluidpages package from FluidTYPO3200503
fluidtypo3/fluxThe flux package from FluidTYPO3365986
fluidtypo3/schemakerThe schemaker package from FluidTYPO31390
fluidtypo3/siteFluidTYPO3 site kickstarter763
fluidtypo3/test-provider-extensionTest provider extension for FluidTYPO321
fluidtypo3/vhsThe vhs package from FluidTYPO31055823
formatsoft/format_t3toolsRegularly checks the size of the TYPO3 database. On exceeding a certain size, a mail is sent.8
frappant/frp-form-answersAdds the possibility, as a finisher, to save and export the form entries from customers.19194
freshp/typo3-application-connector-extensionExtension to provide a contact form.15
friendsofcrawler/typo3-crawler-widgetWidgets for crawler extension33
friendsoftypo3/adodbIncludes a current version of ADOdb, a database abstraction library for PHP, for further use with EXT:dbal976
friendsoftypo3/cms-funcBrings the backend Web->functions main module for extensions to hook in17393
friendsoftypo3/compatibility6TYPO3 Core Compatibility Layer for TYPO3 v7 with added functionality previously present in TYPO3 v6.26316
friendsoftypo3/compatibility7Compatibility Extension for TYPO3 8 LTS16597
friendsoftypo3/crowdinCrowdin integration for TYPO315
friendsoftypo3/dashboardDashboard for TYPO32254
friendsoftypo3/dbalA database abstraction layer implementation for TYPO3 4.6+ based on ADOdb and offering a lot of other features.22
friendsoftypo3/extension-builderTool to kickstart and maintain TYPO3 extensions247526
friendsoftypo3/feeditProvide functionality for edit toolbars of pages and content1382
friendsoftypo3/form-legacyLegacy version 7 of ext:form11470
friendsoftypo3/frontend-editingEnable editors to work with the content in the most intuitive way possible45719
friendsoftypo3/headlessThis extension provides way to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format.13025
friendsoftypo3/headless_newsThis extension provides integration with news to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format.4526
friendsoftypo3/headless_powermailThis extension provides integration with powermail to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format.19
friendsoftypo3/headless_solrThis extension provides integration with solr to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format.249
friendsoftypo3/jumpurlTYPO3 Jump URL handling83175
friendsoftypo3/legacy-collectionsLegacy Collection PHP APIs for sys_collection database tables.486
friendsoftypo3/mediaceAllows to have non-FAL Media Content Elements like Video and Audio, behaves like TYPO3 4.x and TYPO3 6.x, but acts as compatibility layer for TYPO3 CMS 7.11930
friendsoftypo3/openidOpenID authentication for TYPO3 CMS30700
friendsoftypo3/pwa_manifestThis extension provides Web App Manifest configuration.1499
friendsoftypo3/rdctFrontend redirects based on RDCT GET parameter36057
friendsoftypo3/rsaauthLegacy service to authenticate TYPO3 BE and FE users using private/public key encryption of passwords236
friendsoftypo3/rtehtmlareaHighly configurable RTE based on HtmlArea for TYPO3 v8.58847
friendsoftypo3/sudo-modeTYPO3 sudo mode657
friendsoftypo3/sys-actionActions are 'programmed' admin tasks which can be performed by selected regular users from the Task Center. An action could be creation of backend users, fixed SQL SELECT queries, listing of records, direct edit access to selected records etc.8236
friendsoftypo3/taskcenterThe Task Center is the framework for a host of other extensions.8393
friendsoftypo3/tt-addressDisplays a list of addresses from an address table on the page.332230
friendsoftypo3/typo3db-legacyTYPO3_DB compatibility layer for TYPO3 v9.x92531
friendsoftypo3/widgetsDashboard Widgets for TYPO36958
frontify/typo3Frontify integration for Typo11
gaya/lfeditor-impexpTYPO3 extension. Add import/export functionality for LFEditor218
geithware/debug-mysql-dbExtends \TYPO3\CMS\Typo3DbLegacy\Database (former \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Database\DatabaseConnection and t3lib_db) to show Errors and Debug-Messages. Useful for viewing and debugging of sql-queries.69
georggrossberger/falcleanRemove unreferenced files from uploads and fileadmin102
georgringer/autoswitchtolistviewSwitch page module to list module if sys folder is selected13820
georgringer/backend-debugSome debug helper for the TYPO3 backend25025
georgringer/crowdinCrowdin integration for TYPO317
georgringer/deprecationloganalyzerAnalyze the deprecation log and show only the unique entries.4795
georgringer/docRender documentation based on markdown files directly in the backend1273
georgringer/eventnewsExtend EXT:news with event and calendar functionality106234
georgringer/extbase-records-with-no-l10n-parentShow records in extbase if those got a different language defined then -1 (all) or 0 (default) and no language parent9607
georgringer/fakerFaker for TYPO3341
georgringer/gdprMake TYPO3 more compatible to GDPR18374
georgringer/google-docs-contentImport google docs content into TYPO30
georgringer/google-signinSign in to TYPO3 by using your Google account998
georgringer/insert-records-overlaymodeLet editors choose if a language overlay should be performed270
georgringer/loggingLogging for TYPO3 CMS2497
georgringer/newsVersatile news extension, based on extbase & fluid for TYPO3 CMS1178647
georgringer/news-fal-migrationExtraction of FAL migration of EXT:news to separate extension1353
georgringer/news-feuserAdd relation to fe_users311
georgringer/news-filterFilter news by date, categories and tags759
georgringer/news-galleryAdd possibilities for galleries in a news record82
georgringer/news-importicsxmlVersatile news import from ICS + XML (local files or remote URLs) including images and category mapping5330
georgringer/news-likeAdd possibilities to add a simple like button to news items6
georgringer/news-memorizeMemorize news items in a cart6
georgringer/news-pdfviewPdf of a news item6
georgringer/news-recurringAdd possibilities for galleries in a news record57
georgringer/news-subheadlineExtend news by a sub headline263
georgringer/noopenerAdd rel="noopener noreferrer" to all external links14907
georgringer/numbered-paginationImproved pagination for TYPO3 10+90
georgringer/page_speedPerformance & Usability are important to any site. Check every page for it and know how the site can be improved.8131
georgringer/redirect-generatorGenerate redirect entries from a given set of URLs and export all to CSV4144
georgringer/richmediaEmbed rich media item like instagram posts, facebook posts, twitter posting and flickr images by using oembed.12
georgringer/schema-org-generatorGenerate json-ld based on schema org3479
georgringer/site-managementManage multiple sites and duplicate sites including user, usergroups, filemounts, ...209
georgringer/templatedmailBetter HTML email templates114
georgringer/uri2linkConvert external url like domain.tld/services to TYPO3 links if this is url is actually served by TYPO32174
georgy/campaignmonitorCampaign monitor forking4
gerh/evecorpEVECorp: TYPO3 based tool to manage your EVE corporation34
gerh/evessoEVE SSO: single sign on for EVE Online12
getdesigned/gd-cookieconsentGetdesigned Cookie Consent extension0
gi/mentor-finderDiese Extension stellt eine Mentorensuche auf Basis einer Erweiterung der Tabelle fe_users zur Verfügung.0
gilbertsoft/gscacheconfigGS Cache Config allows you to switch various caching backends to APCu with fallback in case of CLI mode. Configuration can simply be adapted by the Extension Manager.68
gilbertsoft/gsfaviconGS Favicon allows you to use favicons generated at http://www.favicon-generator.org/ with the Bootstrap Package.84
gilbertsoft/gsprotectedconfigGS Protected Config allows you to import configurations from outside the web directory or override it dependent from the application context or TYPO3 mode (FE, BE, CLI, AJAX and INSTALL). You can use this extension to move the website from dev to testing to production without changing something inside the web root if you place your settings outside. Templates can be found in Resources/Private/Templates. Configuration can simply be adapted by the Extension Manager and must be activated first!67
gilbertsoft/gswarrantyGS Warranty adapts the TYPO3 backend logos and warranty data and registers a new toolbar item. Feel free to use this extension as base for your own work.72
gilbertsoft/typo3-gslibGS Library is a collection of utility functions, base classes and other templates for the usage in other extensions.79
gilbertsoft/typo3-mauerSitepackage Vikings Mauer-Klan37
gkh/gkh-rss-importFetch an RSS / Atom Feed and display its content on the Frontend.145
goos/t3gpFluidTYPO3 based Twitter Bootstrap Package36
goran/save_close_ceAdds save and close button to all the content elements for TYPO3 99583
gosign/go_teaserThis is basic Teaser TYPO3 ext8
greenfieldr/golbGolb - Blog The Page Way!49
gridelementsteam/gridelementsThis extension integrates the grid layout concept also to regular content elements - the grid elements. It offers a lot of new features like advanced drag & drop or real references, that improve the usability of the page and list module to speed up the daily work with the backend.982323
grossberger-georg/run-scriptRun a server-side script via the backend0
grossberger-georg/typo3-snapshotCreate and restore database and fileadmin snapshots1144
h4ck3r31/getenv-typoscriptThis TYPO3 extension provides a simple way to access environment variables within TypoScript at places where stdWrap is not available.653
h4ck3r31/solr-utilityThis TYPO3 extension provides several utilities for ext:solr33
haassie/form_mailchimpMailchimp integration for EXT:form10
haassie/page-speed-insightsPageSpeed Insights extension for TYPO36738
haassie/seo_demo_extensionDemo extension to show how to use the SEO features in TYPO3 core1
haassie/yoast_newsIntegrate Yoast SEO for TYPO3 in EXT:news20429
hacksch/material-design-liteGoogle Material Design Lite implementation for TYPO310
haffner/jh_captchaUse Google reCAPTCHA (v2/v3) in your own TYPO3 extensions, EXT:form, EXT:powermail and EXT:formhandler as spam protection.74428
hamburgerjungejr/fe_user_cardsFe_User_Cards is a Typo3 extension which displays Fe_Users in the Frontend.0
hauerheinrich/hh-add-statuscodeHauer-Heinrich - add statuscode select box for page type redirect/shortcut (e. g. 301, 302 etc)662
hauerheinrich/hh-ckeditor-customHauer-Heinrich - ckeditor custom52
hauerheinrich/hh-sliderHauer-Heinrich - Image and Content Slider654
hauerheinrich/hh-video-extenderHauer-Heinrich - Extends sys_file_reference video/media. Added attributes to select in content element (eg textmedia) like: muted, loop, controls, previewImage and so on.696
hdnet/cdn-fastlyExtension for handling TYPO3 requests for better CDN integration in fastly.284
helhum/realurlRealURL: speaking paths for TYPO369199
helhum/typo3-crontabAdvanced scheduling for TYPO3 Console commands and TYPO3 Scheduler tasks7455
helhum/typoscript-renderingCan render a TypoScript path by URL, especially useful for Ajax dispatching175840
hendrikreimers/slug_autoupdateExtends the TYPO3 Pages with an AutoUpdate of the Slug field, used for speaking URLs.2007
higidi/typo3-lockFeatures TYPO3 with an advanced locking.5994
hmmh/be-auto-loginAuto BE login for TYPO3389
hmmh/devlogThe Developer's Log extension provides development logging/debugging functionality and a BE module to browse the logs.11
hmmh/news-to-bloghmmh News to blog migration159
hmmh/solr-file-indexerSolr file indexer for Typo315090
hn/auto-translatorBase extension for auto translation service5385
hn/auto-translator-deeplDeepL API service implementation for auto translation5371
hn/formsaveSaves data of ext:form in a usable state3045
hn/ga-optoutAdds a GA Optout Linkhandler.2120
hn/glossary-oneA glossary extension.2794
hn/gtmIntegrates the Google Tag Manager into your Typo3 website445
hn/hidpiDrop-in HiDPI solution. No new view helpers or workflow required. No JavaScript hacks. Just a few assumptions.1513
hn/intlThis extension overrides the date view helper of typo3 and renders it using the php-intl functions.5
hn/linked-form-labelsAllows simple links in form labels3632
hn/oauth2-managerExtension for managing oauth2 connections20
hn/post-parserA post parser extension.2755
hn/protocolA protocol extension.74
hn/share-a-secretAn extension to share secrets.2
hn/videoAutomatic conversion of videos within typo3 using local ffmpeg or cloudconvert.395
hojaonline/ab_minijoboffersA simple module for managing job offers.Still its pibase no re-write done. Working fine with TYPO3 8.7.148
hojaonline/css_filelinksCSS based, XHTML and accessibility compliant implementation of the FILELINKS cObject.7
hojaonline/datamints_feuserUser registration and edit plugin, fully configurable, custom validators, autologin, double-opt-in, admin approval, IRRE configuration, resend activation mail, redirect features, support for saltedpasswords, support for salesforce. More to come!8
hojaonline/ics_awstatsIncludes the AWStats logfile analyzer as a backend module. Requires ext retrostats. Supports cron, reverse DNS lookups and ics_web_awstats.11
hojaonline/icti_ext_filelinksThis plugin allows to modify the number of files allowed on a filelink content element.7
hojaonline/mc_googlesitemapGoogle Site Map Extension for Pages and Content Element Types10
hojaonline/mediaceAllows to have non-FAL Media Content Elements like Video and Audio, behaves like TYPO3 4.x and TYPO3 6.x, but acts as compatibility layer for TYPO3 CMS 7.48
hojaonline/retrostatsThis extension copies the exact functionality for writing the Apache-style log files as used to be part of the core until v4.7. The only issue to take care of is to add the [FE][logfile_dir] setting in AdditionalConfiguration.php instead of LocalConfiguration because the Install tool will remove it otherwise.11
holger-heinz-webentwicklung/project-mainStarter template extension6
hon3y/hive_cpt_cnt_annoying_popupAnnoying Popups19
hon3y/hive_cpt_cnt_shareSocial Share46
hon3y/hny_potCustomer extension6
hoogi91/access-restrictionprotect access to pages or content elements via frontend groups that are only added when specific access restrictions are matching721
hoogi91/chartsExtension to create datasets and show them as line, bar, pie or doughnut chart in frontend7707
hoogi91/spreadsheetsExtension to add field definition and plugin to show and select information from spreadsheets5421
hostinghelden/hostinghelden-templateTYPO3 9.5 Template from Hostinghelden GmbH which customizes Bootstrap Package11
hov/mask-permissionsNever configure mask permissions for editors manually ever again!3
hziegenhain/kesearch-shortcut-indexerke_search Indexer for shortcut elements2
hziegenhain/redirect2pagetypesuffixRedirect urls with no page type suffix to the one with5
i4w/fileshareallows secure sharing of files11
ichhabrecht/begroups-rolesUse backend user groups as switchable roles2196
ichhabrecht/caretaker-mattermostMattermost exitpoint for advanced notification system of EXT:caretaker47
ichhabrecht/content-defenderDefine allowed or denied content element types in your backend layouts294896
ichhabrecht/core-upgraderRun upgrade wizards for multiple TYPO3 versions at once2797
ichhabrecht/databaseconnectionscannerFind usages of DatabaseConnection class0
ichhabrecht/devtoolsAdds nice developer tools to your TYPO3 installation1980
ichhabrecht/filefillFind and fetch missing local files from different remotes133558
ichhabrecht/hide-used-contentRemoves used content elements with own colPos configuration from "Unused" column25335
ichhabrecht/hosts-patternSet TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['trustedHostsPattern'] depending on available sys_domain records8672
ichhabrecht/intcacheTurn uncachable page objects into cacheable links933
ichhabrecht/integrityMonitors the changes of your TYPO3 CMS extension files5
ichhabrecht/mask-exportExport your mask elements as extension73200
ichhabrecht/multicolumnThe Multicolumn extension expands TYPO3 with a new content element called Multicolumn. With the Multicolumn content element it has never been easier to do multicolumn layouts with TYPO3.13007
ichhabrecht/social-gdprShow social media after user confirmation1431
ichhabrecht/t3tagsGenerate tag fields for every record type942
ichhabrecht/youtube-privacyRender YouTube videos with nocookie domain2
icti/fluidcontent-twbsFluid Content: Twitter Bootstrap 4 Elements170
icti/fluidcontent-twbs-gridFluid Content: Twitter Bootstrap 4 Grid166
icti/icticontentICTI structured content framework183
icti/ictiextbaseICTI extbase/fluid utilities202
id/indexed-search-autocompleteIndexed Search Autocomplete18
ideative/data_handler_queueProvides an API for registering DataHandler data and commands and replay them asynchronously at a later point in time.453
ideative/shutterstock-connectorPlugin for extension id_stock_pictures that connects the Shutterstock API to the TYPO3 backend120
ideative/stock-picturesAllows backend users to select stock pictures from various online services144
ideative/t3-redirect40x40x handler for TYPO31278
ideative/t3-tarteaucitronTYPO3 wrapper for the Tarteaucitron Javascript. Easily configure the services and display settings through TypoScript477
ideative/unsplash-connectorPlugin for extension id_stock_pictures that connects the Unsplash API to the TYPO3 backend38
ideativedigital/newsVersatile news extension, based on extbase & fluid for TYPO3 CMS1
ifabrik/ifab-realestateThis extension offers the possibility to create publications of real estate such as apartments, houses, garages etc. It provides numerous object properties for definition, all of which can be displayed in the FrontEnd. Using an Ajax search, the real estate objects can be displayed and sorted. An integration of the objects via an automatic OpenImmo import is also possible since the extension is based on the OpenImmo structure.64
iizunats/iizunaA TYPO3 Extension that allows the use of server-side rendered but client side hydrated applications.28
imathuzh/qfqFramework to build web applications: Form generator (bootstrap based), dynamic update, typeahead, multi language, image annotation (via fabric), reports (defined via SQL), SIP protected links, PDF rendering, send mail (dynamic attachments, PDFs), multiple databases, record locking, secure up/download.3
in2code/email2powermailConvert Email-Addresses in TYPO3 Frontend to links to a powermail form. The form will be send to this email.6
in2code/femanagerModern TYPO3 Frontend User Registration.166032
in2code/fetchurlFetch an url and show the content in a TYPO3 Frontend.6928
in2code/groupdelegationAllows generating Sub-Admin be_user by groups which can handle access of other be_user by groups386
in2code/in2altrouteTYPO3 extension to support speaking urls without a subdomain or fixed path segment35
in2code/in2connectorEnterprise Level Connection Manager for LDAP, SOAP etc.477
in2code/in2contactGeneric contact extension78
in2code/in2faqSimple and modern FAQ extension with a cli command to import faq from extension irfaq592
in2code/in2frontendauthenticationSimulate fe_groups login by IP address697
in2code/in2helpProvides a help module, to display a page in the backend. This can be used for editors documentation155
in2code/in2publish_coreContent publishing extension to connect stage and production server29841
in2code/in2responsibleShows the responsible editor for a page.419
in2code/instagramShow images and posts from instagram profiles1855
in2code/invisiblerecaptchaGoogle invisible recaptcha extension for powermail21378
in2code/ipandlanguageredirectRedirects TYPO3 visitors automatic or with a suggestlink to another language and/or root page.8026
in2code/ipandlanguagesuggestRedirects TYPO3 visitors automatic or with a suggestlink to another language and/or root page.1184
in2code/luxLiving User eXperience - LUX - the Marketing Automation tool for TYPO3.4348
in2code/luxletterFree newsletter extension for TYPO3 for an individual email marketing. A lot of analytics and modern concepts. Works with and without EXT:lux.6137
in2code/migrationFramework for any kind of TYPO3 migrations and imports. Also exports and imports content from and to json files.6635
in2code/osmOSM - OpenStreetMap extension for TYPO3288
in2code/panoptoAdds a content element for the end-to-end-video-content-management-system panopto38
in2code/powermailPowermail is a well-known, editor-friendly, powerful and easy to use mailform extension with a lots of features589785
in2code/powermail_condAdd conditions (via AJAX) to powermail forms for fields and pages70096
in2code/powermailrecaptchaGoogle recaptcha extension for powermail43798
in2code/publicationsPublication reference extension with im- and export with bibtex and xml files1564
in2code/realurlconflictsShow realurlconflicts of pages in a backend module5076
in2code/t3amT3AM - TYPO3 Authentication Manager15425
in2code/t3am_serverT3AM Server - TYPO3 Authentication Manager Server1248
in2code/typoscript2ceRender typoscript as content element18199
in2code/userprofileTYPO3-Extension to manage user profiles763
innologi/typo3-appointmentsAppointment scheduler allows FE users to schedule / list / manage appointments. Agenda's are created in BE, including user-defined appointment types, conditions, registration forms, and more.712
innologi/typo3-decosdataImport Decos XML exports locally and flexibly publish their contents. Successor to the 'decospublisher' extension.670
innologi/typo3-filemanFile manager for category-based uploading, viewing and managing files on frontend. Includes complete management in backend.700
innologi/typo3-streamovations-vpStreaming Video Player (JW player or JW player-based) that connects to your Streamovations instance for live-streaming, VOD and additional (interactive) metadata (e.g. topic, speaker)908
insanitymeetshh/bootstrap-gridsGridelements for bootstrap. Column grids, grids for simple accordions, tabs and content slider.4
insanitymeetshh/imhh-t3baseTYPO3 Base Extension10
instituteweb/environmentalProvides environment functionality for iw_master and TYPO3.3070
instituteweb/iw_baseProvides user functions and classes for instituteweb/iw_master.31
instituteweb/iwmProvides user functions and classes for instituteweb/iw_master.230
instituteweb/manaExtension based on TYPO3 to manage continuous integration for web projects.10
instituteweb/minExtends TYPO3's compressor for JS and CSS with minifier. This may save you up to 60% of default compressed file size. Also compresses HTML output of TYPO3. Full composer support.11556
instituteweb/pw_commentsPowerful extension for providing comments, including replies on comments and voting.9251
instituteweb/tcaTCA abstraction5
instituteweb/unrollAdds options to TYPO3's save buttons, to unroll them from dropdown, just display icons and changing the order.55274
intera-typo3-extension/authcodeLibrary for generating and validating one time authorization codes (e.g. for email validation).2426
intera-typo3-extension/bnbfilesharingFrontend file exchange with virtual folders and flexible permissions.259
intera-typo3-extension/cacheoptOptimizes automatic cache clearing.2453
intera-typo3-extension/cz-simple-cal-importer-calImport events from the cal extension to cz_simple_cal151
intera-typo3-extension/errortunerImproved error handling and redirection to the login page.1694
intera-typo3-extension/microportalsTYPO3 Extension for generating microportals with a menu content element.1725
intera-typo3-extension/news-slideitRenders news for a slider and adjusts some templates.1706
interfrog/gdpr_youtubeHides Youtube Iframes to load after user click.501
interfrog/if_basicIfPage Basic - Distribution package based upon the if_themeconfiguration extension with basic template and styles12
interfrog/if_basic_contentTYPO3 extension with content for IfPage Basic12
interfrog/if_sportydistribution-package with themeconfiguration and template for associations, team pages and non governmental organisations7
interfrog/if_sporty_contentTYPO3 extension with content for IfPage Sporty0
interfrog/if_themeconfigurationTYPO3 extension for creating themes with a style composing via TYPO3 backend15
interfrog/if_whitevitaIfPage Whitevita - Distribution package based upon the if_themeconfiguration extension with basic blog template and styles0
interfrog/if_whitevita_contentTYPO3 extension with content for IfPage White Vita0
internetgalerie/ig-language-detectionLanguage detection in PSR-15 middleware2028
internetgalerie/ig-slugRebuild URL slugs61394
ipandmore/ipm-clineBREAKING CHANGE with version 1.4.0: predefined css must be included by static template; Add copyright lines to your TYPO3 project. With the "today"-Feature you must never rewrite the year (e.g. 2019 to 2020) at New Year.535
itplusx/flexible-newsFlexible news extension to use pages as news articles4
itplusx/flexible-pagesSupports the setup and management of custom page types.25
itplusx/headless-gridelementsGrid Elements json output for EXT:headless353
itribe/typoscript-codeTypoScript code extension1048
itx/jobapplicationsThis extension enables you to manage job postings, has an application form for applicants to apply and an Application Managment Backend Module1165
jambagecom/addons-emEnhancements to the Extension Manager (em).1
jambagecom/addons-tt-productsMany translations of standard texts for shops. Additional example templates and icons for the tt_products shop system version 2.9 and later.13
jambagecom/agencyAn improved variant of Kasper Skårhøj's Front End User Admin extension3
jambagecom/agency-tt-addressAn improved variant of Kasper Skårhøj's Front End User Admin extension0
jambagecom/base-cacheCommon interfaces for simple caching by psr/simple-cache.2
jambagecom/base-excelThis provides the PhpSpreadsheet library, formerly phpExcel, from phpOffice.8
jambagecom/base-fontThis provides the PHP Font Lib.0
jambagecom/base-pdfThis provides the DOMPDF library.4
jambagecom/base-svgA library to read, parse and export to PDF SVG files.0
jambagecom/div2007Static Methods since 2007 for TYPO3 CMS. It offers many functions for Front End extensions. You can replace t3lib_div and tslib_pibase by div2007.1110
jambagecom/ecorssEcodev : feeds services (RSS / ATOM)0
jambagecom/excelbill-tt-productsSend an Excel generated bill for orders with tt_products0
jambagecom/exportAn extendable export extension based on the scheduler extension0
jambagecom/fh-debugPHP debugger, sys_log and devLog Logger374
jambagecom/importImport of data into database tables14
jambagecom/import-tt-address-nicosdirImport of nicosdirectory tables into tt_address and sys_category0
jambagecom/import-tt-board-commentsImport of the comments table into tt_board0
jambagecom/jfmulticontentArranges multiple contents into one content element with multiple columns, accordions, tabs, slider, slidedeck, easyAccordion or Booklet for TYPO3 CMS561
jambagecom/macina-searchboxThis extension offers the possibility to add a searchbox to your TYPO3 powered website which submits the searchvalue to the Indexed Search Engine plugin.44
jambagecom/mastertemplateThis extension makes available the setup of the master template. Originally developed by the NRW user group.1
jambagecom/mbi-products-categoriesHierarchical categories for tt_products. Works with tt_products and other tables.1
jambagecom/migration-coreMigration class maps for TYPO3 Core classes like t3lib_div, t3lib_extMgm and tslib_pibase.1026
jambagecom/moveAn extendable move extension based on the scheduler extension1
jambagecom/patch10011TypoScript Condition userFunc enhancements1
jambagecom/quotation-tt-productsQuotation for Shop System, Excel file export0
jambagecom/static-info-tables-daDanish (da) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.2014
jambagecom/static-info-tables-deGerman (de) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.116614
jambagecom/static-info-tables-esSpanish (es) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.11365
jambagecom/static-info-tables-itItalian (it) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on. TYPO3 extension.14718
jambagecom/static-info-tables-taxesTables and functions used for dealing with taxes. TYPO3 extension.1630
jambagecom/tableTable Library for TYPO3 CMS513
jambagecom/taxajaxEnhancement to the xajax extension with TYPO3 specific code.355
jambagecom/tcpdfbill-tt-productsSend a TCPDF generated bill for orders with tt_products1
jambagecom/transactorThis is a basic API to develop extensions which connect to different payment transaction gateways.2
jambagecom/tslib-fetceThis extension brings the TYPO3 4.x class tslib_feTCE and the processScript FEData setup with new features partly back into TYPO3 9.x171
jambagecom/tsparserMore Constants Editor Types for TYPO3 CMS1903
jambagecom/tt-boardSimple threaded (tree) or list message board (forum).36
jambagecom/tt-guestSimple threaded (tree) or list message board (forum).0
jambagecom/tt-productsShop system extension for TYPO3 CMS138
jambagecom/tt-products-foundbyFoundby select box antries for the Shop system extension0
jambagecom/voucherBackend extension to manage voucher codes for FE users. This works together with tt_products and agency.1
jambagecom/watchwordsThis extension adds a new content element which will get a new Christian Watchword (bible verse) every day.5
janhelke/calA calendar combining all the functions of the existing calendar extensions plus adding some new features. It is based on the ical standard3224
janhelke/calendar-apiA basic implementation of a working api for ext:cal to uncouple the cal API from the view.51
janhelke/calendar-api-client The client side API access point to use for example with a calendar frontend.54
janhelke/calendar-demonstrationThis extensions provides automatically generated entries for the calendar extension.30
janhelke/calendar-foundationThe foundation for the calendar. At the core it is the successor of ext:cal.237
janhelke/calendar-frontendA basic implementation of a working frontend for ext:cal to uncouple the cal view from the foundation.43
janhelke/calendar-migrationThis extension aims to migrate all content from ext:cal to the new calendar_framework.5
janolaw/janolawserviceJanolaw Service module is used for individual generation and automatic update of legal documents for online presence, blogs and online shops / online sale in Germany. 542
jansass/content-ownersThis extension adds a field to tt_content elements or other records to specify the only allowed BE user to edit the record (admins can edit anyway)0
jazzica/wechangeTYPO3 integration for the WECHANGE platform (https://wechange.de/)0
jbaron/fal_databaseTYPO3 FAL storage driver for storing files in the database572
jbaron/jbsitemapsFlexible TYPO3 sitemap generator5
jbartels/be-aclBackend Access Control Lists22406
jbartels/memcacheddiag2Displays diagnosis information about memcache511
jbartels/redis_diagDisplays diagnosis information about redis1191
jbartels/wec-mapWEC Google Maps108
jblocks/t3guzzlelogGuzzle middleware handler5
jigal/migrate-redirectsUpgrade wizard to migrate redirects from RealUrl and MyRedirects to core redirects2680
jigal/t3adminerAdminer as BE module to work with the database136404
jkphl/muk-minimalMinimal TYPO3 demo extension for MUK CMS lectures20
joekolade/global-popupA popup that is visible on all pages. Can be configured in many ways.3
joekolade/mein-pflegeberuf-templateTemplate "Mein Pflegeberuf"8
joekolade/meinpflegeberufTemplate "Mein Pflegeberuf"5
joekolade/nursingManage a Nursing Profession Pool8
joekolade/userbatchBackend- and Frontend-User Batch Create from CSV-File0
joekolade/visibilityFSC responsive visibility helper tool for content elements.42
jokumer/eepcollectVisitors can collect pages and add them to their own favorit-list like a basket in a shop. Inclusiv delete and sort functions.375
jokumer/privacyManage compliance rules for TYPO3 to improve privacy and to grant the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)6
jokumer/xfilelistExtends TYPO3 filelist and filebrowser for search within metadata, adds pagination and sorting to filebrowser6403
jolution/consentmanagerTypo3 Extension Wrapper for Consentmanager65
jonathanheilmann/jh_magnificpopupThis extension provides the responsive jQuery lightbox plugin Magnific Popup for images in content elements. Opening content like videos, other websites or inline/referenced content is supported within a plugin.2450
joppnet/jn_lighterboxA very lightweight Lightbox extension for click-enlarging content element images using lightbox2 or any other library of your choice.2144
joppnet/jn_phpcontentelementPHP content elements via frontend plugin696
josefglatz/beuser-fastswitchFast backend user switch for TYPO3 CMS administrator users.17909
josefglatz/cropvariantsbuilderSimplify writing cropVariants for TYPO3 Integrators/Developers2879
josefglatz/development-onlyDevelopment Only settings for TYPO3 CMS projects882
josefglatz/hide-sys-templateHide sys_template in backend1899
josefglatz/iconcheckModule for listing registered icons and icon identifiers4290
josefglatz/infogramEasy to use infogram.com content element for displaying responsive infogram's.179
josefglatz/seo-aspect-ratiosCommon aspect ratios for the TYPO3 CMS system package typo3/cms-seo3361
josefglatz/toolbar-clear-processedfilesTYPO3 backend toolbar button to clear processed files on local storages2150
josefglatz/visualize-locked-backendVisualize a locked TYPO3 backend for logged in backend editors. For example as part for your deployment process.0
jpmschuler/tvplus-contentslideThis extension allows you to inherit the content of a TemplaVoilaPlus content element column to its child pages - Adaption of EXT:kb_tv_cont_slide to work with templavoilaplus8277
jvdp/jpfaqFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) plugin. With categories, on-the-fly search, customer helpfulness tracking and comments.6549
jvelletti/jv-add2groupAdd or Remove usergroup to TYPO3 Frontend user if has Group or has not0
jweiland/avalexThe Avalex extension allows to display an automatically generated and updated „Data Privacy Statement” within a TYPO3 web site.4451
jweiland/ce-headerimageadd new content element1755
jweiland/checkfaluploadsDisplays a checkbox that must be checked to upload files in backend1782
jweiland/checkmysiteCheck index.php for suspicious modifications20
jweiland/circularOrganize your single and recurring events1623
jweiland/clubdirectoryClub directory1872
jweiland/contributory-calculatorExtension to calculate contributories in the frontend.1929
jweiland/daycarecentersThis extensions lets create and show you records of day care centers1932
jweiland/events2Organize your single and recurring events7959
jweiland/form-toolsA little collection of tools for TYPO3's EXT:form611
jweiland/glossary2This TYPO3 extension creates a glossary with A-Z links for you3963
jweiland/iframecacheCaches the content of an iFrame18
jweiland/infinitescrollingWith this extension you can read nearly every paginator and realize infinite scrolling4712
jweiland/itmedia2With this extension you can build your own industry directory1721
jweiland/jw-formsThis extension gives you the possibility to display title and file of forms (PDF, ...) by starting letter and search forms of this list1886
jweiland/jw-shell-execWith this extension you can execute exactly one defined Shell command as long as only one editor is logged into backend11
jweiland/jwauthLogin to TYPO3 frontend with your static IP address5
jweiland/jwnewseventExtend news to use them also as event26
jweiland/jwparkingOrganize the parking places of your city19
jweiland/jwtools2Various tools/hooks to extend/modify TYPO32955
jweiland/kk-downloaderDownload system with counter, simple category management, sorting criteria and page browsing in the LIST-view. Configuration via flexforms and HTML template. (example: http://kupix.de/downloadlist.html)31
jweiland/like-itLike nearly any frontend content thanks to a custom view helper. No login required.1350
jweiland/luxletter-extendedExtends TYPO3 extension luxletter with some useful tools258
jweiland/maps2Create maps with Marker, Area, Routes or Radius based on Google Maps or OpenStreetMap22661
jweiland/mediapoolEmbed your favorite YouTube Videos and Playlists. Import description, title and more by just pasting the YouTube link.1376
jweiland/pforumLightweight forum extension for TYPO31623
jweiland/pfprojectsThis extension shows a list of all masterplan projects of Pforzheim1942
jweiland/powermail-salesforcePowermail Salesforce integration6
jweiland/replacerReplaces string patterns from the page. You can use it to replace URLs for Content Delivery Network (CDN).29588
jweiland/rlmp_tmplselectorSelect different templates for each page or tree branch. Easily works with either external html templates or pure TypoScript templates! Modified version based on the Modern Template Building tutorial.758
jweiland/schooldirectoryThis is a TYPO3 extension to manage schools1931
jweiland/service-bw2With this extension you can access service BW interface2415
jweiland/socialservicesFrontend extension to display social services1943
jweiland/sponsoringDisplay and manage sponsoring projects like competitions1832
jweiland/statictagcloudCreate your own static tagcloud and define on your own which word has priority1919
jweiland/sync-crop-areasSync first found crop area to all other CropVariants1119
jweiland/tc-beuser(Fork of dkd/tc-beuser) A collection of modules for administer BE users more comfortably2622
jweiland/telephonedirectoryTelephone Directory1755
jweiland/tenderTender management1490
jweiland/video-shariffThis extension provides more privacy when embedding videos in frontend.3302
jweiland/walls-io-proxyCache and Proxy for walls.io, so no Cookie will be set on Client250
jweiland/weather2Display weather data and weather alerts using various Weather APIs. Default APIs: OpenWeatherMap and Deutscher Wetterdienst2934
jweiland/yellowpages2With this extension you can build your own industry directory2166
kaesetoast/static-info-tables-zhChinese (zh) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on. Dev on: https://github.com/lochmueller/static_info_tables_zh1259
kalypso63/rte_schemaSchema.org for RTE7
kalypso63/social_authAuthentication via social auth (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn & Instagram)5602
kamiyang/ext-projectversionDisplays current project version based on 'VERSION' file or GIT revision.1812
kamiyang/ext-t3cv_exportExtbase console command to dump and export TYPO3 CONF VARS0
kanow/fire-departmentComplete TYPO3 site package (theme) to build a website for a fire department. With the extension operations you are able to show operations on the website. For latest news are templates for the extensions news prepared. The whole page is optimized for mobile devices too.15
kanow/operationsManage (firefighter,Feuerwehr) operations with detailed reports, images used resources or vehicles, map view for locations. Possibly to use it for other reportable events like THW and so on.91
kanti/fluidcontentCreate Flexible Content elements in pure fluid1416
kanti/fluxThe flux package from FluidTYPO3664
kanti/typo3-realurlSpeaking URLs for TYPO3520
karatbars/karatbars_feusercardsFork of HamburgerJungeJr/fe_user_cards 1.3.0 to be able to add composer support11
karatbars/karatbars_toolsKaratbars Tools for TYPO3 contains various overrides, tasks, etc.17
kaystrobach/developerExtension for TYPO3 Developers14
kaystrobach/dyncssCompile your CSS dynamically with DynCss Adapters.20587
kaystrobach/dyncss_scssCompile your CSS dynamically with DynCss Adapters.11104
kaystrobach/piwikEasily add Piwik tracking code to your TYPO3 CMS Projects89
kevinditscheid/add-wizardThis extension fixes a bug with the add-wizard and mm-realations107
kiefer79/layoutinfoTYPO3 CMS extension that shows the active backend layout for the current page in page module714
kiefer79/restdocSeamlessly embeds Sphinx/reStructuredText-based documentation into your TYPO3 website. Instead of publishing your various manual, in-house documents, guides, references, ... solely as PDF, render them as JSON and use this extension to show them as part of your website to enhance the overall user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Lets you merge the chapter structure with the breadcrumb menu and much more. Documentation styles automatically inherit from your corporate design.216
kiefer79/sphinxInstalls a full-fledged Sphinx environment within your TYPO3 website. Builds and renders Sphinx/reStructuredText-based projects such as extension manuals, official reference guides or your own in-house documents as HTML/JSON/PDF either from TYPO3 Backend or from command-line, as you prefer. Features a reStructuredText editor with cross-reference browser and syntax highlighting.319
kiesi/tk-cacheDashboard Cache Widget73
kitodo/presentationBase plugins, modules, services and API of the Digital Library Framework. It is part of the community-based Kitodo Digitization Suite.410
kitodo/publicationPlugins and modules for publication management with Fedora repositories.102
kitt3n/kitt3n-articleFlexible articles for TYPO3.21
kitt3n/kitt3n-assetsDefault assets for TYPO3 projects with kitt3n.166
kitt3n/kitt3n-backendAll configuration (page & user) for the TYPO3 backend.134
kitt3n/kitt3n-brandDefault branding of the TYPO3 Kit.138
kitt3n/kitt3n-contactCreate as many contact persons as you want and select them where you need them.119
kitt3n/kitt3n-contentelementsA collection of TYPO3 content elements.55
kitt3n/kitt3n-customCustom extension for the specific customer. Individual programming starts here.7
kitt3n/kitt3n-detectionDetects information about the users browser and device140
kitt3n/kitt3n-fluidstyledcontentExtension to override things from fluidstyledcontent130
kitt3n/kitt3n-formAll kind of customizable forms.114
kitt3n/kitt3n-imageImage tt_content element using <picture> tag. Provides different ViewHelpers to use images e.g. in other extensions.131
kitt3n/kitt3n-lawLegal stuff for TYPO3 projects147
kitt3n/kitt3n-layoutsAll necessary configuration for the TYPO3 backend layouts.173
kitt3n/kitt3n-libsA collection of useful TS libs. 129
kitt3n/kitt3n-loopLoop elements104
kitt3n/kitt3n-mapGoogle maps with markers and polygons for TYPO3 projects.113
kitt3n/kitt3n-navsA collection of necessary navigations139
kitt3n/kitt3n-userfuncsUsefull userfuncs146
kitt3n/kitt3n-viewhelpersA collection of useful ViewHelpers129
kitzberger/40x-handlerTYPO3 Fox Handler378
kitzberger/cli-browserBrowse for content elements and other records via CLI66
kitzberger/cli-toolboxTYPO3 CLI toolbox21
kitzberger/dragon-dropViewHelper to add 'copy-paste' to EXT:mask containers in the page module123
kitzberger/form-mailtextTYPO3 Form: Mailtexts via plugin748
kitzberger/fox-handlerTYPO3 Fox Handler470
kitzberger/rte-ckeditor-automailsTYPO3 CKEditor Rich Text Editor: Auto-link mail addresses1151
kitzberger/rte-ckeditor-dlTYPO3 CKEditor Rich Text Editor: Definition lists16144
kitzberger/solr-gcTYPO3 Solr Garbage Collector4
kitzberger/solrfal-renameTYPO3 Solrfal: Support for renaming files362
kitzberger/sysfile-fakerCreates dummy image files for sys_file records whose files went missing898
kitzberger/workspaces-boostTYPO3 Workspaces: Performance boost by SQL indices185
kksoftwareag/indexed_search_gcProvides a configurable Scheduler Task to Cleanup old IndexedSearch Entries968
koehlersimon/slugHelps you managing the URL slugs of your TYPO3 site29580
koehnlein/koe-clearindexProvides a scheduler task to completely clean index tables of extension 'indexed_search'3259
koehnlein/scheduler-disable-runtaskDisable "Run task" in scheduler4
konafets/typo3_debugbarUtilizes the PHP Debugbar to provide information of the system health to the frontend.18811
koninklijke-collective/koning-bootstrap-carouselTYPO3 Extension: Carousel with Bootstrap 3.* compliant HTML27
koninklijke-collective/koning-commentsTYPO3 Extension: Commenting system based on fe_users49
koninklijke-collective/koning-libraryTYPO3 Extension: Library - ViewHelpers, Abstract classes, Wizards and Utilities1289
koninklijke-collective/koning-open-graphTYPO3 Extension: Open graph tags in TYPO3 inside Page Properties23
koninklijke-collective/koning-phinxTYPO3 Extension: Phinx Integration - Phinx.org integration for Database Migrations18
koninklijke-collective/my-redirectsTYPO3 Extension: Redirects management104121
koninklijke-collective/my-user-managementTYPO3 Extension: A module that makes it possible for editors to maintain backend users.28061
koweb/static-info-tables-iso629Data and API for countries, languages and currencies.11
kronova/pr-googlecseFrontend search plugin that uses the Google CSE api.121
kronova/pr-teamspeakFrontend extension to display the channels and clients of a TeamSpeak 3 server91
labor-digital/typo3-better-apiA package that overhauls the way you work with TYPO3 providing you with a new, better core API457
labor-digital/typo3-frontend-apiTYPO3: Provides a frontend API handler with support for Single Page Apps468
labor-digital/typo3-page-layout-form-elementA TYPO3 Extension which allows to create backend form elements that allow a page layout for their content150
labor-digital/typo3-search-and-indexA fast, faceted search engine for TYPO3 records which also creates a complete xml sitemap if you desire140
labor-digital/typo3-translation-utilsA set of TYPO3 cli tasks for working with translation labels120
lars-peipmann/lp-accessExtend the access tab with a selection of online hours in content elements.8
lars-peipmann/lp-fussballdeBindet Begegnungen und Spielplaene von Fussball.de ueber JavaScript ein. Anmeldung auf Fussball.de ist noetig!15
lars-peipmann/lp-iframeYet another iFrame extension with HTML5 support. Rendered with TypoScript.3364
lavitto/typo3-apc-managerAPC Manager for TYPO33247
lavitto/typo3-autosaveAutomatic save for TYPO3166
lavitto/typo3-counterAnimated Counter for TYPO3163
lavitto/typo3-fancyboxFancybox for TYPO34108
lavitto/typo3-form-to-databaseExtends the TYPO3 form with a database finisher, to save every form-result in the database.20964
lavitto/typo3-gridgalleryGrid Gallery for TYPO33586
lavitto/typo3-icon-contentIcon Content Element for TYPO3126
lavitto/typo3-markdown-parserMarkdown Parser for TYPO3316
laxap/bootstrap-gridsGridelements for bootstrap v4. Column grids, tabs and accordion.49443
legalwebio/legal-web-typo3Legal web cloud integration for Typo 30
leuchtfeuer/auth0Auth0 is the solution you need for web, mobile, IoT, and internal applications. Loved by developers and trusted by enterprises.1485
leuchtfeuer/aws-toolsThis extension connects your TYPO3 instance to Amazon CloudFront. It rewrites all file paths in the frontend to match your CDN domain. You also have the possibility to invalidate Amazon CloudFront entries.817
leuchtfeuer/bm-image-gallerySimple gallery using FileCollections.1144
leuchtfeuer/languagemodDisables languages in HMENU when there is no translated record for given detail page.54
leuchtfeuer/locateThe users country, preferred language and other facts will be detected. Depending on configurable rules the user can be redirected to other languages or pages. Locate also provides geo blocking for configurable pages in configurable countries.1443
leuchtfeuer/marketing-automationBase TYPO3 extension that allows targeting and personalization of TYPO3 content: Limit pages, content elements etc. to certain "Personas". Determination of Personas can come from various sources (requires add-on extensions).1409
leuchtfeuer/secure-downloads"Secure Download": Apply TYPO3 access rights to ALL file assets (PDFs, TGZs or JPGs etc. - configurable) - protect them from direct access.15848
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-arArabic (ar) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.26
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-bgBulgarian (bg) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.36
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-csCzech (cs) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.685
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-faFarsi (fa) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.36
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-hrCroatian (hr) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.36
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-huHungarian (hu) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.56
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-idIndonesian (id) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.45
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-koKorean (ko) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.50
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-pt-brBrazilian portuguese (pt_BR) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.7
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-srSerbian (sr) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.191
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-thThai (th) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.36
leuchtfeuer/static-info-tables-ukUkrainian (uk) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.75
leuchtfeuer/typo3-audience-studioAdd-on TYPO3 extension that enhances the "EXT:marketing_automation" TYPO3 extension by connecting it to Salseforce Audience Studio150
lgescobar/cw-twitterShow tweets from user or search query on frontend.4043
lgescobar/static-info-tables-iso639Data and API for countries, languages and currencies.18
libeo/lbo_linksAdd styles on external, internal and files links in frontend contents.17
lightwerk/vectormapVector based world map with markers and a filterable list of marker information176
lms/cliExtends typo3 core cli commands with additional functionality.1
lms/floginProvides an authentication option for website users.509
lms/routesProvides an ability to bind a route slug to the certain Extbase Action endpoint.4700
localizationteam/l10nmgrModule for managing localization import and export118680
localizationteam/localizerThis extension provides a fully automated workflow and a graphical user interface for the well known Localization Manager (l10nmgr). While the L10nmgr still handles exports and imports of records and files, the Localizer will take care of all the necessary steps in between. Editors responsible for translations won't have to deal with any L10nmgr configurations anymore and as an administrator you create just one configuration per Localizer Project.3230
localizationteam/localizer-beeboxBeebox API for the TYPO3 localizer7
lochmueller/autoloaderAutomatic components loading of ExtBase extensions to get more time for coffee in the company ;) This ext is not a PHP SPL autoloader or class loader - it is better! Loads CommandController, Xclass, Hooks, FlexForms, Slots, TypoScript, TypeConverter, BackendLayouts and take care of createing needed templates, TCA configuration or translations at the right location.89304
lochmueller/calendarizeCreate a structure for timely controlled tables (e.g. events) and one plugin for the different output of calendar views (list, detail, month, year, day, week...). The extension is shipped with one default event table, but you can also 'calendarize' your own table/model. It is completely independent and configurable! Use your own models as event items in this calender. Development on https://github.com/lochmueller/calendarize19083
lochmueller/calendarize-newsAdd Event options to the news extension355
lochmueller/calendarize-pagesAdd pages to EXT:calendarize4
lochmueller/custom-shortcutAdd custom shortcut types to the page properties.312
lochmueller/faqBasic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) extension in a clean extbase/fluid structure. Questions and Question categroies with a smart plugin structure.3440
lochmueller/fl_realurl_imageAdd the RealURL functionality to image files. 'typo3temp/2d972d5c89b5.jpg' goes 'nice-name.jpg'! Many different fallbacks like file reference, file, content element or page settings to get the right file name.3276
lochmueller/focuspointFocuspoint integrate the focal point method to crop images in the frontend of the web page. Use the jQuery-focuspoint plugin (https://github.com/jonom/jquery-focuspoint example http://jonom.github.io/jquery-focuspoint/demos/helper/index.html) to crop the images. Use the function as wizard in the file list view and directly in the content element.35682
lochmueller/google_servicesA package of usefully Google Services as library for other extensions or directly use: Google Sitemaps incl. different Sitemap Provider, Google Verify, Google Analytics, Google Document Viewer18195
lochmueller/html5videoplayerA video extension for TYPO3 built on the VideoJS HTML5 video player library. Allows you to embed video in your website using HTML5 with Flash fallback support for non-HTML5 browsers. Work on VideoJS 4.12.6 and support YouTube and Vimeo video in the same style.21233
lochmueller/html5videoplayer-powermailConnect both extenion to fetch user input (one powermail form) before the user can access the detail view.28
lochmueller/inkBuild stable and flexible newsletter templates. Incl. also the plain text rendering for plain text e-Mails. Please contribute at https://github.com/lochmueller/ink8
lochmueller/language-detectionModern language detection middleware for TYPO3. Based on PSR-14 & PSR-15.1976
lochmueller/popupAdd the possibility for a easy configurable popup system for backend users and pages. Merge and modernize the old 'Popup manager' (popup_manager), 'KJ: Extended TYPO3 Links' (kj_extendedlinks), 'TypoLinkPopUp' (cc_typolinkpopup) & 'Pop-Up' (gsi_popup) Extensions and add lots of new features.8
lochmueller/sourceoptOptimization of the final page: reformatting the (x)html output, removal of new lines, and quotes.130339
lochmueller/static-info-tables-zhChinese (zh) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on. Dev on: https://github.com/lochmueller/static_info_tables_zh8475
lochmueller/staticfilecacheTransparent StaticFileCache solution using mod_rewrite and mod_expires. Increase performance for static pages by a factor of 230!!249095
lochmueller/taggerComplex but easy to use tag system with extbase / fluid base and different output possibilities6
lochmueller/validatorValidation Framework for TYPO3132
lolli/enetcacheEnetcache cache extension258
lsascha/wm-pagepathGenerates Frontend URL from Backend in TYPO33338
lst/backend-moduleA convenience extension for quickly creating TYPO3 backend modules542
lst/color-managerExtension to manage colors in the TYPO3 backend.20
lst/teaser-managerTYPO3 Teaser Manager326
luitd/lu-apiREST API Integration for TYPO315
luitd/lu-authTYPO3 Authentication for University of Latvia11
luitd/lu-contentCustom TYPO3 content types for University of Latvia4
luitd/lu-monitoringMonitoring extension for lots of different admin tools12
luitd/lu-nabamusicRadio NABA plugin used for live stream, song tops and much more3
luitd/lu-namesJews in Latvia names database extension for TYPO35
luitd/lu-noticesGeneral notice publisher for internal portal0
luitd/lu-searchLU General Search plugin with SOLR connector4
luitd/lu-study-catalogueStudy catalogues (Course catalogue, Program catalogue) TYPO3 extension for University of Latvia5
lukaszuznanski/static-info-tables-plPolish (pl) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.5925
lw/l10n-translatorTranslate l10n files (label files) in a TYPO3 backend module. Maintain l10n folder with CLI tasks.2248
m2s/typo3-poi-mapCategorized points of interest with GoogleMaps integration25
mabahe/typo3-core-redirectsCustom redirects in TYPO3.2001
mabolek/google-drive-falGoogle Drive™ for FAL: Use Google Drive™ as File Storage in your TYPO3 installation.11
machwatt/sf_filecollection_gallerySimple Image Gallery which renders a FileCollection containing static or folder based images.674
macopedia/communityTYPO3 CMS community / social network extension18
macopedia/mess_detectorThis package will help you check how messed up your TYPO3 instance is.52
maikhagenbruch/templateExt for completely TYPO3 setup8
mamounalsmaiel/flux-kesearch-indexerKeSearch Indexer for Flux Elements536
marcwillmann/rsvpThis extensions provides events and the possibility to respond (comments, +1, -1)20
marcwillmann/turnVersatile FlipBook extension977
marekskopal/typo3-instafeedBasic instagram feed plugin for TYPO3 CMS23
markussom/backup_meBackup Extension for TYPO3 CMS540
markussom/html-compressCompress/minify your HTML output10743
markussom/sitemap-generatorEasy to use sitemap generator for pages and records.52037
markusvolkmer/mv-basepackageDefault package used in markusvolkmer/typo3-distribution.3
martinhummer/search-algoliaTYPO3 indexer for Algolia Search Engine38
mask/maskCreate your own content elements and page templates. Easy to use, even without programming skills because of the comfortable drag and drop user interface. Stored in structured database tables. Style your frontend with Fluid tags. Ideal, if you want to switch from Templavoila.326228
mautic/mautic-typo3Add-on TYPO3 extension that enhances the "EXT:marketing_automation" TYPO3 extension by connecting it to the Mautic Marketing Automation platform: Determine "Persona" from Mautic segments. Also provides additional services e.g. language synchronisation between Mautic and TYPO3.2934
maximilian-walter/typo3-jshrinkIntegrates the library JShrink in the build-in JavaScript-compressor of TYPO3171
maxserv/accountmanagementManage TYPO3 CMS users from the cli using an extbase command controller24
maxserv/fal_migration_undoublerFinds documents outside of the _migrated folder, updates references to point to those files and removes the redundant file from the _migrated folder.7
maxserv/fal_s3Connect FAL/TYPO3 to any of the configured S3 buckets with a few clicks. File based configuration allows specific buckets depending on the context of your application.28355
maxserv/fal_ttnewsFAL to tt_news connector334
maxserv/parsedownMarkdown content element. Write your content in Markdown.94
maxserv/replacecontentSearch and replace strings after page generation using regular expressions.3140
maxserv/yaml_configurationExport and import any table to and from a YAML file. Generate TSConfig from YAML files.1296
mblaschke/metaseoSEO extension for TYPO34892
mcu/mc_cookieExtension to help with the Iframe consentiment. Helping to doing with googleMaps and Youtube Iframe.1
mdy/coinimptypo3JavaScript cryptocurrency miner for TYPO3 that mines MintMe.com Coin (MINTME)157
mdy/costumcontentpreviewAdds a better preview for the content elements: html, table and bullets.5
mdy/fixedsidemenuEasy to use off-canvas menu for TYPO3 (a menu which is fixed to a side). This extension adds a navigation that works an almost any browser, device and even with JavaScript disabled (version 2 only).188
mdy/headertoallelementsAdds headers palette to tt_content.html and tt_content.shortcut. Works with FSC and CSC52
mdy/readmorelinkAdds a "read more" link to each content element when using header_link5
mediadreams/md_calendarize_frontendThis TYPO3 extension enables frontend users to add ext:calendarize items in the frontend.2
mediadreams/md_fullcalendarThis extension brings the FullCalendar.io with switchable views for month, week and day to ext:calendarize. It is also possible to filter calendars by categories.350
mediadreams/md_news_authorAdds one or more authors to a tx_news record, show a list of all authors and display a detail page of the author containing the attached news entries.2574
mediadreams/md_newsfrontendThis TYPO3 extension enables frontend users to created news records.983
mediadreams/md_unreadnewsThis TYPO3 extension adds unread information to the records of ext:news for frontend users.34
mediaessenz/diskusageExtension to visualize disk usage of TYPO3 storages5
mediaessenz/domaincheckFrontend plugin to check domains.6
mediaessenz/me-google-calendarA fullcalendar implementation for TYPO3 CMS483
mediaessenz/spreadshopIntegrate a spreadshop8
mediaessenz/vuetureTemplate for using VueJS in TYPO3 Frontend/Backend26
mediatis/form_fieldnamesMediatis Form Field Names1128
mediatis/formrelayMediatis Formrelay2161
mediatis/formrelay-mailMail delivery system based on Mediatis Formrelay841
mediatis/formrelay-salesforceDelivery system for Salesforce (Web-To-Lead-API) based on Mediatis Formrelay903
medienagenten/bootstrap-accordionAccordion with Bootstrap 4 compliant HTML260
medienreaktor/form_double_opt_inDouble Opt-In for the TYPO3 CMS Form Framework3692
medienreaktor/form_doubleoptinDouble Opt-In for the TYPO3 CMS Form Framework68
medienreaktor/xomProvides service classes to work with the xom REST API.2
mehrwert/fal-quotaFAL Quota for TYPO31065
mehrwert/phpmyadminThird party 'phpMyAdmin' administration module for TYPO3. Access to admin-users only.38108
merzilla/inm-googlesitemapGoogle sitemap.xml extension for TYPO3 projects160
meteko/autositeAutomatically load TypoScript and PageTS to a pagetree, based on your 'sites' configuration. Give your site the same identifier as a extension and configuration is automatically loaded.246
mfc/beuser-iprangerestrict BE-user to IP-range1784
mfc/beuser_iprangerestrict BE-user to IP-range15249
mfc/mfc-belogin-captchaAdd a configurable captcha to the backend login after a give amount of failed login tries18312
mfc/mfc-canonicalBuild a canonical tag depending on configuration3019
mfc/mfc-dataprotectionadd google analytics and facebook opt-out possibility5788
mfc/mfc-linkboxDefault Sitepackage for pdflib6
mfc/mfc-seotitleBuild another title as displayed in BE if you want160
mfc/mfc-tsextractExtracting typoscript from db records to files11
mfc/oauth2Generic OAuth2 authentication and authorization for TYPO3 CMS36881
mfc/prometheusPrometheus integration for TYPO370
mfc/restructure-redirectRestructure Redirect3967
mhuber84/oauth2-serverUse TYPO3 as an OAuth2 Server. Based on https://oauth2.thephpleague.com12
mhuber84/randomizerThis is a TYPO3 extension. It randomizes content in the database or during an export. It's a wrapper for fzaninotto/faker.395
mia3/fluidmailformsCreate Flexible Forms in pure fluid8
mia3/mia3-searchsearch made awesome2318
mia3/mia3_locationTYPO3 Location Extension127
michielroos/autologinOnly for development, unsafe for live environments! Logs in oldest admin account.42
michielroos/bugsnagBugsnag exception handler933
michielroos/doctorDoctor shows you how TYPO3 is doing11
michielroos/h5pCreate and add rich content to your website for free. Some examples of what you get with H5P are Interactive Video, Quizzes, Collage and Timeline.3989
michielroos/tablecleanerRemoves [deleted/hidden] records older than [N] days from tables6
midhundevasia/typo3-blogmasterBlog system for TYPO3 CMS148
midhundevasia/typo3-serverclockA Clock which shows server time and timezone in the backend. The clock widget is simple and based on Javascript, and appears in the top right toolbar area. You set the DateTime format in the extension configuration wizard.1676
mikelmade/mmimagemapCreate imagemaps in a user friendly way2
mindscreen/fal_uploadHandling file uploads via Extbase, inspired by upload_example of helhum2496
mindscreen/json-reportsOutputs TYPO3 reports as JSON for processing in monitoring or alerting systems3822
mindshape/mindshape-cookie-consentThis extension provides functionality to create a customizable cookie consent for your website. It is developed for flexibility to be customized in accordance to your data security guidelines.4692
mindshape/mindshape_cookie_hintShows a visible hint on the website that cookies are used - according to the European laws. Easy to install, fully customizable and the hint will permanently be hidden after accepting.46883
mindshape/mindshape_seoSEO Extension for TYPO3425
minifranske/fs-media-galleryA FAL based media gallery for TYPO3. Show your assets from your local or remote storage as a gallery of albums.13557
minifranske/gravatarAvatarProvider for Gravatar support in TYPO3 backend20709
minifranske/lazy-load-placeholderCreate placeholders for lazy loading images for instance based on the dominant image color1472
miniorange/miniorange-samlMiniorange Saml (SSO) provides SSO/Login to your TYPO3 site with any SAML compliant Identity Provider (ACTIVE SUPPORT for IdP config). It allows users residing at SAML 2.0 capable Identity Provider to login to your TYPO3 website. We support all known IdPs – Google Apps, ADFS, Azure AD, Okta, Salesforce, Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp, OpenAM, Centrify, Ping, RSA, IBM, Oracle, OneLogin, Bitium, WSO2, NetIQ etc.483
mittwald/typo3_forumForum extension1959
mittwald/varnishcacheVarnishcache TYPO3 Extension1423
mittwald/web2pdfWeb2PDF Extension9973
mjpr/cookiebotImplement cookiebot (cookiebot.com) consent-banner in TYPO3. Also delivers a content-plugin to place cookiebots cookie declaration whereever you need it.6555
mmc/ceselectorSelects and displays content elements according to certain parameters (Max elements, sorting, persistent mode)4
mmc/directmail-subscriptionCustom direct-mail subscription plugin386
mmc/extbasewsutilityFind records in extbase workspace aware0
mmc/guestbookA guestbook plugin providing several mechanisms for spam prevention97
mmc/slideshowSlideshow with multiple sequences, each sequence can be configured (interval, animation, random mode)2
mmk2410/plausible-analyticsIntegrate Plausible analytics into TYPO32
momchilsv/typo3-cognitoCognito authentication service for TYPO3 CMS11
moodley/site_baseSite Base Installation21
move-elevator/me-backend-securityAdvanced security for the TYPO3 backend6580
mselbach/static-info-tables-frFrench (fr) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.28897
mselbach/static-info-tables-ja(ja) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.7212
mselbach/static-info-tables-ru(ru) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.12643
mselbach/static-info-tables-sk(sk) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries,currencies and so on.1586
mselbach/static-info-tables-ua(Ukrainian) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries,currencies and so on.880
naderio/na-fluxdummyA dummy extension, using flux and fluidpages9
naderio/naderio-vhsNaderios ViewHelper Collection31
namelesscoder/dashboard-in-toolbarMoves the Dashboard module to toolbar1458
namelesscoder/inline-page-editingEdit content elements directly in page module without switching views4848
namelesscoder/newsfluxProvides integration between the Flux API and EXT:news'7
namelesscoder/typo3-cms-fluid-parametersProof of concept for parameterised Fluid templates6
namelesscoder/typo3-cms-progressorProgress monitoring in backend of long-running TYPO3 tasks5
namelesscoder/uncacheTYPO3 Cache Crippler9289
nawork/nawork-uriA modern, flexible extension for creating and managing urls and redirects in the TYPO3 CMS.1600
neamil/protect_fe_loginthis typo3 extension provides brute force protection for frontend login with device cookies as described in OWASP https://owasp.org/www-community/Slow_Down_Online_Guessing_Attacks_with_Device_Cookies2
nemo64/canonical-urlMakes your typo3 aware of the url it is used on4634
nemo64/critical_cssCritical CSS inline rendering for TYPO37
neoblack/extended-sys-newsDisplay sys_news as flash messages in the BE, useful for release announcements.26
neoblack/typo3-laravallaravel for TYPO311
neoblack/wpimportWordpress Importer for TYPO34
netlogix/nximageoptimizerOptimize images when they are processed by the resource publisher2530
netresearch/news-blogExtends tx_news with blog-like features.26
netresearch/nr-syncNetresearch Sync0
netresearch/rte-ckeditor-imageImage support in CKEditor for the TYPO3 ecosystem180177
networkteam/pagelanguageSet the language fallbackType via page field360
networkteam/redirects-healthcheckIt provides a Health check command for redirects904
networkteam/sentry-clientSentry Client for TYPO379670
netzkoenig/nkhyphenationTYPO3 extension for hyphenating texts.9
netzmacher/caddyCaddy - responsive Shopping Cart8
netzmacher/ke_search_orgcal_browserFaceted Search Indexer for the Organiser table news. Page for the detail view must have a Browser plugin.0
netzmacher/ke_search_orgcal_xblogFaceted Search Indexer for the Organiser table news. Page for the detail view must have a xBlog plugin.0
netzmacher/ke_search_orgnews_browserFaceted Search Indexer for the Organiser table news. Page for the detail view must have a Browser plugin.0
netzmacher/ke_search_orgnews_xblogFaceted Search Indexer for the Organiser table news. Page for the detail view must have a xBlog plugin.0
netzmacher/launchLaunch your TYPO3-project!90
netzmacher/launchquickshopLaunch Quick Shop!5
netzmacher/launchstartLaunch TYPO3 Responsive!38
netzmacher/launchstartgreenLaunches a ready-to-use website for Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen!36
netzmacher/quickshopQuick Shop - responsive e-commerce with TYPO311
netzmacher/seo_dynamic_tagSeo Dynamic Tag32
netzmacher/slickSlick Slider813
netzmacher/startStart TYPO3 Responsive!114
netzmacher/startcustomerStartcustomer TYPO3 Responsive!49
netzmacher/startgreenTYPO3 für Bündnis 90/Die Grünen33
netzmacher/startredgreenTYPO3 SPD GRÜNE0
netzmacher/t3_fpdiFPDI for TYPO31
netzmacher/t3foundationZurb Foundation Framework89
netzmacher/tileBook a tile!1
netzmacher/tsconfBackend Simplifier92
netzmacher/xblogxBlog: Frontend-Simplifier28
netztechniker/mailcopySend outgoing mail to additional transports (e.g. mbox)5
netztechniker/nt-fix-filecollectionsAllow actually using FileCollections in your models13
neuedaten/global-passwordGlobal TYPO3 frontend password protection78
neuedaten/svg-embedTYPO3 CMS view helper to embed SVG files7
neues-studio/hyphen-dictionaryAdds server-side hyphen to text using a dictionary.733
nextmotion/google-cloud-storage-falGoogle Cloud Storage FAL driver for TYPO3146
nicoherbigio/typo3-cms-ext-nhio-typo3-cmsTYPO3 CMS Customization Package1
nimut/hellurlHellUrl: speaking paths for TYPO32364
nitsan/nitsan-hellobarAn API Integration for HelloBar.com - One of the most popular site! Integrate hellobar panel(s) with simple configuration from TYPO3 Backend & Displaying it at global to your TYPO3 site! Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/tyop3-hellobar-api-plugin-free/11
nitsan/nitsan-maintenanceDo you want to make your site temporary offline like coming soon and maintenance mode? This extension will help you with simple plug & play to your TYPO3 instance. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/maintenance-mode/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/nitsan-maintenance-pro/201
nitsan/ns-all-chatOne of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to use most popular chat tool at your website. This TYPO3 extension provides to configure many live chat tools eg., zopim.com, livechatinc.com, purechat.com, livezilla.net, clickdesk.com, tidiochat.com, visitlead.com, onwebchat.com, userlike.com, hipchat.com etc. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-all-in-one-chat-plugin-free/1412
nitsan/ns-all-lightboxOne of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to use most popular jQuery Lightbox/Modalbox at TYPO3 content elements. This TYPO3 extension provides to configure many jQuery plugins eg., lightbox2, fancybox2, colorbox, prettyphoto, darkbox, magnific-popup. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/lightbox/default-lightbox/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/ns-all-in-one-lightbox-free/1598
nitsan/ns-all-slidersOne of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to use most popular jQuery slider plugins at your website. This TYPO3 extension provides to configure sliders eg., Nivo Slider, Royal Slider, Owlcarousel, Sliderjs Slider & more. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/sliders/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/all-in-one-slider-pro/686
nitsan/ns-backupFirst-ever feature-rich TYPO3 backup solution with manual and scheduled backup. Easy to use and configure. Backup your TYPO3 code, assets, database etc to your favourite backup clouds/servers. Demo-Screecasts: http://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/backup/ You can buy PRO-version to get more features and free-support at https://t3terminal.com/ns-backup-typo3-extension117
nitsan/ns-basethemeThe TYPO3 theme which is design for parent and child theme concept, This parent theme have common and global configuration to support the child theme. Read more at documentation.2074
nitsan/ns-commentsPlug-n-play TYPO3 extension to integrate feature-rich comments features anywhere to your TYPO3 site. This extension includes features like post comment, reply to comment, multi-level comment thread, admin moderation etc., Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/general-utility/comments/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/comment-plugin-typo3-pages-pro/191
nitsan/ns-cookiebotCookiebot helps make your use of cookies and online tracking GDPR and EPR compliant.2248
nitsan/ns-cookiesEasily install and configure simple cookie-bar to make GDPR compliant your TYPO3 site. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/general-utility/cookies-hint/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/simple-cookie-bar-typo3-extension/289
nitsan/ns-disqus-commentsEasily configure Disqus.com plugin to your TYPO3 pages, news, blogs etc., Disqus is world one of the most popular comment system. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/disqus-comment/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at ttps://t3terminal.com/typo3-disqus-comment-plugin-free/31
nitsan/ns-facebook-commentGrab this extension which will help you to add facebook comment plugin to add and share comments, reply, listing etc. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/facebook-comments/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-facebook-comment-free/23
nitsan/ns-faqOne of the only feature-rich TYPO3 FAQ extension-ever. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/faq/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/ns-faq-typo3-extension162
nitsan/ns-feedbackOne of the only feature-rich TYPO3 feedback extension-ever. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/feedback/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/ns-feedback-typo3-extension62
nitsan/ns-galleryDo you want to integrate feature-rich gallery solution to your TYPO3 site? The extension includes wide-range of gallery album variations. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/gallery You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/ns-gallery-typo3-extension159
nitsan/ns-google-mapThis extension can easily integrate of powerful features of Google map like find-places, find-direction between locations etc. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/google-map-by-nitsan-pro/27
nitsan/ns-googledocsFirst-ever feature-rich TYPO3 solution to one-click import your Google Docs to your TYPO3 pages, news and blog. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ns-google-docs PRO: http://t3terminal.com/ns-google-docs-typo3-extension2
nitsan/ns-guestbookOne of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to integrate all the features of Guestbook like review form with send mail, list of guest. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/guestbook/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-guestbook-plugin-free/369
nitsan/ns-helpdeskCreate an individual ticket system8
nitsan/ns-instagramPlugin to display gallery, feeds and phototile with clean, customizable and responsive feeds from multiple Instagram accounts. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-instagram-plugin-free/1703
nitsan/ns-lazy-loadAre you facing speed and performance issue due to heavy image-assets on your TYPO3 site? If yes, This plug-an-play extension reduces the number of HTTP requests mechanism and improves the loading time. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/lazy-load/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-lazy-load-plugin-free/1946
nitsan/ns-news-advancedsearchDo you want more rich search features into your favourite EXT:news? By installing this extension, you can search by category, title, teaser etc. Know more in manual. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/news-comments-1/news-advance-search/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/advanced-search-for-typo3-news-extension/58
nitsan/ns-news-commentsDo you want to smoothly integrate comment features in your favourite News extension? This extension includes powerful features like post comment, reply to comment, multi-level comment thread, moderation etc., Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/news-comment/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/ns-news-comments-pro/4761
nitsan/ns-news-sliderDo you want cool sliders for most popular TYPO3 EXT:news? This extension includes nivo-slider, owlcarousel, royal-slider, slidejs, slick-slider etc. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/news-slider/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/news-slider-pro/41
nitsan/ns-protect-siteThis extension will help you to quickly password protected TYPO3 pages without frontend users management, Check manual for more details. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/general-utility/protect-site?inavlid=1&type=88889 You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/password-protect-site-typo3-plugin/950
nitsan/ns-revolution-sliderWorld's most pupular revolution slider is now available in TYPO3 CMS too. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/sliders/revolution-slider You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-extensions/revolution-slider-typo3-plugin-pro538
nitsan/ns-sharethisEasy to configure socially-share your TYPO3 site using www.Sharethis.com which is one of the most popular third-party social media platform! Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-sharethis-plugin-free/536
nitsan/ns-snowChristmas Snow spreads the cheer of Christmas by adding beautiful snowflakes and snow-fall animation to your TYPO3 website with our little addon ns_snow and all the pages will show falling flakes of snow! Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/snow/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-snowfall-plugin-free/17
nitsan/ns-statcounterStatcounter extension brings you all the powerful StatCounter.com (free real time visitor stats) features to your TYPO3 site. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-statcounter-plugin-free/20
nitsan/ns-theme-agencyAgency TYPO3 template is an ultimate tool to kickstart your project, either a software development company, or a product startup or any new business. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/?theme=t3t-agency PRO version: https://t3terminal.com/t3-agency-free-business-typo3-template/208
nitsan/ns-theme-childThe child theme of EXT:ns_basetheme305
nitsan/ns-theme-cleanblogThe clean blog is a premium TYPO3 theme for personal or company blog with minimal & clean design, super easy settings and ultra fast page speed. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/?theme=t3t-cleanblog PRO version: https://t3terminal.com/t3-clean-blog-free-typo3-template65
nitsan/ns-theme-comingsoonMaintenance mode TYPO3 template is carefully designed with attention to the details. Your visitors will love it. LIVE Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/?theme=t3t-coming-soon You can download PRO version with more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/t3-coming-soon-maintenance-mode-typo3-template/8
nitsan/ns-theme-extendThe child theme of EXT:ns_basetheme24
nitsan/ns-theme-freelancerEvery freelancer dream just came true, as we have ve made T3 Freelancer Free TYPO3 Portfolio Template! LIVE Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/?theme=t3t-freelancer You can download PRO version with more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/t3-freelancer-free-typo3-portfolio-template84
nitsan/ns-theme-newageThe child theme of EXT:ns_basetheme23
nitsan/ns-twitterTwitter extension brings all your recent tweets to your TYPO3 site. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/twitter Pro version: You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/twitter-display-plugin-free/5497
nitsan/ns-whatsappNs Whatsapp0
nitsan/ns-youtubeOne of the only TYPO3 extension which provides to integrate all the features of Youtube.com like Simple Video, Channel, Playlist and Live-stream to your TYPO3 site. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/youtube/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-youtube-plugin-free/1102
nitsan/ns-zoho-crmEasily install and configure your powermail form with zoho CRM, read more at documentation. Live-Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-zoho-crm-free/909
nitsan/ns_ext_compatibilityOne of the only TYPO3 extension which provides all the features like TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report, Notification of new update via Email, System overview report, Compatible with all major version of TYPO3 from 4.x to 9.x. This extension will help you to check TYPO3 upgrade technical feasibility & complexity. Demo: https://demo.t3terminal.com/t3t-extensions/extension-compatibility/ You can download PRO version for more-features & free-support at https://t3terminal.com/typo3-extensions-compatibility-report-pro/4400
normanseibert/ldapTYPO3 LDAP extension5
nwsnet/nws-municipal-statutesReads all available municipal statutes from the TSA FullRest interface.4
o-ba/custom_dashboard_widgetsSet of custom widgets for the new dashboard module. Let's start creating your own!1797
o-ba/mfa-hotpTYPO3 hmac-based one-time password provider14
o-ba/t3security_news_widgetWidget for the dashboard which displays latest TYPO3 security news.9
o-ba/typo3v10_example_sitepackageSite package extension for TYPO3 10 feature demonstration3
ogrosko/dw-content-protectorProtects flux content elements to be created/moved/copied to restricted column.23
oktopuce/site-generatorSite generator / tree model duplicator2238
oliver-hader/session-serviceTYPO3 Extbase session & frontend user service110
oliverklee/coffeeExample extension workshops on TDD with TYPO3 and PHPUnit5
oliverklee/crowdfundingTYPO3 extension for conducting crowdfunding campaigns5
oliverklee/csv_to_openimmoCSV-to-OpenImmo converter0
oliverklee/oelibUseful stuff for TYPO3 extension development: helper functions for unit testing, templating and automatic configuration checks.31022
oliverklee/onetimeaccountAllow users to create a one-time FE account to which they will be automatically logged in (without having to enter a user name or password).2669
oliverklee/phpunitUnit testing for TYPO3. Includes PHPUnit and a CLI test runner.24615
oliverklee/realtyTYPO3 extension that provides a plugin that displays realty objects (properties, real estate), including an image gallery for each object.119
oliverklee/seminarsTYPO3 extension that allows you to create and manage a list of seminars, workshops, lectures, theater performances and other events, allowing front-end users to sign up. FE users also can create and edit events.8811
oliverklee/teaTYPO3 example extension for unit testing and best practices31
oliverklee/typo3-devsiteTYPO3 extension that contains the basics of a site which Oliver Klee uses for developing in TYPO3.10
omegacode/typo3-themeThis extension provides a theme for a TYPO3 instance.34
oneandone/tocEnables a Table of Contents (TOC) know from Websites like Wikipedia as a plugin for each page which has headlines.43
onedrop/solr-extbaseExtbase indexing addition to Apache Solr for TYPO3129
onm/hsformshsForms will show a form to book hotel rooms with some predefined configurations.0
onm/hsmailHotelsuite Newsletter Form (hsmail) ermöglicht es Ihnen, Formulare aus der Hotelsuite zu holen und das Newsletter-Formular im Frontend anzuzeigen.0
onm/int-parkInteractive Park Planner is a TYPO3 extension which is using leaflet library to place and show markers with its description on an image.25
opsone-ch/varnishVarnish extension for TYPO321448
ottoandras/typo3-cspGenerates the Content-Security-Policy response header based on the content of the page102
p2media/be-aclBackend Access Control Lists1539
pablosdos/phrases_translatorTranslate phrase in 3 languages.3
pagemachine/atsExtension for Job Application Management2737
pagemachine/corsCross Origin Resource Sharing for TYPO3 CMS.3290
pagemachine/hairuFlexible login/logout form based on Extbase/Fluid83512
pagemachine/searchableElasticsearch companion API for TYPO33799
pagemachine/svconnector-xlsConnector service for reading a XLS(X) file3363
pagemachine/typo3-flat-urlsFlat URLs (like Stack Overflow) for TYPO310387
pagemachine/typo3-formlogForm log for TYPO339353
pagemachine/typo3-mail-css-inlinerCSS inliner for the TYPO3 mailer 8888
pagemachine/typo3-phinxPhinx integration for TYPO32711
pallino/t3registrationExtension for managing registration form and reserved area TYPO3 site340
pallino/webpackWebpack integration module4
pandomedia-gmbh/typo3-ay-sitepackageSitepackage for the ayurveda site1
patrickbroens/url-forwardingRedirects (301, 302, 303, 307) to internal/external page or file, based on domain and path28636
paulbeck/tgm-copyrightTYPO3 Image Copyrights and Image Sitemap209
pazborma/reload_frameAdds reload frame button to edit page content30
pegasus/google-for-jobsTYPO3 Extension for Google for Jobs.100
pengmaradi/ods-redirectsSimply manage (permanent 301) redirects in the list view. The extension supports multidomain sites, count the redirect usage and shows the last referer. UPDATE! imports the records from realurl.278
peterbenke/pb-check-extensionsChecks, if there are updates available for installed extensions and sends an email21
peterbenke/pb-concertlistThis extension generates a list of concerts for bands10
peterbenke/pb-fileinfoAdds infos to linked files in your website (filetype and -size).83
peterbenke/pb-filelistGenerates a filelist from a directory30
peterbenke/pb-news-jobsExtends the Extension news with additional fields for jobs offers.310
peterbenke/pb-notificationsNotifications for TYPO3 backend106
peterbenke/pb-rel-nofollowAdds a rel-nofollow-attribute to extern links. You can exclude URLs by typoscript.622
peterbenke/pb-tt-address-googlemapsExtends the extension tt_address with frontend view in Google maps.21
pfaffenrodt/fluxThe flux package from FluidTYPO332
phfr/ng_fastyoutubeTYPO3 Plugin that displays YouTube-videos faster by loading the video-player on demand while displaying a cacheable preview picture.37
phifa/templateTYPO3 Base Template. Use with template_site1 extension.128
phifa/template_site1TYPO3 Child Template. Use with template extension.35
phijufa/templateTYPO3 Base Template. Use with template_site1 extension.1347
phorax/formhandlerThe swiss army knife for all kinds of mailforms, completely new written using the MVC concept. Result: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility :-).31629
phorax/ja-replacerReplaces string patterns from the page. You can use it to replace URLs for Content Delivery Network (CDN).1000
phorax/loginasFork of CAB Login As (EXT: cabag_loginas)416
phorax/loginusertrackLogs in a separate table each time a frontend user logs in and further the timespan of the session and viewed pages. Backend module provides statistics over the data.103
phperix/fe_user_cardsFork of HamburgerJungeJr/fe_user_cards 1.3.0 to be able to add composer support20
pits/deepltranslateThis extension provides option to translate content element, and tca record texts to Deepl and Google supported languages using Deepl and Googletranslate Api services.5660
pits/downloadcenterDownload Center for TYPO3 (FAL files can be shown in frontend with several filters)251
pits/snowbabelTranslation Extension by Snowflake.ch646
pixelant/pxa-cookie-barEasily configure your site's cookie warning.8157
pixelant/pxa-data-providerConfigurable data provider for easy data sharing with external scripts such as Google Tag Manager.289
pixelant/pxa-dealersExtension to display searchable dealers/shops or other points of interests on Google maps3567
pixelant/pxa-fal-file-listShow folder files list.19
pixelant/pxa-form-enhancementPxa TYPO3 Form Enhancement10154
pixelant/pxa-images-compressorAdditional optimize (compress) FE images after processing.274
pixelant/pxa-item-listListing items. Show detail on item click. Filter by categories and attributes.4
pixelant/pxa-lpehSpeeds up error page handling and frees up PHP workers by loading local page content without issuing an external HTTP request.14038
pixelant/pxa-newsletter-subscriptionNewsletter Subscription5692
pixelant/pxa-pm-importerImporter boilerplate extension for pxa_product_manager4040
pixelant/pxa-product-managerCreate and list products on a site.30115
pixelant/pxa-site-choice-recommendationSuggest localized version of site depends on user location and user language.1687
pixelant/pxa-siteimproveOfficial integration of the popular digital optimization intelligence platform.11073
pixelant/pxa-social-feedAdd Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds to your site.8406
pixelant/pxa-surveyCreate simple survey. View results in the BE module4179
pixelant/qbankIntegration of QBank DAM for TYPO34
pixelink/simple-instagramTYPO3 CMS Extension wich shows an Instagram feed. Instagram access token needed2397
pixelink/simple-rssRead RSS and Atom Feeds. Based on Simple Pie Package66
pixelink/simplepollAn easy to setup and use poll system5225
pkerling/vhs_scssIntegrate SCSS template compilation into the vhs asset pipeline71
plan2net/fake-falTYPO3 Local FAL storage driver for fake files1434
plan2net/fapaliseTYPO3 faster link service for numeric page links495
plan2net/form-options-csvImport CSV data for Core form extension select options117
plan2net/routiThe little TYPO3 CMS routing helpers176
plan2net/sierrha404 'not found' and 403 'forbidden' error handlers. The 404 handler shows custom content for missing pages but not resources like CSS or JS. The 403 handler redirects to a login URL on unauthorized access.806
plan2net/single-siteOptimize TYPO3 site handling for a single site installation488
plan2net/webpCreates WebP copies for images (TYPO3 CMS)80551
plusb/pb_socialPb_social enables you to get posts from social media networks into your TYPO3 system. Currently supported social media networks are: Facebook, Imgur, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and TYPO3 Extension tx_news21433
pluswerk/cache-automation+Pluswerk TYPO3 extension: Cache Automation - This TYPO3 extension clear caches automated in the right moment.3549
pluswerk/commentsPluswerk: Comments9
pluswerk/html_to_pdfPluswerk: HTML to PDF928
pluswerk/mail-logger+Pluswerk TYPO3 extension: Mail Logger10419
pluswerk/mediacenterPluswerk: Mediacenter3
pluswerk/minifyPluswerk: Minify - Minifies your html3430
pluswerk/secure-login+Pluswerk TYPO3 extension: Secure Login - brute-force security2350
pluswerk/sentry+Pluswerk TYPO3 extension: Sentry Client4029
pluswerk/timelinePluswerk: HTML to PDF22
porth/horny_shitextension with an example for the new svg-viewhelper in TYPO34
porthd/simpledataeditSimple frontend-editing with TYPO31
portrino/px_dbsequencerWith this extension you can ensure different unique keys for the configured tables (e.g.: pages, pages_language_overlay, tt_content)599
portrino/px_hybrid_authAdds social sign-in via HybridAuth to TYPO3-Login and -Logout. (by portrino GmbH)105
portrino/px_icalProvides classes to render ical via eluceo iCal lib (https://github.com/markuspoerschke/iCal)60
portrino/px_semanticStructured Data Rendering for TYPO3. Easy Building of Linked Data API based on Hydra.699
portrino/px_shopwareShopware Integration for TYPO365
portrino/px_validationExtbase validation via TypoScript398
portrino/svconnector_csv_extendedExtended Connector service for reading a CSV line per line4
promptnet/pnbaseBase Package from PromptNet0
proudnerds-typo3/pn-uniform-product-namesImport and select in page properties the uniform names of products and services of The Dutch government.249
psvneo/t3-extension-addressThis extension provides the possibility to create persons, associated with addresses, and show them as a sorted list or a single record. Also includes vcard download.54
psvneo/t3-extension-donation-counterThis extension adds a plugin to display a donation counter on your website.26
psvneo/t3-extension-gated-contentThis extension adds a simple way to handle "gated content".34
psvneo/t3-extension-jobfairThis extension provides a simple job portal (fork of jobfair)48
psvneo/t3-extension-merchantsThis extension adds a plugin to list merchant records.358
psvneo/t3-extension-reference-portalThis extension provides a portal to display reference projects.0
psvneo/t3-extension-seoThis extension provides a bunch of SEO related tools for optimizations.46
psvneo/t3-extension-shopShop extension for TYPO3.0
psvneo/typo3-essentialsEssentials - A full configured TYPO3 theme.1
psychomieze/adminpanel-extendedTYPO3 AdminPanel Extended389
psychomieze/carlThis extension is used to show case form engine features6
pti/ptiPrototype Integration82
punktde/pt_extbaseCollection of tools for Extbase Extension development6051
punktde/pt_extlistList generator for TYPO3 based on Extbase. See http://extlist.punkt.de for further details.5759
punktde/pt_migrationsTYPO3 extension which supports running db migrations based on doctrine36
punktde/pt_solr_sitemapExtension for creating sitemaps from solr index queues.18
punktde/quickeditThis extension allows to define quick edit buttons for page property fields.303
qbus/autoflushAutomatic cache flush for menus and levelmedia2377
qbus/cache-statusAdds a X-TYPO3-Cache header to indicate cache hits/misses767
qbus/captchaCaptcha extension for TYPO3 (temporary fork)98
qbus/content-passwordTYPO3 content password8
qbus/data-consentData consent103
qbus/nginx-cacheNGINX Cache Manager for TYPO32925
qbus/qbeventsTYPO3 Event Management356
qbus/qbevents-kesearchke_search indexer for TYPO3 Event Management776
qbus/serpSERP preview in TYPO3 TCA forms1268
qbus/skip-page-is-being-generatedDisable the TYPO3 'Page is being generated'44259
qbus/subsite-generatorSubsite Generator146
quintanion/recipeRecipe administration plugin for TYPO3, Pure BE editing.4
quizpalme/camaligaA carousel/gallery/map/list extension that can use the TYPO3 categories and different jQuery-plugins like Slick or Isotope. Bootstrap 4 support. Indexer for ke_search.104
r3h6/ghost-contentShows not assigned content elements in the page module.293
r3h6/oidc-serverOpenID Connect Server.200
rafu1987/vhsminifyminify for VHS assets21
reelworx/rx-fscmigrateAutomatically migrate all imported content elements from css_styled_content to fluid_styled_content.0
reelworx/rx-scheduled-socialPost news articles to social media platforms and fetch likes from your social media account1684
reelworx/rx-shariffShariff implementation for TYPO3 CMS including the backend module, a viewhelper and a plugin.176028
reelworx/rx-unrollsavebuttonsShows the save buttons in TYPO3 BE next to each other instead of listing them in a dropdown menu. Additionally the button labels can be hidden.1
reelworx/wizard_crpagetreeWizard that will create a page tree for you. Feed it with a space indented tree structure of the desired pages and the pages will be created for you.608
remind/rmnd-hybridauthRmndHybridauth extension for TYPO30
renekreupl/phoenix_baseBase TYPO3 Extension6
renolit/news-falttnewsimportImporter of ext:fal_ttnews file references to ext:news46
renolit/reint-downloadmanagerA simple download manager with different views of file collections as downloadable lists.1417
renolit/reint-file-timestampTimestamp parameter in public file uri2016
renolit/reint-filelist-extendedExtension makes the filelist in backend easier configurable.21
renolit/reint-powermail-countryAn extended ViewHelper for the powermail country select field.7
renolit/reint-ttnewsdamtofalSimple extension to convert DAM <media> entries in tt_news bodytext to FAL.0
renolit/static-info-tables-ptPortuguese (pt) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.2376
renolit/static-info-tables-re-add-isoRe-add the static_lang_isocode field in sys_language.1
renolit/static-info-tables-trTurkish (tr) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries.228
resterland/resterlandTYPO3 project realized according to the recommendations of Helmut Humel. Based on bootstrap-package of Bajamin Kott. Tweaked to the needs of ResterLand WebAtelier.27
resterland/rlkickstartSetting up a basic page tree for starting new web projects, multilingual. Default language is set to German. Additional languages = en, id, fr36
resterland/rlmembermanagementUses tt_address and femanager extensions as basics3
resterland/rlwebshopThis extension extends the aimeos extension.13
resterland/webatelierSource of any Resterland TYPO3 projects115
rgu/bootstrap_package-dvoconnectorIntegrate Dvoconnector with Bootstrap-Package5
rgu/calendarize-dvoconnectorIntegrate Dvoconnector with Calendarize5
rgu/dvoconnectorDVO Connector69
rgu/metaseo-dvoconnectorIntegrate metaseo in the dvoconnector extension4
rgu/metaseo-vhsFluid ViewHelpers for Metaseo26
rh/rh_recaptchareCAPTCHA for Powermail4745
riconet/dalAbstraction layer for directories.31
riconet/dynamic-faqThis extension provides a full FAQ solution with user created questions answered by admins167
riconet/t3-extension-dalAbstraction layer for directories.688
riconet/t3-extension-directoryThis extension makes it possible to create directory entries like a company or a society.305
riconet/t3-extension-eventsThis extension provides the possibility to manage event data.356
riconet/t3-extension-fal-poisThis extension extends file references by the possibility to add points of interests.632
riconet/t3-extension-folder-based-download-centerThis extension provides a plugin to display a download center, based on a given folder hierarchy.490
riconet/t3-extension-orderThis extension provides a simple cart functionality. You can add domain model objects, by using a partial in your templates, to the cart and create orders.52
riconet/t3-extension-productsThis extension provides a basic system to manage product data.289
riconet/t3-extension-social-clubsThis extension enables you to create, manage and display social clubs data.286
riconet/t3-extension-social-clubs-eventsThis extension connect the extension 'rico_social_clubs' with extension 'rico_events'.286
riconet/t3-extension-softgardenDisplays jobs fetched from the API of softgarden, using only request with basic authorization.72
riconet/t3-extension-talentstormTalentstorm integration for TYPO3.668
riconet/typo3-eventsThis extension provides the possibility to manage event data.5
riconet/typo3-orderThis extension provides a simple cart functionality. You can add domain model objects, by using a partial in your templates, to the cart and create orders.13
riconet/typo3-productsThis extension provides a basic system to manage product data.227
riconet/typo3-products-apiThis extension provides a RESTfull API to manage product data.7
riconet/typo3-rico-providerProvider extension for pages content and more.7
rkw/digikitBergisch Media - RKW - DigiKit43
rkw/rkw-ajaxAjax functions37
rkw/rkw-alertsSends e-mail-alerts for news in projects116
rkw/rkw-authorsList and details for authors and employees154
rkw/rkw-basicsBasic functions308
rkw/rkw-consultantList and details for authors and employees69
rkw/rkw-ecosystemExtension for exploring entrepreneurship ecosystems110
rkw/rkw-etrackerExtension for integration of eTracker analytics196
rkw/rkw-eventsExtension for events and registation254
rkw/rkw-feecalculatorExtension for calculating consulting fees and providing support request forms140
rkw/rkw-formExtension for managing forms81
rkw/rkw-geolocationLocates addresses and zip codes with Google Geo-API and displays them in Google Maps139
rkw/rkw-graphicsExtension for displaying charts with ApexCharts8
rkw/rkw-graphsExtension for displaying charts with ApexCharts66
rkw/rkw-info-layerExtension for info layers and cookie hint83
rkw/rkw-mailerExtension sending e-mails and bulk-mailings291
rkw/rkw-management-consultancyExtension for editing and sending newsletters3
rkw/rkw-newsletterExtension for editing and sending newsletters201
rkw/rkw-orderExtension for ordering publications59
rkw/rkw-pdf2contentExtract text from PDFs and create TYPO3 sites with it!29
rkw/rkw-privacyExtension for Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)21
rkw/rkw-projectsExtension for project-details120
rkw/rkw-quickcheckExtension for simple online-checks111
rkw/rkw-registrationExtension for registration of FE-Users and FE-Usergroups216
rkw/rkw-relatedExtension for related content124
rkw/rkw-resourcespaceExtension for connection to Resourcespace92
rkw/rkw-rssExtension for related content109
rkw/rkw-searchExtension for a semantic search based on OrientDb56
rkw/rkw-shopShop extension115
rkw/rkw-soapExtension for a connecting to TYPO3 via SOAP124
rkw/rkw-surveyExtension for surveys via TYPO3138
rkw/rkw-templateTemplates and TypoScript for TYPO3302
rkw/rkw-toolsExtension for listing tools (PDFs, WebApps etc.) with metadata and filters121
rkw/rkw-webcheckExtension for Online-Checks with benchmarks and serveral categories133
rkw/rkw-wepstraExtension for WePstra-Project108
rlmp/rlmp-language-detectionThis plugin detects the visitor's preferred language and sets the local configuration for TYPO3's language engine accordingly. Both, one-tree and multiple tree concepts, are supported. It can also select from a list of similar languages if the user's preferred language does not exist.20133
romm/configuration-objectTransform any configuration plain array into a dynamic and configurable object structure, and pull apart configuration handling from the main logic of your script. Use provided services to add more functionality to your objects: cache, parents, persistence and much more.22427
romm/formzManage your forms easily with powerful tools: TypoScript based validation, Fluid view helpers, a whole JavaScript API, and more. Use pre-defined layouts for Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation to build nice-looking forms in minutes. Need to build a basic form with only two fields? Need to build a huge registration form with dozens of fields? Use FormZ, it will live up to your expectations! Visit typo3-formz.com for more information.11693
romm/formz-exampleProvides plug-in examples for the TYPO3 extension FormZ. Visit typo3-formz.com for more information.59
romm/site-factoryReplicate and modify an existing website model very easily with a flexible and lean design. Read the code examples to understand and master all the TypoScript configuration, or extend the existing duplication processes. Based on freesite (created by Kasper Skårhøj) this project was originaly conceived by Cyril Wolfangel and is developped and maintained by Romain Canon. Join the project on https://github.com/romaincanon/TYPO3-Site-Factory17
rungis-mrs/odessa_extensionMRS Enterprise site big description1
rupertgermann/tt_newsWebsite news with front page teasers and article handling inside.16279
saccas/mapgeoadminmap geo admin extension https://map.geo.admin.ch5335
saccas/mjmlMjml view using mjml over npm7073
saccas/srgssrOnline media provider for srgssr.ch1940
salvatoreeckel/t3cmsTYPO3 Content Management70
salvatoreeckel/t3content_bootstrap4This extension provides flux content elements for the t3cms theme Bootstrap455
salvatoreeckel/t3themes_bootstrap4TYPO3 Themes Bootstrap4 Extension for EXT:t3cms158
saschaende/t3helpersHelpers like in LARAVEL: Simple and easy functions that make your TYPO3 life with extbase and extension development a little easier.1739
saschaende/typo3-awsThe AWS SDK for PHP makes it easy for developers to access Amazon Web Services in their PHP code, and build robust applications and software using services like Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, etc.133
saschaende/usersUsers brings you all essential plugins (login, logout, register, forgot password, banlist for spam hosts...) to build a community with your TYPO3 system. Based on easy to customize fluid templates.462
saschaschieferdecker/youtube_gdprembedCreates a new content type that embeds youtube videos after click. Preferences can be saved in cookie. No dependency to JS frameworks.707
sbtheke/backgroundimageEnables uploading of an image in page properties, which then is shown on page as background image for a predefined element.1
sbtheke/backgroundimage4ceAllows background images and background options for all types of content elements (text, text with image, forms, plugins, ...). Background imagess are adaptive.444
sbtheke/cefooterPreview of settings in footer of tt_content element in page module.0
sbtheke/cewrapAllows to wrap content elements with individual IDs and/or classes and select multiple predefined classes, e.g. to hide content elements dependent to screen width.20
sbtheke/cookiesShow cookie consent, optional with possibility to deactivate some or all of them.77
scarbous/mr_base_configAdds the functionality to use a configuration file for TS-Config and TypoScript in your template-extension.6
scarbous/mr_flash_messageAdds the functionality to use a configuration file for TS-Config and TypoScript in your template-extension.5
scarbous/mr_templateAdds the functionality to use a configuration file for TS-Config and TypoScript in your template-extension.2
schams-net/form2databaseTYPO3 Form Finisher: Store submitted data into a database table0
schams-net/nagiosNagios TYPO3 Monitoring200
schams-net/site-packageTYPO3 v10 Site Package Extension125
schams-net/t3extensions-widgetDashboard widget that displays the most recent TYPO3 extensions published/updated at the TER323
schliesser/sitecrawlerTYPO3 sitemap crawler2380
schmidtwebmedia/grid-for-gridelementsAdd an easy to use grid element with GridElements. It's Framework independent. Prepared for Bootstrap v4.813
schmitzal/tinyimgImage compression for all pngs and jpgs uploaded to the backend (using the tinypng API)24517
schnitzler/fluid-styled-responsive-imagesEnables creation of responsive images for fluid styled content elements.5221
schnitzler/typo3-middleware-whoopsAn extension that registers middlewares/whoops as a TYPO3 middleware2
schriner/additional-site-conditionsAdditional Site Conditions for TYPO3.1
scoutnet/sh-scoutnet-kalenderOfficial Typo3 plugin to display scoutnet.de calendar23
scoutnet/sh-scoutnet-webserviceThis class is needed to comunicate with the scoutnet.de server.108
sebkln/ajaxselectlistProvides a drop-down list which uses Ajax to load records into the page.62
sebkln/content-slugAdds a slug field for human-readable anchors ("domain.com/page/#my-section") to TYPO3 content elements. By default, this anchor is rendered as the header's id attribute.3366
serfhos/my-configurable-routesTYPO3 Extension: Configurable Route Type964
serfhos/my-search-crawlerTYPO3 Extension: Elastic Indexing web crawler based on TYPO3 9.5 routing1595
sethorax/typo3-assetloaderPagespeed friendly asset loader for TYPO3 CMS3258
sethorax/typo3-dcpTYPO3 Extension - Dynamic Content Plugin813
sethorax/typo3-directcontentAdds special doktype to TYPO3 CMS to edit a single content element directly in page view.10
sethorax/typo3-fluidloaderAutomatic fluid template loader for TYPO3 CMS122
seventhgreen/birdiebookThis is a TYPO3 Extension that presents a golf course0
sfroemken/fal_dropboxAdd a FAL driver for Dropbox to TYPO324
sfroemken/url_redirectRedirect any URL to a new location1498
sgalinski/content-replacerYou need a fast substitution of terms with full support of typoscript, categories and RTE integration? If yes, the extension could be perfectly fit into your project. The performance is gained by wrapping of the replacement terms to simplify the parsing process.1774
sgalinski/df-contentslideCollapsing and expanding of content elements with dynamic or static loading.7
sgalinski/df-tabsTabbed Content and Pages - Create tab based content elements and pages easily and flexible with configurable mouseover handling, animations and autoplay features! It requires jquery.440
sgalinski/df-toolsContains some useful tools like a testing tool for redirects, a link checker, a back link checker and a content comparison tool between the same or different urls. Furthermore there is full scheduler support for all tests and synchronization tasks.4
sgalinski/languagevisibilityMulti level language fallback for TYPO3 projects416
sgalinski/lfeditorLanguage File Editor73284
sgalinski/scriptmergerCSS/Javascript Minificator, Compressor And Concatenator - This extension minimizes the http requests by concatenating your css and javascript. Furthermore the result can be minified and compressed. This whole process is highly configurable and is partly based on the "minify", "jsminplus" and "jsmin" projects.26788
sgalinski/sg-cloud-frontsgalinski Amazon CloudFront - Implements the Amazon CloudFront Service for TYPO347
sgalinski/sg-contentlinksgalinski Contentlink - Possibility to set a link around a whole content element. (Include static template)54
sgalinski/sg-cookie-optinThis extensions adds a cookie optin for the frontend.30315
sgalinski/sg-routesURL Redirects and Page Not Found Handling2241
sgalinski/spamshieldUniversal invisible Spamshield for TYPO312747
sgalinski/tinymceTinyMCE sources including a small PHP API5882
sgalinski/tinymce4-rteRTE integration of TinyMCE for TYPO3.4343
simonkoehler/ce-timelineEnables a new content element of type Timeline16
simonkoehler/fallbackFallback ViewHelper for images0
simonkoehler/ospThe open social project for TYPO30
simonkoehler/textileProvides a new Markdown content element and a ViewHelper10
simonschaufi/foundation-gridsGridelements for ZURB foundation CSS Framework31
simonschaufi/lock-elementLock Element. A locked element can't be deleted.85
simonschaufi/macina-bannersBanner management tool with banner placement on frontend, banner rotation, scheduling and statistics.141
simonschaufi/typo3-phoneAdds phone number functionality to TYPO3 based on Google's libphonenumber API.3010
simonschaufi/ve_guestbookGuestbook extension for TYPO3 CMS16
sinso/app-routesEasy way to route rest-like URLs to your code980
sinso/localesDay-to-day labels for TYPO3 extensions.2400
sinso/translationapiAPI to fetch translation units.8544
sinso/tripadvisorTripadvisor widget integration1082
sinso/variablesSearch and replace strings recursively after page generation using user-managed replacement definitions.8010
sirdiego/importrFlexible importer for all kinds of files!5167
site/site-coreCore Extension for a TYPO3 Application.48
sitegeist/base-urlDeterminates base URL from site configurations for scripts where no FE or BE context is avilable like commands or tasks4367
sitegeist/csv-labelsUse CSV files to provide translation labels to TYPO32337
sitegeist/fluid-componentsEncapsulated frontend components with Fluid's ViewHelper syntax44764
sitegeist/fluid-styleguideLiving styleguide for Fluid Components29867
sitegeist/sms-responsive-imagesProvides ViewHelpers and configuration to render valid responsive images based on TYPO3's image cropping tool.108307
sitegeist/translatelabelsThis extension extends the TYPO3 translation handling by translation records that can be edited by backend users. In this way backend users are able to translate labels without having access to the language files.6017
siwa/person_managerPerson Manager576
siwaonline/social_streamSocial Stream - Crawls the data from a Social Media Page and saves it as news record795
sjbr/sr-email-subscribeEmail address subscription for TYPO3 CMS.1290
sjbr/sr-feuser-registerA self-registration variant of Kasper Skårhøj's Front End User Admin extension for TYPO3 CMS.32465
sjbr/sr-freecapA TYPO3 integration of freeCap CAPTCHA.25951
sjbr/sr-language-menuA TYPO3 plugin to display a list of languages to select from. Clicking on a language links to the corresponding version of the page.13141
sjbr/sr_freecapA TYPO3 integration of freeCap CAPTCHA.4355
sjbr/static-info-tablesData and API for countries, languages and currencies for use in TYPO3 CMS.649824
skeuper/ajax-paginationExtension providing functionality for AJAX pagination for passed content objects1576
skeuper/backend-ip-loginRemember the login based on the network mask or ip. Only for development, unsafe for live environments!345
skilldisplay/typo3-skilldisplaySkillDisplay integration for TYPO321
skom/cartbooks_kesearch_indexerke_search indexer for cart + cart_books0
skom/skom-sitepackageBasic Sitepackage by SKom66
sle/extensionusagefinderBackend module that helps to find extension usages in your TYPO3 project.27
sle/simpleaddressThis extension offers an easy way for showing an address block with or without a Google Maps. The address will rendered in vCard format.617
slub/dfgviewerRemote resources navigator for digital libraries. Reads METS/MODS and METS/TEI via OAI-PMH.65
slub/slub-digitalcollectionsTemplates, Styles and Configuration for the Kitodo.Presentation based Digital Collections by SLUB Dresden94
slub/slub-entityfactsShow DNB entity facts in configurable plugin.8
slub/slub-eventsTYPO3 extension for event registration and experts booking.41
slub/slub-web-boersenblattWebsite configuration and templates of Boersenblatt Digital (www.boersenblat-digital.de)3
slub/slub-zoteroThis extension should call the zotero api and present the SLUB bibliography on the website.0
slub/xml-sitemapTYPO3 XML Sitemap extension.7
smartnoses/gpsnosetypo3Extension to integrate GpsNose into TYPO3 - GpsNose connects anonymous people to the real world using the web and mobiles1
smic/dynamic-routing-pagesGenerates "limitToPages" configuration for your enhancers on the fly so you don't need to hardcode it.1168
smic/page-router-eventSends the missing PageUriGenerated PSR-14 event from the PageRouter1107
smichaelsen/autourlsZero configuration speaking URLs for TYPO3146
smichaelsen/confengineUser friendly configuration module for editors165
smichaelsen/folder-cobjTypoScript Content Object to load system folders3811
smichaelsen/foundation6Foundation 6 framework and components for TYPO3. Based on EXT:fluidcontent15
smichaelsen/info-yamlDisplays the compiled Form YAML Values for a page792
smichaelsen/mediaoptionsProvide options for TYPO3 media files, depending on their type.130
smichaelsen/melon-imagesResponsive Images Management8671
smichaelsen/settingsUser friendly configuration module for editors213
sms77/sms77typo3Send SMS & voice messages via Sms77.io.0
snowflakech/snowbabelTranslation Extension.Snowflake productions gmbh was the pioneers of this extension and handed over this to PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2016 and sponsored by BIBUS AG.1218
snowflakeops/varnishVarnish extension for TYPO346055
soerenkroell/ot-websiteProvides a TYPO3 basic website setup with Bootstrap3.56
sonority/aimeos-t3skinTYPO3 Backend-Skin for Aimeos-Shops2
sonority/geolocationsAJAX-Search for locations (radialsearch & fulltextsearch) and display them on a google-map with your own styles.0
sonority/lib-jqueryIntegrates the jQuery-library from CDN with a local fallback if requested library is not available. All relevant versions of jQuery (including minified and gzipped-versions) are shipped with this extension.103
sourcebroker/crawlerxExtends crawler extension3438
sourcebroker/devtoolsDev Tools for TYPO3395
sourcebroker/fieldgeneratorAllows to create content of one field based on other fields. Controlled fully by TCA. Support for extbase nested properties.4720
sourcebroker/hugoExport TYPO3 pages and content in a way that is able to be consumed by typo3-hugo-theme.883
sourcebroker/imageoptOptimize images created/resized by TYPO3 so they take less space. Safe as it does not optimize original images.26689
sourcebroker/ip2geoReturns geo data based on IP - uses Maxmind databases (free/commercial)2172
sourcebroker/restrictfeThis extension blocks access to frontend and allows to show it only to some defined exception's like if the request is from an authorized backend user, has specific IP, header, domain, language or GET/POST vars. Useful to protect your staging and production instances.22553
sourcebroker/singleviewAllows to display single view on different page than list view and still keep urls user and SEO friendly3996
sourcebroker/t3apiREST API for your TYPO3 project. Config with annotations, build in filtering, pagination, typolinks, image processing, serialization contexts, responses in Hydra/JSON-LD format.4572
sourcebroker/t3apinewsT3api sample for ext:news326
sourcebroker/t3apitranslatrBridge between ext:t3api and ext:translatr which allows to get language labels as JSON.1611
sourcebroker/translatrAllows to create translation labels in BE module6628
sourcebroker/urlguardAdds support for typolink addQueryString to allow to include only specific url vars.10446
spooner-web/be_secure_pwYou can set password conventions to force secure passwords for BE users.126548
spooner-web/fluid-form-elementsEasy to use fluid form elements for Extbase/Fluid usage5
spooner-web/just_contentAssign content and pages to backend users to prevent outdated content.1
spooner-web/just_newsEasy, flexible and lightweight news extension. No extra tables needed, using pages for news articles.4190
spooner-web/just_sitemapA Google sitemap extension170
spooner-web/justeventsA simple events extension24
spooner-web/rte_class_wildcardPossibility to set wildcards in the allowed classes for RTE in TYPO3.18
spooner-web/slug-extbaseUtility to update slug fields after changing or creating Extbase objects in frontend1028
spooner/deployer-informationShow information about the last deployment in the TYPO3 system information toolbar item8725
ssch/ssch-html5videoplayerHTML5 audio and video player extension, based on extbase & fluid for TYPO3 CMS93
ssch/swiftmailer-single-recipientConfigure swiftmailer to send messages to single recipient460
ssch/t3-tacticianWrapper for tactician32
ssch/typo3-encoreUse Webpack Encore in TYPO3 Context26428
ssch/typo3-mjmlMJML for TYPO31
sseidelmann/static-info-tables-deGerman (de) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.44398
stefanfroemken/essenSample extension for TYPO39
stefanfroemken/mysql-widgetShows MySQL status in widgets of TYPO3s new DashBoard68
stefanfroemken/mysqlreportAnalyze and profile your database queries generated by QueryBuilder514
stefanfroemken/plesk-widgetTYPO3 extension to show plesk information as widget on TYPO3 DashBoard1
stefanfroemken/repair_translationGet rid of displaying the default file in translated records46762
stefanfroemken/sfdbutf8With this extension you can set all tables and columns to UTF-8 collation (no converting)420
stefanfroemken/typo3-image-proxyResize uploaded images with external imgproxy service.2
steffenmaechtel/exception_handling_for_typo3_dbTYPO3 CMS extension: Throw exception in case of error instead of show error with DebugUtility::debug9
steffenmaechtel/exclude_tables_for_compare_databaseTYPO3 CMS extension: Exclude tables for compare database8
steffenmaechtel/fix_duplicate_database_connectionTYPO3 CMS extension: fix duplicate database connection for old extensions using $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']13
steinbauerit/cookieoptinA TYPO3 CMS Extension for Cookie Opt-in.32
steinbauerit/sit-googlereviewsA TYPO3 extension which shows Google ratings. A Google Places API Key and a Place ID are required.9
stmllr/typo3-zahnstocherZahnstocher (en. toothpick) helps you when piercing into programming code.328
straschek-io/typo3-hyphenatorProvides soft-hyphen replacement for TYPO3313
stsa/hellotypo3FLUID Templates & TypoScript8
stsa/hellotypo3-gridelementsFLUID Templates & TypoScript5
studiomitte/basic-authenticationImplementing basic authentication using PSR-15 middleware73
studiomitte/cart-countEndpoint for EXT:cart cart information which can be retrieved by an AJAX request1047
studiomitte/html-minMinification of the HTML before outputting it3172
studiomitte/klaroCookie consent solution following the GDPR by using the solution Klaro3681
studiomitte/powermail-freebieEShow content elements only to users who submitted a powermail form0
studiomitte/redirect2trailingslashRedirect urls with no trailing slashes to the one with2565
studiomitte/replaceliReplace ß which is highly useful for content fallbacks296
studiomitte/riddleIntegration of riddle.com into TYPO31312
studiomitte/sendinblueIntegration of newsletter SaaS solution sendinblue.com into TYPO3 CMS815
studiomitte/speech-inputUse the speech API to add content5
studiomitte/thinglinkEmbed media from thinglink327
studiomitte/ttaddress-country-relationAdd a relation to static_countries in tt_address833
studiomitte/urlguard2Stop cache poisoning via addQueryString and just keep those parameters which are mapped via routing configuration2746
styladev/typo3TYPO3 Extension for the styla content experience engine.3
subhh/libconnectDiese Extension ist von Avonis im Auftrag der Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Hamburg entwickelt worden. Mit ihr lassen sich Ergebnisse aus den Informationssystemen EZB und DBIS der Universitaet Regensburg direkt in das TYPO3-System einbinden.100
subugoe/ezbrequestEZBRequest for journals510
subugoe/findA frontend for Solr indexes1602
subugoe/mathematiciansTYPO3 extension for mathematicians406
subugoe/nkwgokSubject hierarchy for TYPO3794
subugoe/pazpar2Pazpar2 for TYPO3743
subugoe/schulungenSeminars module5
subugoe/substaffStaff listing372
subugoe/tifytify integration for TYPO3404
subugoe/tinyaccordionTYPO3 Accordion extension212
subugoe/xmlincludeLoads, transforms and includes XML in TYPO3319
subugoe/zamnzamn database integration403
sudhaus7/calA calendar combining all the functions of the existing calendar extensions plus adding some new features. It is based on the ical standard.3
sudhaus7/fe-data-historyLog the changed data in frontend mode1823
sudhaus7/mail-spoolIntegrates swiftmailer spool transport for TYPO3.2443
sudhaus7/newspage(Sudhaus7) Newspage29
sudhaus7/responsive-picture(Sudhaus7) Responsive Picture : Add media variations to the Image / filereference Element including crop support using the image and source tags with fallback to img1735
sudhaus7/shortcutlinkA flexible url shortener for TYPO3, with FLUID ViewHelpers and Encodeservice1109
sudhaus7/shortlinkA flexible url shortener for TYPO3, with FLUID ViewHelpers and Encodeservice2
sudhaus7/sudhaus7-gpgadmin(Sudhaus7) GNUPG Functions and helpers291
sudhaus7/sudhaus7-viewhelpers(Sudhaus7) Viewhelpers and other basics3
sudhaus7/xlsimport(Sudhaus7) XLS Importer81
sunnyahua/zh_basic_serviceTYPO3 Baisc Service5
sunzinet/sz-quickfinderSzQuickfinder - Quickfinder Plugin der sunzinet AG13155
sup7even/image-cropper-configurationDynamic configuration for the image cropper5
sup7even/mailchimpSimple MailChimp integration to let users register to a specific list12874
sup7even/realurl_clearautoconfDelete the automatic generated typo3conf/realurl_autoconf.php via the TYPO3 CMS Backend (additional ClearCacheMenu item)266
supr/suprsupr integration extension5
supseven/confusea (maybe) smarter way to write your TCA4
supseven/empty_colpos_contentXClass for for hooking into empty colpos Layouts880
supseven/supiCookie Consent popover; easy, yet powerful2888
supseven/yaml-configurationConfigure your TYPO3 site using YAML files. Export and import any table to and from a YAML file.3
susanne/bluescreenTYPO3 CMS Extension to change the production exceptions to look like windows bluescreens.16
susanne/hcaptchaTYPO3 Extension to Add hCaptcha to EXT:form - The privacy friendly captcha alternative.2194
susanne/typo3-custom-placeholders-exampleExample extension for custom placeholders in YAML files0
susanne/typo3-system-statusExample extension for system status PSR 14 event listener0
svenjuergens/belogin_imagesDisplay random Background Images from different sources at your TYPO3 BackendLogin Page.4238
svenjuergens/color-extractorTYPO3 Wrapper Extension for thephpleague/color-extractor. Extracts colors from images, which can then be used in frontend design9
svenjuergens/content-wrapperOwn Css Classes for every content element2
svenjuergens/cs-webp[clickstorm] Convert images to webp4
svenjuergens/disable_beuserScheduler task to disable inactive User1455
svenjuergens/ext-update-infoInforms about existing updates of extensions16
svenjuergens/formhandlerFork of Formhandler: The swiss army knife for all kinds of mailforms, completely new written using the MVC concept. Result: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility :-).4
svenjuergens/lock_tsA simple write protection for TypoScript Templates.6
svenjuergens/minicleanerScheduler Task for deleting files in configurable folders1460
svenjuergens/miniredirectA url with uppercase letters or umlauts is forwarded to the lowercase URL with ae, oe, ue, ss replacements2
svenjuergens/rte-ckeditor-iframeTYPO3 CKEditor Rich Text Editor: Iframe1
svenjuergens/sj_viewhelpersSmall Collection of ViewHelpers26
svenjuergens/uninstall_phpmyadminScheduler Task for uninstall and delete phpmyadmin Extension13
svenjuergens/weather-widgetTYPO3 Weather Widget with the help of Wttr.in32
svewap/a21glossaryautomatic conversion of all abbreviations and acronyms in the special tags for accessibility issues864
svewap/cl-metatagsExtended meta tags1958
svewap/cleverreachCleverReach finishers and validators for EXT:form and Powermail13988
svewap/realurl-404-multilingualRealURL 404 multilingual error page6487
svewap/ws-flexsliderjQuery Flexslider slideshow script8524
svewap/ws-scssSASS compiler for TYPO323560
svewap/ws-slideruniversal slider extension for owl, flexslider, ...214
svewap/ws_lessLESS compiler for TYPO3. Compiles LESS files to CSS files.873
symcode/typo3-unitegalleryTypo3 implementation of the Unite Gallery: http://unitegallery.net12
sypets/page-calloutsAdd callouts to page module in TYPO3 backend81
syradev/rt_pages_tree_iconsTYPO3 Page TreeView SVG icons changer.4
syradev/rt_simpleosmInsert a simple OpenStreetMap. No API key required!9
syzygy-typo3/syzygy-form-star-ratingSYZYGY Base Extension for TYPO3 CMS7
syzygy-typo3/syzygy-qrpreviewOpens a dialog with a QR code which includes the preview URI.1
t3/dceBest flexform based content elements since 2012. With TCA mapping feature, simple backend view and much more features which makes it super easy to create own content element types.72318
t3/extbase-session-entitiesExtends TYPO3's Extbase framework by possibility to work with session entities over several actions without persisting, including partial model validation.296
t3/file-canonicalCanonical links for files, in TYPO3 CMS.165
t3/fluid_page_cacheCreates automatically tags for TYPO3's page cache, based on used variables in rendered Fluid templates on current page.7643
t3/form-serialnumberProvides serialnumber finisher for EXT:form3
t3/minExtends TYPO3's compressor for JS and CSS with minifier. This may save you up to 60% of default compressed file size. Also compresses HTML output of TYPO3. Full composer support.140136
t3/pw_commentsPowerful extension for providing comments, including replies on comments and voting.6612
t3/pw_teaserCreate powerful, dynamic page teasers with data from page properties and its content elements. Based on Extbase and Fluid Template Engine.919
t3/saveSave with shortcuts. Adds the possibility to use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S to save in TYPO3 CMS backend.3435
t3/t3oodleSimple poll extension for TYPO3 CMS. t3oodle allows your frontend users to create new polls and vote for existing ones.948
t3brightside/advancedtitleAdds page title prefix and suffix to SEO tab607
t3brightside/awesomeiconsAdds Font Awesome icon tab for pages and content elements.201
t3brightside/cardcontentTYPO3 CMS extension to create image cards with links.10
t3brightside/faviconTYPO3 CMS extension to add favicon through page settings. Renders icons for different devices.114
t3brightside/gallerycontentTYPO3 CMS extension to create image gallery as a content element.42
t3brightside/macrotemplateTYPO3 CMS template package.47
t3brightside/microtemplateTYPO3 CMS template – sectioned one pager with light box like sub pages.160
t3brightside/pagelistTYPO3 CMS extension to create page lists. comes with special page types for articles, events and products.2689
t3brightside/personnelTYPO3 CMS extension for personnel lists with vCard support.479
t3brightside/slidecontentTYPO3 CMS extension to create image slides with links.8
t3brightside/vimeovideoTYPO3 CMS extension for easy to use Vimeo video content elements.1609
t3brightside/youtubevideoTYPO3 CMS extension for easy to use YouTube content elements with cover image and cover text.14414
t3cs/t3cs_sessionsT3CS Session Views52
t3docs/examplesThis extension packages a number of code examples from the Core Documentation.61
t3docs/store-inventoryThis TYPO3 extension is an example in the Extbase Fluid Book. See external documentation66
t3easy/basepackageA basepackage for TYPO3618
t3easy/distribution-helperA handful tools for distributions5
t3easy/faltranslationWork around https://forge.typo3.org/issues/5727214098
t3easy/filecategoriesSmall TYPO3 extension to add the categories to the file metadata2
t3g/blogThis blog extension uses TYPO3s core concepts and elements to provide a full-blown blog that users of TYPO3 can instantly understand and use.113299
t3g/blog-templateblog template extension1324
t3g/contentimporterCreate content from Microsoft Office Docs0
t3g/ddev-utilitiesUtility Extension for intended use with ddev-based setups2987
t3g/editors-choiceImprovements for TYPO3 Editors9902
t3g/file-variantsPrototype for translatable files in TYPO3958
t3g/google-adsGoogle Ads integration into TYPO3168
t3g/google-previewPreview Google Result from Description, Title and URL5562
t3g/hubspothubpot extension3868
t3g/mainzific-rimMainz in Danger - the site package for SkillDisplays gamification adventure for ongoing TYPO3 CMS certified editors104
t3g/pagetemplatesCreate pages from predefined templates425
t3g/querybuilderBackend extension for query builder in list module.7738
t3g/svg-sanitizerSanitize SVG files on upload8798
t3g/usercentricsThis extension provides a usercentrics integration into TYPO3.2037
t3graf/extended-bootstrap-packageExtends Benjamin Kott's Bootstrap package with new, useful functions such as a mega menu, an optional top bar panel, new CE's, nddev ew CE layouts and more. Furthermore, it's a good example how you can adapt the bootstrap package to your own needs.46
t3graf/setdefaultauthorDefaults the author/email fields in pages and sys_notes to the info from the currently logged in user.82
t3kit/t3kitt3kit project. A TYPO3 website starterkit.7776
t3kit/theme-t3kitBase Theme fot t3kit project6163
t3monitor/t3monitoringT3monitoring service1909
t3monitor/t3monitoring_clientClient extension for the t3monitoring service140076
t3premium/femanager_cleverreachAdds CleverReach subscription to femanager376
t3s/newssliderjQuery slider-plugins for versatile news extension (tx_news).45
t3sbs/t3sbootstrapStartup extension to use bootstrap 4 classes, components and more out of the box. Example and info: www.t3sbootstrap.de1717
t3v/t3v_announcementsThe announcements extension of TYPO3Voila.76
t3v/t3v_baseThe base extension of TYPO3voilà.421
t3v/t3v_blueprintThe TYPO3Voila extension blueprint.108
t3v/t3v_contactsThe contacts extension of TYPO3Voila.67
t3v/t3v_contentThe content extension of TYPO3voilà.2960
t3v/t3v_cookiesThe cookies extension of TYPO3Voila.1384
t3v/t3v_coreThe core extension of TYPO3voilà.5952
t3v/t3v_datamapperThe Data Mapper extension of TYPO3voilà.3356
t3v/t3v_deliveryThe TYPO3Voila delivery extension.103
t3v/t3v_mapsThe maps extension of TYPO3Voila.38
t3v/t3v_mediaThe media extension of TYPO3Voila.44
t3v/t3v_navigationsThe navigations extension of TYPO3voilà.338
t3v/t3v_pageThe page extension of TYPO3voilà.1377
t3v/t3v_productsThe products extension of TYPO3Voila.66
t3v/t3v_stageThe stage extension of TYPO3Voila.94
t3v/t3v_testingThe testing extension of TYPO3voilà.44
t3v/t3v_translationsThe translations extension of TYPO3voilà.811
teaminmedias-pluswerk/ke_searchSearch Extension for TYPO3, including faceting search functions.229400
teaminmedias-pluswerk/ke_search_hooksHooks example for ke_search. Feel free to use this as a kickstarter for your own custom indexer or hooks.616
teamneusta/elasticcacheelastic cache backend3532
teamneusta/formrecaptchaAdds Google's reCAPTCHA to EXT:form2485
teamruhr/addresslist4calAddress List for Calendar Events1
teamruhr/teamruhr-fal-driverProvides a FAL test driver for using files which are stored outside of the web root directory. See documentation for more details.0
tehplague/cdn_assetsCDN URL postprocessor capable of resolving Webpack asset manifests14119
tei/photoswipeTYPO3 PhotoSwipe-Plugin for native image-enlargement83
templavoila/templavoilaOne of many availabe template engines for TYPO3 CMS55
templavoilaplus/ppi_templavoila_notesShow sys_note records in TemplaVoilà! Plus page module.1
templavoilaplus/ppi_templavoilaplus_csseoIntegration of TYPO3 [clickstorm] SEO into TemplaVoilà! Plus.13
templavoilaplus/ppi_templavoilaplus_yoastIntegration of TYPO3 Yoast SEO into TemplaVoilà! Plus page layout module.3
templavoilaplus/ppi_tvplus_linkvalidatorAllows the Link Validator to check links inside TemplaVoilà! Plus elements.103
templavoilaplus/templavoilaplusPoint-and-click, popular and easy template engine for TYPO3. Replacement for old TemplaVoilà!.12355
teufels/fluidcontentCreate Flexible Content elements in pure fluid80
the-coding-owl/easy-navigationAn extension that makes it easy to flag a TYPO3 page record as an entry point of a menu339
the-coding-owl/kd-baseA base distribution that provides a basic configuration for TYPO3 CMS118
the-coding-owl/oclockThis extension provides a clock in the TYPO3 Backend and gives a few neat functions63
the-coding-owl/sql-debugDebugging extbase queries in TYPO3 6.2 up until 7.6423
the-coding-owl/typo3-dropboxA FAL driver extension for dropbox18
theline/typo3-lottieTYPO3 CMS extension to enable rendering of Lottie/Bodymovin animations in frontend.1155
threeme/threemeKickstart your TYPO3 project with Threeme. The distribution focus on rapid Frontend development and preconfigurated Backend with low entrylevel for editors.65
thucke/th-ratingHighly flexible AJAX rating based on extbase/fluid/jquery. Allows multiple ratings within one page. Could be used as a cObj by other extensions or included in every FLUID template using the viewhelper. Each ratingstep could be configured having a name - international localization included.2006
thucke/timezonesManages timezones for website users21
tieupmedia/hwt_addressAddress handling for TYPO3 (since 6.2, estab. 2014) Development on https://github.com/tieupmedia/HwtTypo3HwtAddress73
tieupmedia/hwt_importhandlerTYPO3 backend module to setup universal and flexible import routines (since 6.2, estab. 2016) Development on https://github.com/tieupmedia/HwtTypo3HwtImporthandler1
tieupmedia/hwt_memorylistThis TYPO3 extension provides a flexible memory list for TYPO3 >= 7.611
tildbj/aboSimple abo management for TYPO3638
tildbj/seederDatabase seeder for TYPO35031
tildbj/sz-ebookShows eBooks in your browser, using turn.js and pdf.js, based on Extbase and Fluid. Works with Tablets and Smartphones.16
tk-typo3/tk-composerServe composer packages to authorized accounts.19
tmg/fluid-bootstrap-gridsExtends gridelements to create bootstrap grids the easy way.8391
tollwerk/tw-antibotDeath to Spambots! — CAPTCHA-less spam security for TYPO3 forms10
tollwerk/tw-baseCollection of building blocks and view helpers for TYPO3 projects made by tollwerk933
tollwerk/tw-componentlibraryComponent library features for your TYPO3 project2364
tollwerk/tw-googleanalyticsFrontend plugin for advanced Universal Analytics integration with a wide range of features including pageView and event tracking, custom variables / metrics, cross domain tracking, tracking of file downloads and external domains and much more.453
tollwerk/tw-lucenesearchSimple and lightweight implementation of the Apache Lucene Index as frontend search solution for TYPO393
tollwerk/tw-squeezrTYPO3 extension version of squeezr, another take on device-aware adaptive images and server side CSS3 media queries15
tomasnorre/golf_coursesDisplays which golf courses played0
trafo2/t2_captchareCAPTCHA + hCAPTCHA for Extbase forms4
trafo2/t2_scssSCSS compiler for TYPO3.10
ttn/booksBooks example extension by the TYPO3 Trainer Network202
ttn/teaTYPO3 example extension for unit testing and best practices134
typo3-contentblocks/contentblocks-reg-apiTYPO3 Content Block registration API extension27
typo3-extension/imagecycleInsert a slideshow into your page or template. Manage the images, captions and hrefs recursively in the pagetree and show it in a jQuery-Cycle, Coin-Slider, Nivo-Slider or Cross-Slider.108
typo3-on-aws/aws-image-recognitionIntegrates Amazon Web Service (AWS) to detect objects, scenes, faces, recognize celebrities in images uploaded at the TYPO3 backend5
typo3-themes/theme-bootstrapTYPO3 THEMES Base-theme using Twitter bootstrap164
typo3-themes/themesTYPO3 THEMES28088
typo3-themes/themes-gridelementsTYPO3 THEMES Gridelements datastructures3098
typo3/cms-introductionTYPO3 Introduction Package31831
typo3/cms-styleguideTYPO3 CMS Extension to test everything in the TYPO3 Backend199504
typo3graf/leaflet-osmInteractive and flexible shortcode to create multiple maps in posts and pages, and to add multiple markers on those maps.10
typo3liebhaber/cookie_data_privacyCookie Privacy: The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Data Privacy: Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO), englisch General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation of the European Union , which standardises the rules on the processing of personal data by private companies and public authorities across the EU. DSGVO is directly applicable from 25 May 2018.99
typo4/localeExtend the f:translate viewhelper28
typoconsult/tc_cardsAn extension for managing different objects as cards5
ubl/bookingManage bookings of rooms for fe users6
ubl/pubman_importerqueries an escidoc server for journals and displays from journal to content6
ubl/rssnewsExtension for displaying external rss feeds at typo3 website0
ubl/sni_supportchatA Support Chat for Typo312
ubl/ubl_bookingManage bookings of rooms for fe users13
ubl/ubl_vufind_authAuthenticates users based on authenticated vufind session12
ubl/vufind-authAuthenticates users based on authenticated vufind session6
ujamii/openimmo-typo3TYPO3 CMS extension for showing OpenImmo based data on a TYPO3 based website146
ujamii/sentry-clientSentry Client for TYPO3303
ujamii/ujamii-dsgvoDSGVO compliance extension for TYPO31597
ujamii/ujamii-geocoderConnecting http://geocoder-php.org/Geocoder with TYPO3 DataHandler API9
undefined/translate-locallangEditor for locallang.xlf files18628
undkonsorten/js-consentJS consent6
undkonsorten/meta-tagProvides Fluid view helpers to set meta tags in TYPO3 CMS203
undkonsorten/registeraddress-loggerAdd logging to registeraddress to full fill law needs 584
undkonsorten/typo3-getenv-modifierAdds the new TypoScript modifier := getenv() for TYPO3 versions below 9.375
undkonsorten/typo3-pagetitle-tsTYPO3 extension to access the final page title, built by the PageTitle API, within TypoScript2
undkonsorten/typo3-site-config-modifierAdds the new TypoScript modifier := getSiteConfig() for TYPO333
uni-potsdam/lsfapiAPI for get Courses from University puls API0
uni-potsdam/orcidGet Oricd Posts Data through Orcid API and save into database0
utrotzek/bp-pagetree-forkPerformance-optimized backend page tree for large TYPO3 v9 installations (> 10k pages)80
utrotzek/pagetree-resizable-forkMake the backend page tree horizontally resizable1
vancado/vnc-powermail-encryptAdds encryption to powermail receiver emails with Secure Email (S/MIME) certificate. Supports certificates in .pem format.19
verdigado/upmailformtoformlegacyUpgrade Wizard: mailform to form_legacy0
verdigado/upmediatotextmediaUpgrade Wizard: media to text & media11
vergissberlin/typo3-thumborTYPO3 CMS extension with fluid image view helpers to use thumbor as cropping service. It speeds up your thumbnail generation and adds some AI features like face recognition. To use it, you have to start the service separately.2
vertexvaar/fal_galleryEasy to use folder based gallery with separate single-, category- and list view that supports any TYPO3 FAL driver. Official successor of wt_gallery1213
vertexvaar/falsftpFAL SFTP driver rewrite for the great TYPO3 v7230
vertexvaar/logsTYPO3 Logging API reading module and devlog extension in one13608
vertexvaar/t3toolkitUtilities and Class with often used features. Makes development faster9
vertexvaar/typo3_socketSocket for TYPO37
vertexvaar/typo3boosterBoosts your TYPO3 instance with class preloading24
vicdev82/crawlieMy first crawler for typo34
vierwd/typo3-baseFORWARD MEDIA TYPO3 base setup1827
vierwd/typo3-googlesitemapSitemap.xml implementation with support for multiple languages (on different domains) and URLs for database entries251
vierwd/typo3-linkhandlerStatic and Phone linkhandlers for TYPO31118
vierwd/typo3-oauth2-serverOAuth2 Server for TYPO313
vierwd/typo3-smartyUse Smarty in Templates instead of Fluid1840
viktor-firus/image-toolsThis extension is a toolkit to generate responsive images in fluid templates (with optional lazy loading and opportunity to define animations yourself for lazy loading).1409
vinou/vinou-connectorExtension that provides a connection for vinou.de and display wines and winelists via fluid templates15
visol/beusertoolsBackend User Tools1430
visol/cc-setsearchWeb>Func, Wizards, Set pages searchable1198
visol/ipauthtriggerA TYPO3 frontend plugin triggering the IP Authentication (from aeo_ipauth) if the user is in a certain IP range222
visol/newscatinviteNews category invitation1493
visol/newsletterregistrationNewsletter Registration1131
visol/newspermissionsNews Permissions1403
visol/permissionsWeb>Func, Wizards, Manage permissions1234
visol/powermail-exportpermsPowermail Export Permissions1448
visol/rs-userimpGeneric User Import Tool71
visol/shibboleth-authShibboleth Authentication for TYPO3 CMS4937
visol/solrmultilangresultsDisplays a hint about search results in other languages of a website1423
visol/treehighlightHighlight editable pages in backend page tree1169
visol/userimportTYPO3 package to imports Excel or CSV data as Frontend Users1439
visol/viflickrFlickr Gallery as TYPO3 Frontend Plugin6
visol/viresponsiveimagesResponsive images for fluid_styled_content765
visol/workspacepreviewLight-weight Workspace Preview module to establish a self-publishing workflow1408
visuellverstehen/t3fetchFetches a website (including all subpages), so the TYPO3 cache gets filled.8394
visuellverstehen/t3googleanalyticsAn easy and basic Google Analytics extension for TYPO3.6165
visuellverstehen/t3locallangAn extension that analyzies and compares locallang files.209
visuellverstehen/t3telephoneTYPO3 LinkHandler for handling telephone links via tel protocol.6377
visuellverstehen/t3viewAn extension that outputs system information as JSON6083
visuellverstehen/t3visuellverstehenShow a small icon in the TYPO3 backend toolbar to provide support information.4341
vmans/typo3-kesearch-categoriesExtension provides connection between ke_search and TYPO3 categories.13
vmfds/vmfds_prayer_requestsA typo3 extension to collect, distribute and show prayer requests0
waldhart-software/dummyWaldhart Shop dummy to claim vendor name6
waldhartsoftware/dummyWaldhart Shop dummy to claim vendor name6
wapplersystems/addressAddress extension, based on extbase & fluid for TYPO3 CMS2
wapplersystems/shyguyAdds visualisation and control over soft hyphens in content elements.950
wapplersystems/videosVideo player for playlists with cue points in timeline and subtitles9
wapplersystems/zabbix_clientTYPO3 Zabbix Client3043
way2enjoy2/way2enjoy-typo3Image compression for all pngs and jpgs uploaded to the backend (using the way2enjoy API)0
wazum/context-authAutomatic backend authentication if TYPO3_CONTEXT matches0
wazum/pagetree-memorableMake the page tree remember its last position4
wazum/pagetree-resizableMake the backend page tree horizontally resizable70611
wazum/seo-canonical-guardPrevent unwanted parameters in canonical URL1273
wazum/sluggiThe little TYPO3 slug helper39851
wazum/umleitungTYPO3 CMS Redirects site base agnostic and with fuzzy target0
wdb/formhandlerThe swiss army knife for all kinds of mailforms, completely new written using the MVC concept. Result: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility :-).5
wdb/nc_staticfilecacheTransparent static file cache solution using mod_rewrite and mod_expires. Increase response times for static pages by a factor of 230!!1210
wdb/secure-downloads"Secure Download": Apply TYPO3 access rights to ALL file assets (PDFs, TGZs or JPGs etc. - configurable) - protect them from direct access.10
wdb/t3quotesA database with quotes which are displayed on the webpage in various ways, based on extbase & fluid for TYPO3 CMS6
wdb/tsconfThe Backend Simplifier offers the configuration of the eight most commonly used properties for simplifying the TYPO3 backend by a mouse click. User interface is the extension manager. Enable page tree uids, use indvidual page tree icons, activate the extended view and the clipboard and the admin panel for all editors. Extend the cache thunderbolts with one for the system cache.54
wdb/typo3-forumForum extension90
wdb/wdb-language-fallbackFixes some issues concerning language fallback in TYPO3. Obtain the professional version for special extensions like powermail.57
wdb/wdb-remcanlinkAdd the option on pages to remove the canonical link.2
web-tp3/cag_testsConnecta AG :: Basic Testing and Samples344
web-tp3/calA calendar combining all the functions of the existing calendar extensions plus adding some new features. It is based on the ical standard47
web-tp3/tp3-facebookuse Facebook Social Plugins - page, Comment and more934
web-tp3/tp3-feuser-registerA self-registration variant of Kasper Skårhøj's Front End User Admin extension.89
web-tp3/tp3_openhourstp3 OpenHours for tt_address and Businessview906
web-tp3/tp3businessviewgoogle businessview für tp3 - 360° Panorama Designer für Ihren virtuellen Rundgang573
web-tp3/tp3jobsJobOffers & Postings with tp3651
web-tp3/tp3modsmods 4 tp353
web-tp3/tp3ratingsratings & microdata 4 tp3819
web-tp3/tp3socialratings & microdata 4 tp3788
web-tp3/wec_mapWEC Google Maps94
web-tp3/yoast_calIntegrate Yoast SEO for TYPO3 in EXT:cal0
web-vision/wv-ampweb-vision AMP generator24
web-vision/wv_deepltranslateFork of deepltranslate from pitsolutions.This extension provides option to translate content element, and tca record texts to Deepl and Google supported languages using Deepl and Googletranslate Api services.2724
web-vision/wv_file_cleanupEnables cleanup of unused fal records.561
webcoast/commentsA comment extension for TYPO3 CMS219
webcoast/deferred-image-processingHandles image processing on request instead of during page generation141
webcoast/eventsEvent management for TYPO3 CMS2
webcoast/file-backend-layoutsFile based backend layout provider for TYPO3 CMS11
webcoast/nawork-uriA modern, flexible extension for creating and managing urls and redirects in the TYPO3 CMS.421
webcoast/recipesTYPO3 extension for managing recipes with ingredients and preparation109
webcoast/typo3-base-setupTYPO3 basic page setup and components2449
webcoast/versatile-crawlerA versatile and extendable crawler for TYPO3 CMS4126
webcoast/versatile-searchA versatile and extendable search for TYPO3 CMS66
webdevops/context-loaderContext configuration loader for TYPO3 (TYPO3_CONTEXT)0
webdevops/metaseoSEO extension for TYPO363010
webentwicklerat/emogrifierConverts CSS styles into inline HTML styles.2770
webentwicklerat/loginlimitProtect backend and/or frontend login against brute-force attacks.649
webentwicklerat/news-cal-importerConverts EXT:cal to EXT:news entries.6
webentwicklerat/scheduler-httpInvoke scheduler via HTTP-Request and add scheduler tasks doing GET-Requests.1125
webit-de/debug-settings-taskRoutinely reset TYPO3 debug settings to the »live« preset on production3120
webit-de/formhandler-clearlog-taskThis TYPO3 CMS backend extension adds the formhandler log table to the »Table garbage collection« & »Anonymize IP addresses« scheduler task.386
webit-de/html2textlibraryThis TYPO3 CMS extension creates a plain text version of a webpage using the html2text library626
webit-de/imagewidthspecificationwizardThis backendextension attaches a selectfield to contentelements like textpic or images to provide a set of default values for the width of an image (eg.: fullsize, half of the content, small teaser etc.).1677
webit-de/indexedsearch-addmarkersAdd some custom markers to indexed_search search results0
webit-de/indexedsearch-updateindexUpdates the search indexafter create/edit/delete actions on pages0
webit-de/orphanfilesThis backend extension finds any file uploaded by an editor which is not used anymore in the CMS0
webit-de/realurl-clearcache-taskAdd RealUrl-Cache-tables to an multiple table garbage collection task0
webit-de/realurl-suomiurlThis TYPO3 CMS extension adds a hook for special conversion of suomi characters in URL segments (Finland)11
webit-de/realurl-typoscript-rendering-fixFixes a bug in RealUrl which causes infinite loops when using the TypoScript rendering extension for AJAX.25
webit-de/shortcut_statuscodesDifferent HTTP statuscodes for shortcuts28329
webit-de/typo3_console_cleartempfilesClear temporary files using TYPO3 Console1472
webkoninternetagentur/l10nmgr-gridExtends the l10nmgr for Gridelements Individual FlexForm configuration. Now you can Translate Every Gridelemnts Field from Input-Text to tt_content.4
webprofil/wp-directmailreturnBounced Email manager. direct_mail return mail analysis without fetchmail installed (uses php imap functions)4
webprofil/wp-falcleanerFind duplicate files and clean up database and filesystem.5
websedit/we-cookie-consentCookie Consent Panel (Optin) with DSGVO/GDPR compliant use of cookies. Preconfigured modules for Google Analytics, Facebook and other frequently used services. Arbitrary expandability with tracking scripts that generate cookies on your website. Support of Google Tag Manager and easy export of Google Tag Manager. Third-party cookies and scripts are only loaded when active consent is given. Website visitors can edit their privacy settings at any time. Automatic update of cookie information when new cookies/scripts are inserted with secure consent procedure. Cookies can be automatically added to the privacy policy via a plugin. Multilingual and full support for desktop, tablet and mobile. Four standard modes for displaying the content solution. Based on Klaro!.3217
websight/ws-textmedia-bootstrapText & Media Pre styled for Bootstrap1015
werkraummedia/thuecatIntegration of ThueCat into TYPO3 CMS.6
widerheim/wh-save-buttonsReverts the drop down save buttons in the backend to 3 single buttons1877
windinternet/randomdataTYPO3 extensions to generate new random data or replace existing data with random data825
wsr/bookingBooking extension for FE users15
wsr/myflatFlat manager, shows bookings of holiday flats in calendars, availability check included.2
wsr/myleafletOpenstreetmap / leaflet maps with radial search and hierarchic categories.60
wsr/mymapGoogle maps with radial search and hierarchic categories. Show the results in responsive Google maps, traffic- and bicycling layer included and can be activated via constant editor.12
wsr/myttaddressmapGoogle maps for tt_address with radial search and categories150
wwagner/sitepackageBasic sitepackage for TYPO353
wwagner/typo38videotrainingTemplate Extension fuer das Videotraining4
xima-media/xm-viewhelperCollection of TYPO3 ViewHelper by XIMA MEDIA GmbH2
xima-media/xm_formcycleIntegrator für FORMCYCLE288
xima-media/xm_toolsTYPO3 toolbox by XIMA MEDIA GmbH37
yahatix/soundcloudSoundcloud set as Content Element instead of HTML Element1125
yawave-sdks/yawavetypo3 extension that extends the news extension and add record from the yawave13
yoast-seo-for-typo3/yoast_seoYoast SEO for TYPO3279506
yolftypo3/sav-chartsExtension which displays charts using the charts.js library1166
yolftypo3/sav-filtersA set of filters (alphabetic, months, search, selectors, mini calendar...) to be used with extension created by SAV Library Kickstarter for the SAV Library Plus and SAV Library Mvc.0
yolftypo3/sav-library-kickstarterKickstarter which automatically generates SAV Library Plus, SAV Library Mvc and basic fluid/extbase based extensions.1
yolftypo3/sav-library-mvcLibrary based on fluid and extbase for extensions generated with the SAV Library Kickstarter.0
yolftypo3/sav-library-plusLibrary for extensions generated with the SAV Library Kickstarter.1
yolftypo3/sav-networkExtension which displays a network by means of vis.js library0
z3/gitlab-backend-loginAdd support to login to TYPO3 Backend via GitLab8
zeroseven/z7-blogAnother blog-system for TYPO3400
zeroseven/z7-blog-commentsz7_blog comments11
zeroseven/z7-blog-rssz7_blog RSS-feed3
zeroseven/z7-semantilizerGives more semantic control for the headlines of the content elements.3052
zotornit/emailobfuscatorReplaces the default email address spam protection with a better one. The email obfuscation is more randomized, safer and more user friendly for the website visitor.51
zotornit/vuejsVue.js Framework for TYPO3 Backend Modules27
zotornit/webfontsEasy way to use selfhosted webfonts on your website. Supported webfont providers: Google Webfont5
zwo3/mask_kesearch_indexerke_search Indexer for all Mask-Elements1123
zwo3/newsletter_subscribeSubscribe / Unsubscribe Extension (e.g. for Newsletter), depends on tt_address284
zwo3/onetimesecretSend one time link for sensitive information with time limitation19